Finding your way

If we watch or read much of what is on offer in the mainstream media, we might easily get the impression that the year ahead might not be so positive, and that there are more reasons to be worried and anxious, rather than optimistic and hopeful for the future. But without the media input into our mind, we would gain a very different perspective upon the world and what is to come in terms of joy or sorrow.

If we could spend more of our time in nature instead of in front of a screen, we would sense a growing excitement in the air, a growing anticipation about what potentially lies ahead for us, if we make intelligent and loving choices in our life. This is the more accurate truth about what is happening on this planet, and essentially it is spiritual in nature. It exists independently from anything that we see occurring. We sense it in our heart. But this sense of excitement is not generated by ourselves… it is something we are tuning into. It is an energetic reality which, when we connect with it, aligns us with only positive outcomes and possibilities. This is why it is important to connect to this dimension of information, through our heart.

Because if we keep absorbing the negative messages of the media which encourage negative ideas, visions and thoughts to cloud our mind, we will align ourselves with a different frequency; a different dimension of reality which is essentially fear based and created by thoughts. This obviously then effects the rest of our body, heart and emotions, and thus we generate a very real and tangible – yet dim, flat and uninspiring – experience of reality for ourselves.

But this is simply a choice of reality; a reality based on insecurity, division and fear. We can instead choose to perceive the higher heart-based reality if we want to, and we should consider that this reality is what our mind, body and heart are actually designed for. Therefore it feels totally natural, easy and instinctive to move in that direction and connect with that dimension. But of course there is a pull generated by conventional human consciousness, by the ‘hive mind’ towards the mundane fear-based perspective, and we have to be aware enough and strong enough not to allow our mind to be pulled there. Because essentially we have a choice between these two dimensions, these two experiences of reality, and we are the ones who must choose.

As you may already be aware of (and if not, it will soon become obvious), the media information and entertainment machine would prefer you contemplate negativity, fear, insecurity, conflict, division and hostility. Look at the news. Look at the overall nature of the films and programmes being produced and heavily promoted in the mainstream media. All this information – if subscribed to mentally – will generate a sense of worry, anxiety, agitation and fear if you absorb enough of what is on offer.

But if you don’t absorb it and you spend more of your time in nature, and turn your mind more towards silence, meditation, prayer and gratitude, you will move away from such thought-based negativity and you will connect more with your heart as a result. You will begin to hear the subtle message it is broadcasting, which is actually coming from a divine place. ‘Do not fear; have faith’, it tells us over and over again.

We have great reason to be joyful because the divine Truth is purely positive, and we need only to align with it, with its presence in our mind and heart. It is love; divine love, God’s love, and it will protect you and provide for you in every way imaginable if you will just trust it to do so. That is all that is needed for deep security and peace. Total trust.

Trusting means moving away from the thoughts of worry and fear. It means turning your back on the temptation to doubt your security in this world. Total trust is the main destination as far as your heart is concerned, and it is always rewarded by a sense of deep peace and profound inner security. Trust is the key to this, because without total trust you are guaranteed to experience doubt and insecurity. Both of these are self fulfilling prophecies, and you immediately begin experiencing their fruits the moment that you engage with them. But exactly the same is true with trust, so essentially it’s a question of what do we want to experience; the fruits is doubt and fear, or the fruits of trust and faith? Both have a profound impact on our soul.

Fortunately, we are free to choose, and this choice is made in very simple ways. Firstly, we stop absorbing and believing the negative messages from the media, no matter how accurate we think they might be. Then we need to turn our attention to our own mind, which often behaves in the same way as a news broadcast, speaking negatively, predicting suffering, failure, disappointment. The negative voice in which it speaks is not our voice; it is inherited. It is a product of the negative cultural conditioning that we are all subjected to by society and our families. So we need to notice these negative voices in our thoughts, so that we can realise what is making us feel negative, hopeless, angry, isolated and so on. When we gain a little perspective on our thoughts and don’t just automatically listen to them and believe what they are telling us, we start to become free from their influence.

Essentially, we need to align with something much purer and more positive than all of this information, because our consciousness is infinitely more precious and sensitive than we can possibly understand. This is why we need to give our attention more to nature, to silence, to beauty, to peace, to a sense of gratitude, trust and faith in the benevolence of God, which is just another name for the intelligent force of divine love that created this magnificent universe. God is that love and it will protect us, nourish us and bring deep security, peace and joy into our heart if we start giving it more of our attention, and stop distracting ourselves with thoughts, visions and expectations of suffering and fear. By doing so we are polluting our heart; and we simply need not do this.

When we see that we are worrying in our mind and feeling anxious or fearful, we know that we are in the wrong place. We can shift ourselves instantly into the right place – a place of trust and peace – simply by turning our mind away from every little thought of negativity, away from future-based worries, away from ‘problem consciousness’ as i call it, and back to contemplating the goodness of life, back to gratitude for this very moment and the peace and total security that are found in our heart when we turn completely away from fear and negativity.

We cannot turn away from fear without turning towards the Truth, which is divine, beautiful, benevolent, inspiring and deeply fulfilling. When we experience this – and many people regularly do through the practice of mediation, prayer or gratitude – then we cannot fear for the future. You can easily be one of those people who regularly experiences this connection to the higher truth, if you do something about any tendencies you may have to consume negative information, and subscribe to negative thoughts.

Our mind and soul feed on what we give our attention to. Dwell upon images and ideas of conflict, negativity, fear or violence, and you are essentially poisoning your soul. That sounds extreme, but it is true. When you become more aligned to the purity of goodness, gratitude, love, faith and trust you will see exactly why this is true, and it is not an understatement in any way.

So our main responsibility is to put our attention and awareness in the most beneficial direction, so that we can feed our soul correctly, just like we are responsible for feeding our body correctly. We do this by closing the door of the cupboard which has all the junk food in it – all the superficial, pointless and negative information – and opening the door of the cupboard which contains the nectar for our soul, the manna for our heart. That cupboard is there, and it is well stocked. In fact, it never runs out, as we will discover when we open its door and see what is there.

That cupboard is our heart, and we need to turn our attention there instead of always staring into our mind which is filled with junk information, junk entertainment, junk distraction, junk knowledge. The true knowledge, which is the knowledge and experience of divine love in our heart – easily accessible to all – restores us completely. It strengthens our heart, it lifts our spirit and purifies our mind. So why choose anything else?

We dont need to. We have just gotten addicted to the junk stuff that gives us instant – but empty – gratification. You dont have to watch TV. You don’t have to listen to the radio. You dont have to watch the news and read the papers. You don’t have to browse YouTube or Netflix. You don’t even have to listen to the thoughts in your mind. We choose to do these things, but we are simply looking in the wrong cupboard. We do need something, and our heart does needs something, but it has been convinced to look in the wrong place for it. We simply cannot find what we truly need anywhere outside of our own heart, because what we are looking for is Love’s divine presence.

Without even knowing it we are actually looking for God, the spiritual source of security, protection, joy and happiness that we all knew as young children, although we may have completely forgotten so. We might wonder where it went and how the world become such a threatening and insecure place, when we once felt so safe and free. These may be forgotten memories, but our heart doesn’t forget. Our heart knows what it is looking for and what we need. But out mind is stubborn, afraid and – to a large extent – in denial. We resist opening our mind to divine truth because it means opening our heart to it also, and this means releasing our fears and potentially encountering any pain that has been held there. But these things need to be released if we are to experience true freedom.

Fear, much of which is very subtle and subconscious, is what holds our heart in tension, and we cleverly use any mental justification possible to convince ourselves of why we don’t need to attend to this problem. We tell ourselves we don’t need to deal with our fears, because we are secure. We have a house, a car, an income, a partner, all our favourite foods in our fridge, all the entertainment we could ask for at our fingertips… why on Earth would we want to address our fears?

The reason is because if we don’t, they will continue to subconsciously lead us away from our deeper fulfilment; fulfilment that cannot come from a house, a car, a partner, a fridge or a screen – only from a deep connection the spiritual dimension of life, which is divine love. Nothing in the material world can bring us this… not even a loving partner. We have to release our fear and anger, and fully open our heart to this divine truth. It’s not a cerebral process, it is a very practical process, like a flower opening its petals to the Sun. We need to let go of the inner tension and contraction held in our heart, so that it can open in the same manner. There is no way around this, no shortcut. If we want peace, true security and true freedom then this is the process we need to engage with.

But because this requires greater awareness and greater presence, there is a temptation to remain unconscious, to continue to distract and temporarily satisfy ourselves with all that the consumerist media world offers. This temptation is strong because it is so easy to do so, compared with facing ourselves and looking at all the personal issues that we have been pushing away for so many years. Our insecurity, our anger, our mistrust, our fear and much more. We can address them all, and by doing so let them be healed.

So we can do this by actively wanting to let them arise for healing. We have to want to be free of arrogance and self-righteousness. We have to want to become more sensitive, caring, gentle and humble. If we want these things, then the healing process of our heart has already begun. Things will arise. Everyday situations and interactions will bring things to the surface. We will see exactly how tolerant, forgiving and compassionate we really are, and we will have the opportunity to let go of bitterness, resentment, judgement and anger. We will gradually be presented with all our fears and insecurities, and have the opportunity to choose to let them go and to trust instead. To trust in Providence, trust in the protective force of Love, which is God.

When we actually want these things, our healing and evolution speed up rapidly. We will never have more to deal with than we can handle but we will be challenged to step out of our patterns, in order that we can become stronger. Because to embrace true freedom, we need a strong heart. A strong heart can house a greater force of love. It can know and sustain a deeper joy and a deeper compassion. It can forgive more readily. And if we want to live with love, peace and security in our hearts, we do need to forgive everyone, including ourselves. Because as long as we are angry with an individual we will justify their punishment, often subconsciously. This means that if you are angry towards – or judgemental of – yourself, subconsciously you will continue to punish yourself in subtle ways. You will deny yourself the things that nourish your heart, you will sabotage relationships and you will intentionally prevent yourself from experiencing joy and liberation. You will essentially be your own prisoner, without even knowing it. People do this in relationships too, when they try to emotionally control or influence their partner. Forgiveness heals this entire dynamic so that true love can be present, and this is what every human heart is longing for, whether we are conscious of it or not.

When we take a few minutes to sit quietly, and we consult our heart, it will tell us what we truly need to experience more peace. Our mind can only tell us what we think we need, but our heart has the wisdom we are looking for. It is just up to us to take the time to be quiet – ideally on a daily basis – and listen to it. If we do this we will be guided towards a deeper fulfilment and a deeper sense of peace and security that are independent from anything in the material world. We are guaranteed to encounter it, the more time we spend just resting quietly and relaxing our body and heart, and the more time we spend enjoying the beauty of nature. As long as we are prepared to stop distracting and busying ourselves in so many different ways, and instead just be with ourselves more. Quietly, peacefully, patiently. This is when a deeper wisdom, truth and beauty can reveal itself, and our patience is rewarded.


“If we walk down the path of fear, things get darker,

but if we walk down the path of faith, things get brighter.

Be aware in each moment which path you are walking along.”

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  1. Jon says:

    Thank you Alexander for these wonderful insights of yours. Your words definitely ring true for me at the moment and couldn’t have come to me at a better time
    Much love peace & gratitude to you

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