Trust the highest power

Imagine the mightiest force in the universe caressing your mind and heart with the most loving and gentle of touches, that soothes every worry away.

We have been taught to fear the power of the universe, to fear God, but there is no need fear the almighty power of Love. Trust it, put yourself in its hands, and all your frustration, fears, worries, and deep insecurities will dissolve. This is what everyone needs to do, to be fully free and fully at peace.

You need the willingness to trust that something more powerful than you will fully protect and guide you. Because I can assure you that it will – but only if you let it. This means that you stop fighting it, stop doubting it, stop trying to override it with your personal plan for your life. It has one for you.

Surrender to the almighty force of Love, which knows you in the greatest detail, and wants to steer you back to its realm of peace, like a river is steered back to the ocean. No matter how off-track you have gotten, no matter how lost in the darkness you have been, no matter how angry or unkind you have become, no matter what you have done, without exception, you will be welcomed back to the ocean, because you remain the same essence as it.

You may have have convinced yourself that you are too impure and deserving of abandonment, but that is not how Love sees you. To the Divine force of Love, you are a lost child who is punishing, berating and convincing itself that it does not deserve to be reunited with its parent. But you are the same loving force. You are not a separate entity. It is your true identity.

All that happens to people is that they allow themselves to be polluted by negative thoughts and negative emotions. They focus upon these, and thus lose sight of who they truly are. If you stop focusing on the stream of mental pollution and negative beliefs, and you look in the right place – in your heart – you will realise that the purity of who you are is still there; just buried a little. There is an innocent, wounded and scared child in the heart of all people, and it is hiding in fear. It has constructed barriers of ego and pretence around itself, such is its sensitivity and desire to avoid pain.

Look at yourself, look into the innocence of your own heart and see your deep desire for security, for love, for acceptance. Those are your deepest desires. They come from the real you, the innocent you, the vulnerable you. Look into your heart every day and make contact with that part of you. Reassure it, help it, serve it. Allow it to express itself and open up to people.

Don’t hide it or pretend it is not there. Open up and reveal yourself to people, because all people have the same core innocence. If you open up, they will open up. If you show you imperfection and vulnerability, they will feel okay about doing the same. You need to be set free from your prison of pretence, of silence, of fear. Let the innocent child within your heart speak, be honest about how it feels, express itself without fear, and you will feel liberated.

~ ~
“Our mind makes us a prisoner,
but our heart sets us free…”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”


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