Time to be Free

Life’s has an agenda. It’s purpose is to lead you into full consciousness, into an awareness of the innate joy and lightness of life, and it does this by bringing the things to the surface which are keeping you trapped in limiting ways of being, feeling and seeing. Through the various life circumstances that arise, the kind of things that come to the surface for us to notice and release are our judgements, our fears, our insecurities, our limiting beliefs and anything else that weighs us down and stops us feeling free.

There is a joy to life that we often do not perceive because we are so caught up in worldly concerns. Nevertheless, it is there and we become aware of it as we begin to expand our sense of trust in life, as we worry less, as we start to notice the beauty of the world and as we begin to realise that things are unfolding in a specific way, rather than at random.

As I said, life has an agenda, and it wants to free you from all the heavy weights that you allow to burden you heart, including emotional weights, like grief and guilt. We are capable of unburdening our heart, and self-forgiveness plays a significant role in our doing this. It is essential to let go of guilt if we want to enjoy life, absolutely essential. Guilt is a bit like a self-enforced prison sentence, that keeps us away from our naturally joyful nature.

Joy is a sense of freedom, lightness and humour in our heart and it is totally natural. It arises most easily when we are in nature, carefree, perhaps being active or playing with a child. This is because our heart has not grown up, it is still the heart of the child whom we once were, which has simply been laden down with adult obligations, worries, rules and limitations. Oppressed by social behavioural restrictions, by self-judgment and criticism.

For our heart to re-establish itself in its rightful place in our life, for it to feel unburdened, inspired and enthusiastic about its creative abilities in this world, we must remove the burdens, the restricting limitations of societal shoulds and shouldn’ts, and thus express ourselves more freely.

We have to stop judging ourselves to feel free enough to express ourselves naturally and freely, because the self-critical inner voice became so imbedded in our persona, that we began telling ourselves that we are simply not an expressive person, we are not a creative person, we are not an outgoing person, and so on. But we would be amazed at the beauty, freedom, energy and spontaneity that lies dormant within our heart.

It is the true nature of the innocent child whom we once were, who resides there still, awaiting permission to be allowed out to express itself, to play, to laugh. You became the imprisoner of that child without even realising it, through your judgement, criticism, punishment and self-denial of its childish, playful nature.

But now it is time to set that child free. It is time to forgive yourself for your mistakes. It is time to stop denying yourself, to stop punishing yourself and let yourself enjoy life in any way that feels natural, creative and true. Enjoy uncovering and expressing the joy which bubbles deep down at the source of your heart. Don’t take this world and yourself so seriously. Let yourself laugh more. Enjoy being alive in this beautiful and magnificent world, because you will not be here forever…


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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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