Why Are You Here?

The best way to understand this world – and your purpose here – is as follows…

Earth is essentially an enormous playground, which has been created for the enjoyment and delight of all living creatures. As children we have come to visit and enjoy this playground for a life-time, and whilst we are here we are allowed to choose the games we want play with each other, without interference from the playground’s supervisor. Some of us are playing friendly and creative games, others are playing hostile and destructive games. Some are sitting alone feeling scared of engaging in any games at all.

The creator and supervisor of the playground is watching all the children playing, and he is hoping… Hoping that the hostile children learn from the friendly children. Hoping that the scared children learn from the confident children. He is hoping that peace, friendship and happiness is restored to the playground as a whole, and that all the children learn how to play in harmony with each other. He wants to see everyone having fun, being friendly and enjoying the beautiful paradise of joy that has been created for their pleasure.

He has been waiting for a very long time for the children to learn by themselves, giving them a chance to sort out their differences and learn to how get along – but now, with so much intense cruelty, disharmony and evil spreading within the playground, an enormous change is about to occur. An ultimatum has been given to all the children who want to create disharmony, who want to be divisive, hostile and unforgiving, because they are the ones preventing peace in the playground. All the others want peace & friendship. So what is going to happen? The playground owner has issued a friendly but very serious warning.

“This is your last chance. You need to choose to extend only friendship and forgiveness to all your human playmates now, if you wish to be allowed to remain here in this precious and beautiful place. If you continue to choose anger, bitterness, hostility and judgement, then you will be removed from the playground and be given a different place to play your more hostile and destructive games.”

It’s important to understand that this isn’t done to punish; this will be done to protect the most wonderful creation in the entire universe – this beautiful, divine living playground called Earth – and the innocent children who want to play happily and peacefully within it. This playground is a precious gift to us all, to come for a lifetime and experience all that this beautiful world has to offer: the sensations, the emotions, the sounds and smells, tastes, feelings – the love, the joy, the laughter.

And the best fun we can possibly have here – the very most rewarding game by far – is called “spreading joy and healing”. In this game, we open up to the deep love and joy that we can feel here on Earth, then share that love and joy with those who most need it. In the process, we help others remember their own feelings of joy and love so that they can join in the game with us, and help heal the human family. This is the pinnacle of all the games on offer, which offers the greatest rewards by far – and anyone is allowed to join in and play it. That includes you. You are invited to this game, and I really hope you choose to join in, because you will be very glad you did. Ask anyone who is playing this game, and they will tell you how deeply enjoyable and rewarding it is to spread joy and healing in this magical playground. The rewards are incomprehensibly beautiful.

This is the only game in which your heart has the opportunity to really shine at its very most radiant, and this is why it is so deeply rewarding, because you are activating the depth of your heart, awakening the compassion, love and joy that come from there, and fulfilling the very purpose of your coming to this planet. To be a star, a sun, sharing light and warmth with all.

This is the game that souls most want to come and play on Earth, and this is exactly why you are here. I am just reminding you in case you have forgotten. I hope you enjoy this beautiful playground, and share your love and joy with those who most need it. And most importantly, remember to forgive those who don’t like your choice of game. Be careful not to get sucked into their games of opposition, judgement and hostility. Just forgive them – no matter what – and this will help them to heal, if that is what their soul truly desires.

This is the part of our game that many people want to avoid. They don’t want to be judged and criticised, so they instead play in a way which makes them acceptable to those who are angry, hostile or controlling. They try not to upset them, and thus they begin to play a different game which is not the ‘spreading love, joy and healing’ game. This game has different rules, and will not bring your heart true freedom and joy, and thus you will not be able to fully share your love and joy with those who really need it.

Unfortunately there will be people who don’t like seeing you share your joy, and you have to learn to forgive and ignore them, and focus on playing the game you came here to play. This is your destiny, and to be diverted from it would not be something you would enjoy, I assure you. So stay focused on why you are here, and keep offering to others the most precious things you have to offer: your love, your compassion, your forgiveness and your joy.

And what about fear? We have to leave that behind, because the seed of anger, hostility and cruelty is found in the soil of fear. It is in weakness that the allure of power and control is greatest, and thus we need to dig up the root of all human weaknesses, which is the fear in our heart and in the insecure mind which creates it. If we do not want to heal and let go of our fear, we will also be relocated from this playground of peace to a different location. This seems unfair to some, but we have to understand that the owner of the playground wants this to be a place of pure joy and happiness. He cannot leave seeds of fear here, because they will inevitable grow and re-contaminate this paradise with spiritual darkness, resentment and hostility. This will not be allowed to happen, and this is why we are required to heal and let go of our fears, if we wish to remain in this beautiful place.

But we should be very glad that this is required of us, because fear only takes us towards the darkness and misery. We do not benefit from it. It obscures our deep happiness, our love for others and our joy and gratitude for the miraculous gift of life on earth. As we let go of our fears, doubts and insecurities, they are replaced by more light, happiness, trust and joy. We cannot have both fear and happiness, and thus we must choose and then take action upon that choice.

We have to stop watching and listening to negative information that feeds our insecurity and fear. We have to stop letting our thinking mind take us down negative avenues of thought. That which we feed will grow, and it is vital we feed our heart, which means our trust, our faith and our gratitude. We must choose where we want to go, by choosing the food that feeds the guidance system that will take us in either direction. We can feed our ego (where fear originates), or we can feed our heart.

If we feed our insecure ego with all the negative, hostile, critical, judgmental and fearful information flowing through the worldwide media (which includes all social media, books, magazines, music, video games etc) then that is guaranteed to determine our destiny. Our fear guidance system will direct us into the darkness and we will lose sight of the light, which is not a something we want to be doing.

But if we feed our heart with hope, trust, faith, love and forgiveness for ourselves and others, we will heal the inner division in our heart and be restored to our natural loving, caring and joyful state. This will allow us to remain here and enjoy the greatest creation in the universe, in full joy, gratitude and appreciation.

But do not worry, or feel pressured. You have the time you need to heal. The most important thing to do now is firmly decide in your mind that want your heart to be healed, and then each day re-affirm that desire throughout the day. Let that be your simple focus: to become a more loving, tolerant, caring and forgiving person. And I recommend that you call upon the phenomenal amount of divine spiritual help which is waiting to assist you in your healing process, if you will ask for it, and I really recommend asking for it.

You can ask God (or whatever name you prefer), you can ask the angels to be with you, but above all else I recommend asking the light of Christ to dwell in your heart, because this is the greatest healing force that is available to us. With the light of Christ within our heart and mind, nothing can divert us away from our chosen destination, and the inner division – the inner battle – will finally come to end, as our our heart is purified from any desires that are not truly loving.

I wish you well on this journey, Alex

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