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Dancing in a group is always more powerful, but the short and very beautiful dance/shaking meditation below can be done alone (or with others) anytime to release negativity, stress and anxiety, restoring a deep sense of freedom and joy. Below the instructions is a video demonstrating the shaking technique. Further down the page are some more beautiful dance & shaking mixes to enjoy.

Testimonial (Maria): “Hi Alex, absolutely loved the music. What a liberating experience. Felt energized and bursting with complete love for myself. Thank you from my heart. Will be doing this at least twice a week…”

~ The Liberation Meditation ~

• • • INSTRUCTIONS • • •

This beautiful 18 minute shaking / dance experience is designed to free your whole body & your heart from deep tensions & negativity, and lead you into a state of joy and freedom.

As you listen, instead of focussing on the beat, focus more on the percussion of the music (especially the shaker). Try to get your body shaking up and down vigorously in rhythm with it (or close enough), by relaxing your knees and bouncing up and down on your heels. Let your arms hang loose by your side, as your shoulders and your torso shake up and down. Let your whole body be relaxed, including your hips and your facial muscles. Hold no tension, so that your whole body feels loose. As you gradually synchronise your shaking with the music, it should become effortless and enjoyable.

As the music progresses, really get into it and let the energy build up & flow through you. Breathe deeply while you let your whole body shake, and you will start to feel deeply alive, energised and ecstatic.

When the music ends, just sit quietly for 5 minutes and breathe gently, enjoying the feeling flowing through your body.

This meditation has a cumulative effect, so the more you practice it, the more free, unburdened, light and positive you will feel. Heavy trapped emotions are shaken off, to be replaced by joy and happiness.


All the dance mixes on this page come our very uplifting Mixcloud Page