Accept God’s Greatest Gift

Sadly, people can often be very dismissive and even condescending about the very things which they need the most, and more than anything else this is what keeps us separate from the spiritual gifts that our heart deeply needs; the healing, the love, the deep security, trust and peace.

Humility is essential when it comes to receiving a gift. If you refuse to open your hands, believing that you already have everything you need, nothing can be given to you. And there is so much that we need, spiritually speaking. We need love, we need to experience forgiveness, we need peace and security in our heart. And we need God’s light, so that we no longer have to dwell in darkness and fear. We absolutely need these, even if our mind tells us that we don’t.

Our own mind has no idea what our heart truly needs for it to experience spiritual fulfilment. But God does, and is constantly trying to put his gifts in our hands, and in our heart. But we must let go of our arrogance so that we can first be humble enough to accept that we do need what God is trying to give us.

Humility is possibly the most important lesson there is, and I invite you now to allow your heart and mind to be humble, so that it can be open to God’s spiritual gifts. Because when you are prepared to drop any arrogance, self-righteousness or mental stubbornness, willing to admit that you might need God’s help and then humble enough to ask for it (which many people find hard to do), you have then opened the door to true healing, to true inner-security and peace, and to God’s all-pervading and deeply fulfilling love.

Making this decision is all that is needed to begin restoring you; restoring your faith, your joy, your happiness, your inner fire and the true strength of your heart. Just a simple mental decision to be open and willing accept the help, the gift that God is offering you. Don’t refuse it, don’t push it away arrogantly, don’t dismiss it condescendingly; because you really do need it; even if you think you don’t.

The deepest and most powerful spiritual form that this gift takes is Jesus. Jesus is God’s greatest gift, being a spiritual emissary of his pure light and love. Jesus is like the elevator that takes you to the very top floor, spiritually speaking. Can you remain humble enough to accept that Jesus is a vital part of God’s plan for you?

Jesus is a very real and very powerful spiritual force that enables you to fully fight off the forces of darkness, just by using his name. It really is that simple. People mock Jesus, ridicule the idea of accepting him into their heart, yet Jesus is absolutely vital in the battle between good and evil, I can assure you. Jesus literally changes the inner environment of your heart, so that it no longer can be susceptible to darkness. He spiritually purifies the soil, so that the weeds of fear, judgment, arrogance and hatred can no longer grow. He makes our heart receptive to the full radiance, beauty and love of God, in a way that we could never have imagined.

And you don’t need to subscribe to the Christian religion to allow Jesus to transform your heart. You don’t even need to tell anyone. You just need to quietly ask him to do so. You only need humbly say something like “Please dwell in my heart Jesus. Please strengthen and protect me from all forms of darkness. Help me steer clear of fear, doubt, hostility, aggression, arrogance and hatred. Help me forgive and be forgiven. Help me be truly healed and whole, fearless, loving and courageous. Please occupy my heart and let me know the depth of love, joy and unshakeable peace that you bring.”



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