The Spiritual Reality

We are very familiar with the material reality. We can see it all around us. We can feel it, hear it, taste it and smell it. Our physical body helps us to interact with it. We know what it offers, we know how it can make us feel. It is very predictable and familiar to us.

But what about the spiritual reality? How do we become aware of it, how do we interact with it, enjoy it and incorporate it?

The first vital step is to take our attention away from the material realm (which includes our thoughts). If our attention remains on the material, we cannot be aware of the spiritual, and the best way to move our attention away from the material and onto the spiritual is to become aware of our breathing.

Our breathing is the bridge between the spiritual and material. That’s why breathing is call respiration. We inspire, then we expire with each breath taken. Spiritual inspiration comes when we breathe deeply and fully, and let fresh oxygen fill our body, because oxygen brings greater consciousness. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more alert, aware and energised we will feel. Inspiration always comes to us in this state.

So the spiritual reality is not one of thought, but a reality of inspiration, of space, awareness and energy. And these are all imbued with a frequency of deep harmony, joy, fullness and love. The frequency of the universal spirit which flows through the whole of creation is deeply harmonious and creative, and when we feel it flowing through our heart (as it is designed to) we feel enriched by a loving vibration that attunes us to the whole of creation.

So we simply practice moving our attention away from materiality – from material pleasures, experiences, desires and needs – and just allow a stillness and quietness to come over us. We relax our body and give our full attention to our breathing. While we relax and simply watch our breathing – being aware that we do not to get involved with any tempting thoughts – our consciousness begins to change.

This happens because our consciousness is coloured by whatever we choose to pay attention to. So, like flowing water, it takes a few moments for it to run clear again after being muddied by all the thoughts and distracting energies of the material world. It becomes clear as we simply watch our breathing. Impurities and agitations slowly dissolve, and clarity and space become predominant in our awareness.

In this clarity is a sense of purity, like a pure light or a pure sound, that resonates in our heart and allows it to relax and open. As our heart relaxes (which it really needs to do) then love can flow in and circulate through our body as it is designed to. In one way, relaxing is the key, because positive energy and harmony can only flow through us when we relax.

So as we relax more, giving our full attention to our breathing and allowing to be full, yet also gentle, a different perspective on reality is revealed to us. It is a perspective of inner feeling, a perspective of harmony and resonance, where our heart is more active, more radiant and vibrant. There is peace inside our being.

There is no point describing the experience in great detail, because mental understanding cannot give us the experience. As I mentioned, we have to bring all our attention away from thoughts, from understanding and knowledge and access the reality of our heart by relaxing it, breathing life back into it and allowing it to become stronger and immune to distracting and fearful thinking, which make it tighten and tense up.

This is a daily practice that is vital in our lives, because most people inhabit a reality created by their dependence on thought, their dependence on materiality and physical experiences. But to the degree that our bodies are dependant on food and warmth, our soul is dependant on the attention we give to our heart. When we give our heart attention on a daily basis – and ideally change all our life habits so that they are more nourishing to our heart – then we become more aware of the spiritual beauty of our soul; its joy, its peace, its bliss, its deep harmony. This is the spiritual reality that awaits you.


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