On the wings of Love

The mental struggles we create for ourselves in life are totally unnecessary, and it is our struggling which cause us to suffer. We need not suffer, if we stop fighting against life and relax into its deep benevolence.

We foolishly fight against the mighty forces of life, of nature, in our attempts to resist the transformational path it has in store for us. We want to stay in our cocoon, in our chrysalis which is secure and familiar. But that simply is not what we are destined for, nor what we are designed for.

Changes are happening to us that we cannot avert or avoid. We are evolving. We are releasing the old form, which was grounded and fear-based, and we are taking on a new form, which is winged and joy-based. This is our destiny. Of course we will suffer if we try and resist it.

Can you imagine a caterpillar in a cocoon resisting its destiny? It would be absurd and futile. It has to surrender to the transformation so it can fulfil its destiny. Otherwise, it will suffer.

The transformation for us is a transformation from being a thought-based entity, to a heart-based entity. As we allow the power of Love to fully flow through our heart, our wings begin to unfold as we leave our comfortable cocoon of safety, and prepare to live in the magnificent and beautiful mystery that calls us forward.

As our wings unfold, as our heart becomes stronger, we feel freer and freer. We feel lighter, we feel joyful and we feel secure in our destiny, because we learn that it is divinely orchestrated.

We have a deep understanding that the wind is blowing in our favour, and so we trust it. We trust life completely. We know we cannot control its mighty forces, so we harness them and join with them instead. This is the wisest choice we can make in our life. It is the decision to end all struggling, and to flow with the direction that life wants to take us.

We are pre-destined to be taken to certain places, in our consciousness, in our experiences, in our heart, but we cannot think our way there or force our way there. We have to fly there, on the wings of Love.

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”

“Darkness & fear cannot exist where there is light & joy”


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