Totally protected from fear & darkness

Would you like to be protected from all fear, all darkness, all spiritual threats, all forms of anxiety, pessimism and hopelessness? Jesus is the way that this can occur for you, as it has for me. He can protect you from all darkness and fear, and he will do so if you just ask him to.

With the help of the media, darkness and fear are increasing in our society. Evil, the occult, misery, pessimism, dystopia, violence and psychologically disturbing scenarios are now flooding our screens, and this is gradually filling the collective mind of humanity with dark images, dark thoughts, fear and dread. This is not accidental but nevertheless, we can easily become completely immune to it all, I assure you, by following these 2 simple steps.

1. Stop reading, watching & listening to any negative, dark or fearful information.
2. Ask Jesus to occupy your heart and mind, and put your full trust in him.

Jesus, when turned to fully, can ensure that not a single fearful thought can enter your mind. Your mind becomes like a fortress, a sanctuary, a safe haven of peace and light that cannot be touched. This is what Jesus can do for you, in a very real way.

This is exactly what he has done for me since I recognised his existence and allowed him to be fully with me, to inhabit me. You can effortlessly become one with Jesus, and it is a very beautiful experience; the most beautiful in fact.

Even if you don’t think you need any protection from fear, even if your mind and heart are peaceful and full of light, Jesus is the top rung of the ladder which we are being called to grasp. When we do, we find ourselves entering more fully into God’s heavenly realm. Again, this is a very real experience that anyone can have.

To not want to experience this is like not wanting to receive the best gift that has ever been offered to you in your life. Imagine something that you’ve deeply longed for all of your life so very much, and one day it is offered to you. Nothing in your mind would say “maybe I shouldn’t accept this”. You wouldn’t consider it or weigh it up. You would accept it immediately, gratefully and joyfully, hardly believing that it could be true.

But it is true. The deepest and most precious gift your heart has ever longed for is being offered to you. Your mind may not recognise it or your ego may not like it, but your heart is longing for the divine fulfilment which is on offer with Jesus, even if you don’t realise it. If you could become humble enough to accept that this might indeed be true, and just say “Yes” to Jesus and see what happens – like a science experiment – you will soon discover that your heart will feel more secure, more joyous, enriched, empowered and even in raptures, just because you said yes. It’s usually only pride that stops people doing this, and sometimes fear also. But knowing Jesus means the end of fear, to be replaced with total trust, and the end of pride, to be replaced by humility.

So that’s all you need to do; to say ‘Yes’ in your mind to God’s most magnificent gift for you. Jesus’ protection, enlightenment and salvation. It is like a life-raft in increasingly cold and turbulent waters, and I urge you to jump aboard while you can.

This spiritual life-raft is very real, it is on offer to you right now and it will signify the departing of all malady, fear and darkness from your soul. I care about you as a member of our precious human family, and from my heart I ask you to consider accepting the profoundly valuable gift that is on offer right now. I promise you that you won’t regret it for a second. Just inwardly or verbally ask Jesus to take the reigns of your heart, and agree to follow his guidance.

God bless you,





“If we walk down the path of fear, things get darker,

but if we walk the path of faith, things get brighter.

Be aware in each moment which path you are walking.”


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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  1. Steve Sanchez says:

    I’m so grateful for this beautiful share!
    Love you❤️

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