Billie Eilish fans need to know this…

During the past year I have become aware that young girls are being targeted with some very sinister messages in the media. Billie Eilish’s music and videos are playing a big part in this, so I decided to highlight the messages in several YouTube videos, and show detailed evidence of what she is promoting to her fans. I have included 2 important videos below.

Video #1: Is Billie Eilish promoting male genocide?!

If you cannot click on the above video, use this link:

Billie Eilish is possibly the most famous pop singer on the planet at the moment. Her star is rising dramatically. She has won armfuls of music awards in the past 6 months. She was recently asked to write the theme tune for the new Bond film. She has over 50 million instagram fans, several million YouTube subscribers and her videos have been watched nearly 5 billion times. Most of her audience are teenage girls who idolise and worship her, like a teen goddess.

But what messages is she putting out to all of her young fans, many of whom are pre-teens?

I have studied the messages in depth, and I urge you to watch the 2 videos included in this message to understand exactly what they are, because if you have children, cousins, nieces or nephews, there is a good chance they are listening to and watching Billie Eilish. She is a modern day phenomenon, and has been given an enormous platform from which to reach hundreds of millions of children.

Video #2: Is Billie Eilish into Satanism?

If you cannot click on the above video, use this link:

I am now posting important YouTube videos daily. Please take a look and share anything you find interesting. Thank you 🙂

God bless you,


“If we walk down the path of fear, things get darker,

but if we walk the path of faith, things get brighter.

Be aware in each moment which path you are walking.”


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