Transcending the darkness

There is a lot of talk about good and evil, and once you understand how evil operates you can understand what is really true, from a divine perspective.

Evil’s agenda is to create as much suffering as possible, to create fear and to lead people into darkness by pulling over their eyes a veil of deception and confusion, making them afraid and angry and thus influencing them do the kind of heartless things to each other that they would never normally do if they were in their correct mind.

Evil purposefully misleads, by directing people away from the divine truth towards a false, darker truth which it creates in their minds, and skilfully persuades them to believe as true. Essentially it is misinformation on a grand scale, and it leads to actions that bare the hallmark of darkness, such as the intentional infliction of pain (physical or psychological) upon another human beings and animals. If it creates pain, it has its roots in darkness.

Evil’s main tactic of deception is to state the truth as being totally opposite to what is divinely true, because it intends to lead people as far away as possible from the light, into darkness. Not only this, but it desires that people stay in their minds, that they dwell in the realm of thoughts, of mental beliefs, opinions and judgements. This is its main tactic for keeping people away from their heart, where divine truth shines brightly and is impossible to ignore.

So let’s consider how much information is being put out there that ‘bad things are going to happen’. That war is on the horizon, that darkness is increasing, that artificial intelligence is going to threaten the human race, that hatred is increasing. All the negative things that we are led to believe are on the horizon create fear in us. And guess what…. Fear is a place far far away from peace, far away from divine truth, far away from the place of love where we are meant to dwell.

Fear is exactly where evil wants people to be. This is its prime agenda, because fear IS darkness, and evil loves the darkness, and wants everyone to dwell there. Evil hates the light with a wrathful vengeance. It hates goodness and love, and this hatred is it’s motivating force.

So all that matters is that you do not move in the direction of fear, and that you move in the completely opposite direction; towards peace, towards light and joy, towards happiness, trust and security, towards love and compassion.

If you become aware that anything – no matter what it is (and this especially includes thoughts, ideas and beliefs propagated by the media industry) – is leading towards fear, stress, anxiety, worry, insecurity and so on, realise that you are moving away from the divine truth, from trust, providence, from the true peace of your heart and correct your trajectory instantly.

In truth, It is easy to defy fear. You simply do the opposite of what it tells

you to do, then it is impossible for fear to master you. If fear says “hurry up” then slow down. If it says “run away and avoid” then stand still and face whatever is there to be faced. For in truth, you are infinitely bigger than anything that the mind tells you can threaten you, for as you conceive of the threats, they are all merely thoughts in your head.

Where is the threat in this moment? It is always in the future. We are projecting it into the future, and then dwelling within this expectation of future suffering, thus manufacturing suffering for ourselves in this moment, through fearing. If we did not do this, virtually all of our fear and suffering would vanish.

Full realisation of this truth makes you immune to fear, because you see that conceptual fear is nothing but a lie, a total falsehood that you have been persuaded to subscribe to by your mind, by your beliefs and by the society we live in, via the all pervading news and media industry.

This is actually fantastic news, because once you see that all the reasons your mind is giving you to be anxious and worried are imaginary expectations of future suffering – either big things or small things – you see that in this moment you are safe. And this is the truth, I can assure you. Your mind is generating all the insecurity.

This is why it is so important to watch what your mind is telling you, especially when there is anxiety and fear present. What is the subtle belief or expectation about what is going to happen? What is stopping you relaxing in this moment? What is stopping you from slowing down and being more careful and present in your actions? It will be just a fearful thought. A thought of being short of time perhaps. A thought about all the things you have to do. A thought about something which you don’t want to happen. Just thoughts.

Stop focusing on thoughts, come out of the television screen of your mind and focus on your breathing instead. Let your body relax, and become more deeply aware of how it feels in this moment. Be aware of any tensions in certain places, and consciously relax those parts so that you can enjoy a sense of ease and comfort in your body.

Thoughts will usually try to pull your attention away from feeling calm and grounded in your body, so the secret is to ignore every little one of them and keep coming back to your breathing and the feeling in your muscles. This is what brings us out of the clouds, and back down to earth. For in truth, we cannot experience joy in the clouds. We cannot experience bliss, peace and freedom. These are felt in our heart. And therefore, our heart is where we need to be, where our attention needs to be so that we can experience what we are designed to experience.

We need to feel our heart more and more, so that we can remember who we truly are, and what is truly real. And it is not some complicated spiritual practice. We literally just need to bring our attention there, to feel it beating, breathe into it and let it expand. As our heart expands, like any muscle it grows stronger, and we all really need to have a strong heart. A weak heart will be afraid of things that it need not be afraid of. A weak heart will have no courage, no deep capacity for the powerful fire of divine light that should be burning bright within it. A weak heart dwells in the shadows, when it could be radiating out the beautiful light of love and joy, like a beacon of hope.

This is what we all need to do; to develop the strength of our heart. We do not need to be afraid, we do not need to be a slave to the fearful thoughts that enter our mind, because we are infinitely bigger than them. They are nothing in comparison to us. They only get their power from us when we choose to give them our attention. If we don’t, they vanish. It is that simple.

Fear cannot continue to exist if we deny all fearful thoughts the attention they crave. In truth, it is the simplest thing in the world. It is just a case of not putting your attention in one direction (the thinking mind) and instead turning your attention in another direction (your heart).

This is why we need to practice this daily; so that it becomes easy and automatic. We have simply gotten into a bad habit of giving our attention to all thoughts; a bit like opening the fridge and always reaching for the unhealthy foods which we know won’t make us feel good, instead of the really nourishing foods which are also sitting there on the shelves. We just need to learn to see the subtle choices we are making in our mind; the choice to to engage with certain types of thoughts, to get carried along by trains of thoughts and thus forget our body, forget our heart, forget how good it feels to be relaxed and open, rather than tense and stressed.

Awareness of these subtle choices is what opens the door to freedom, and enables us to move away from fear, insecurity and darkness and into the beautiful light of divine truth, which is the reality of transcendent Love, the highest truth, where we belong. This is like a fish returning to the ocean after being trapped in a small rock-pool, slowly starving and dying . It is totally inevitable that freedom will come to you, and it is important to trust and have no fear, because as the tide comes in to rescue you, you must choose to swim away from the familiar rock pool and experience life in the ocean.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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