There is no reason to hide from Love

There is absolutely no reason to hide from God. Turn around and let God see you, see your fear, your vulnerability and desire to be safe, your desire to be protected and kept from harm.

Show God your heart, no matter how impure you think it is. God will never, ever harm you, for God is unconditional Love. It is we who inflict suffering upon ourselves when we move away from Love. God does not punish us. We punish ourselves in our stubbornness and resistance to what we know is good for us, to what we know is good for our heart, to the illuminating forces of Life.

It is like in a dream, when we think we are being chased by something that will harm us (which represents our fears). We must stop running from it and turn around. When we do, we will be confronted by a part of our own self which needs our attention for the purposes of its healing. We may perceive it as dark, but that is only because it has not been getting any attention, any light. It needs illuminating, so we can see exactly what it is, and how we need to reintegrate it into our being.

Simply turn your face and your heart to God, show him what condition your heart is in, so that he can restore it. This is all he wants to do. But, insanely, we prevent him from doing so, by hiding our heart and putting up a screen of illusion over our own mind, so we can deny to ourselves that we are doing so.

But the deepest part of us knows that we are hiding because we are afraid. This is the part of us that chases us in the dream, because it has something deeply vital to tell us. By running away from it, we create the idea that it must be threatening, because we are running. But no, it wants to save our life. We must stop running, stop hiding and turn around, free of fear, and listen to it.

There is nothing that can threaten you. You simply create the illusion of threat by running away from yourself, your thoughts, your life circumstances and other people. If you are running, then you must be afraid. That is the primal logic operating deep with your psyche. But God is present in all those things, and wants to communicate with you and teach you through them. He wants to strengthen your heart, show you how good and how radiant it can be. He wants to deeply restore the sense of peace, security, safety, protection and joy that you were designed to experience.

To do this, he has to approach you. Because of his power, he must approach you slowly and tentatively, otherwise we will not feel prepared for God’s presence. We have to open our heart gradually, by more and more degrees until we eventually feel totally secure to relax in God’s full presence.

Our deep fear is that God will hurt us, but God cannot do this, for God is Love. We must learn how God’s presence feels in our heart, experientially, so that we can properly understand his nature. We must understand that the pain and punishment of life is brought about by our erroneous actions and choices. We should be living in harmony, with each other and with God, but instead we choose conflict, hatred, resistance, fear, wilful blindness and unconsciousness. Is it any surprise that human beings suffer, mostly at the hands of each other and at the mercy of their own troubled mind? We have to return to the peace of God, which is the only true sanctuary and safe-haven that exists.

Understand that true peace comes from God, joy comes from God, Love comes from God, for God is the fountain, the source of goodness in this world.

If we follow goodness, beauty, compassion, love and joy to their source, we will inevitably encounter God’s all-pervading consciousness; the light behind this world. It shines through our eyes, for we were made in God’s image, so we animate and transform things through our vision of them. We envision the future through our creative imagination as it works in partnership with God’s greater plan for our life. Our attention is a creative force beyond comprehension.

When we use our God-given tools correctly : our brain, our thinking mind, our voice, our words, our hands, our heart, our enthusiasm and our energy, we can participate in the co-creation of heaven on Earth. The very first step – and the most essential one of all – is to realise that there is no reason to fear. We must understand that fear itself is a place that we dwell when we follow our thoughts there.

But we don’t need to do this. It really is optional, and the alternative is envisioning a brighter and more peaceful future, inspired by the creative power of God, and acting in the world in a way that contributes the gradual coming about of such a vision. We have to think, speak, and act in harmony with this positive vision for the world. If we doubt, if we get pulled into uncertainty and negativity, and we become part of the sickness which we are collectively in the process of healing the world from.

You may have heard it said “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.” In terms of your contribution in this universe, this is highly accurate. If you are part of the problem, you will experience negativity, fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, resentment, regret, guilt and darkness. If you are part of the solution, everything will be the opposite. You will learn more and more about the true potential and light of life, and the deep power of your own mind and heart, the joy of being a creative and harmonising force within this grand cosmic dance of life.

Do not waste another moment in negativity or fear. You are divinely supported in every way. Just be courageous and go forward with a trusting heart, noticing but ignoring every little doubt or fear which may arise. It is these that become the obstacles, when we engage with them. We need to keep on going, past them all, and discover what wonders and joys await us in the realm of beautiful possibilities which awaits us.

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