The poison is leaving our system

Nearly every adult human being on this planet has a poison in their system, and this poison is fear. It is not the kind of fear you would get if a tornado was approaching your house and you had to act urgently – no, it is psychological fear, generated by thinking. People think fearful thoughts about things they believe might happen – but which they don’t want to happen – and thus in response their heart tightens up and their body tenses. Strong chemicals are released into our blood stream, and our entire physiology shifts into ‘fight or flight’ mode. And thus a harmless fearful thought (an illusion) becomes the very tangible and often powerful physiological experience of fear (a reality) in our body. This fear is the poison.

If the fearful thought is there but we don’t believe it, then there is no problem because we do not feel afraid. We can dismiss the thought easily, rather than resisting it through physical contraction (which is an instinctive self-protection mechanism that occurs when any animal senses a physical threat).

So all the fears we carry around with us originate in thoughts, and it is thoughts that make up the realm of ‘knowledge’. Metaphorically speaking (with reference to the story of the Garden of Eden) fear is the poison contained within the apples (the thoughts) that hang from the Tree of knowledge (the mind). The voice that encourages us to taste the thoughts and thus enter into the hallucinatory realm of ‘knowledge’ is the serpent (biblically known as Satan) who has placed his poison (his venom) within each apple.

If you bite the apple (engage with the thought) you enter into the conceptual realm of mental hallucinations, which you are convinced are true yet which are essentially delusions created by the serpents venom. And once there, it is guaranteed that fear will be your eventual destination, because the serpent is a creature of fear, and can only create from fear, and the venom is a substance of darkness that eventually fills our mind and body with darkness.

What we really need to do is move away from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (our mind) so that we are not tempted by the apples and we cannot hear the snake whispering to us. And we need to move towards the Tree of Life (our heart). We will not taste fear here, or be divided by the forked tongue of the serpent, and thus by the dualistic realm of mental knowledge. We will enjoy union with God; peace, joy and all the spiritual riches that are our natural birthright.

However, as well as moving away from the realm of knowledge, we need to release the poison (the fear) that remains in our system; the fear we are carrying subconsciously and the fear that is stored as deeply held contraction (tension) in the tissues of our body. For this process, we need to be practical. We need to purify our body and purify our heart. This is why it is important to purify our diet, to cleanse our body through detoxification (juicing & fasting) and oxygenation (physical exercise and deep breathing), to cleanse our heart through gratitude and humility and allow repressed emotions – specifically fear – to come to the surface so that we can release them. If they do not come to the surface, we cannot release them.

This idea is scary for some people, because if strong emotions are coming to the surface then we can longer hide from them and push them down (which most people do with food). We have to look at them directly, and see that they are totally unnecessary and irrational. They are not related to reality as it is, they are related to past memories or future fears. When emotions are allowed to come up for healing, we see them objectively without feeding them with any mental stories. We see that we do not need to feel afraid, we do not need to feel angry, we do not need to feel woeful and depressed. They are emotional patterns created by thoughts, which are related to past experiences and future expectations.

We have to be totally present when emotions arise for healing, because it is only in presence that they can heal. If we get involved in the thought processes attached to the emotion, we simply continue to feed it. We only need to be calm, breathe and observe to emotion arising. Even when it feels strong, we just return to this sense of calmness and trust that everything is okay, that this emotion is not needed any more, and breathe peacefully. It is arising so that it can be healed. If we focus on feeling our heart, feeling the peace that exists there when we relax and trust, then this is our anchor to truth, to reality, to what is actually real. All emotions pass, but peace is always in the background. It is the landscape of truth that we can return to whenever we relax and trust.

There is a very effective technique for quickly releasing fear, tension, stress, negativity and turbulent emotions from our body. It also is incredibly grounding, meaning that if our mind is very active and busy, generating fear, worry, anxiety or any other form of mental negativity, it brings our attention out of our head and into our body very, very quickly. This is very helpful to know if you are prone to being pulled into negativity and suffering by your mind. This technique is ancient and widely practiced in many native communities. It is called ‘shaking’.

The short and excellent video demonstration above is by Kim Eng (the partner of spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle). It shows you how simple the technique is, and guides you through how it is done. If possible, I really recommend standing up and trying it as you watch the demonstration. Remember, this is a highly effective technique for freeing your body from the grip of negative energy, stress, fear, excessive thinking etc. so even though you might feel a little self-conscious doing it, you have to remember that it really, really works – more quickly and more effectively than any other practice I know. I really recommend trying it, and integrating it into your life if possible.

Remember that releasing negativity and fear is a very liberating and uplifting process. There is no need to be stiff and tense. Relax and let all anxieties fade away, to be replaced by a sense of safety, a sense of warmth, peace, gratitude and happiness. As we release darkness from our being, more light floods in, and we return to our more natural and illuminated state. Just remember that all worries are part of the minds illusion, a consequence of dwelling in the toxic realm of dualistic mental knowledge. Just relax and let a sense of trust and gratitude be in your heart.

If you enjoyed the shaking practice shown in the video, you can find many pieces of dance music on my website, which you can move and shake along with. Music brings extra energy and joy to the process of releasing negativity, and for 15 years I have been teaching this practice in the form of ecstatic dance. It always begins with 10 minutes of shaking, followed by around 20 minutes of free dancing to some deeply beautiful music. If you enjoy dance – or just want to release stress, tension or negativity – you can try these short shaking/dance meditations at home by visiting the following page of my website, scrolling down and pressing play:


Enjoy the liberating process of releasing all that weighs your heart down.

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