Healing fear

It is important to see the mechanism of fear that operates within us all, so that we can learn how to be free of its influence. Fear is responsible for nearly all human dysfunction, so it is vital that we free ourselves from the subconscious grip it has upon our heart. Only then can we learn what freedom truly is, and who we truly are.

The way fear manifests is that we have a thought in our mind about something that we don’t like, that we don’t want to happen, and our body responds to this thought physically and emotionally. Our stomach churns and clenches, our heartbeat speeds up as our heart tightens, and tension appears in our entire body. We enter into a state of physical resistance, which is the opposite of openness. This is how mental fears manifest as the physical experience of fear.

Physical fear is essentially just tension. When tension is released (to be replaced by relaxation) it is impossible for fear to remain because fear and tension are inseparable. When tension dissolves, there is openness and ease. This is the absence of fear. So if we practice cultivating this state consciously, simply through relaxing or meditating, to the point where we can choose the state of relaxed openness in any given moment, then we learn how to master our body’s response to the thoughts which appear in our mind.

Fearful thoughts only keep returning because we resist them, we don’t want them and thus through pushing them away we give them a power which they should not have. Therefore they return to us over and over, so that we can remove the load which we have placed upon them, which should not be there. A loaded thought puts things out of balance with us. It creates a resistance which our body does not want, and because everything within our being strives for balance, it keeps returning to be addressed. This is why we should not fight negative or fearful thoughts, because we need to heal them, de-potentiate them and restore them to their correct status.

So we remove their power by noticing them when they arise and allowing them to pass through our mind, like clouds in the sky, whilst we remain in peace, totally unmoved and unaffected by their presence. We don’t engage with the content of the thought, we just simply observe its presence. This simple process of non-reactivity de-potentiates any loaded thought, so that it no longer has any charge, any power, any significance, or influence upon us, upon the emotional and physical state of our body.

Essentially this means no thought can disturb our peace. This obviously requires practice, because we are so used to reacting to the thoughts which appear in our mind. But it is an essential and very liberating, rewarding and enjoyable practice, because we are freeing ourselves, step by step.

Step by step means we have to do this process of de-potentiating (removing the charge) with every psychological fear we have, because it is those fears which control us subconsciously. As long as a thought is connected to a powerful emotional or physical state (good or bad) we will either pursue or resist that thought. This is not freedom. It is slavery to thought. It means that the way that we feel is at the mercy of the thoughts which arise in our mind. No wonder we have a society which depends so heavily on distraction and entertainment. It takes our attention away from all the anxious thoughts that keep arising, looking for healing and resolution.

Freedom from the fears which keep our heart prisoner is true freedom, because when you have moved beyond the layer of fear, you discover there is no darkness, no negativity, no shadows, no doubts, no insecurity, just the undeniable and luminous reality of the divine truth, shining brightly in our heart and mind.

Of course, it would be great if we could just think our way there, just believe our way there, just convince ourselves that we are there, but the mind does not have the power to force this reality upon us. We have to willingly let go of and step out of the darkness, in all its forms, conscious and subconscious, so that we can bask in the divine truth, which many refer to as God.

It is a purification process of our heart, a retraining of our mind not to hold on to thoughts and concepts, but to remain open to the higher Truth. It is the journey you are now on, and it is a deeply beautiful one. Just know one thing: that only the light is real, and all darkness is illusory. It poses no threat, so do not dwell upon it. Dwell upon the beauty, the light, the goodness, the purity which exists at the very core of your heart.

Focusing only upon this is what elevates you into higher realms of peace, security, joy and freedom, like an eagle rising high on the warm air currents. There is a force which wants to lift you up also, high above the negativity and darkness. All you have to do is let go of those things, those attachments to drama, conflict, victimhood, self-pity, anger and sadness, so that they are no longer pulling you down. And then the only option is to rise higher, on the warm currents of love and gratitude, as we return to our spiritual home where we bask in the divine presence of a universal intelligence which permeates our heart with its loving, benevolent and deeply joyful essence.

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