Flowing with God

There are beautiful secrets hidden away in the English language, and in this article I would like to reveal one of them to you.

Now we all know that ‘god’ spelled backwards is ‘dog’ – said to be man’s best friend, showing us the qualities of total devotion, loyalty, humility and love. Anyone who has a dog knows how loving a dog’s heart is towards their owner. They comfort us, protect us and give us unconditional companionship. They really do demonstrate to us the qualities of a truly loving and non-judgemental heart.

Now think of the wolf, the wild ancestor of the domesticated dog. They are known to be highly intelligent, instinctive and very advanced in their social organisation. In some Shamanic traditions, they are known to be the animal that most represents the ‘Great Spirit’, which is another term for God.

So what is wolf spelled backwards? It is flow. Why is this relevant? Because it is the characteristic of God – of the Great Spirit, The Divine – that is most unknown to people. People speak about God being love, intelligence, energy, power, light, but it is vital to understand that God flows, like a sea of potential energy, forever circulating and moving. This is why – to best experience the presence of God and perceive his reality – we need to be in a flow of energy. Our breath needs to be flowing, or we will get caught up in our thoughts. Our energy has to be flowing, or we will feel stagnant, uninspired and disconnected from the source of love.

God is never still, just like the ocean is never still, and to fully enter into his presence, we have to synchronise to the rhythm of his fluid movement, specifically by allowing our breath to flow freely in and out, without interruption from our thinking mind. When we get stuck in a thought, the flow of energy is immediately interrupted and it quickly stagnates. It’s important to understand that our energy is intimately tied to our breath, which is the fuel of consciousness itself and it is meant to be flowing freely and deeply.

Consciousness – and life itself – flows and moves. It is not stationary in any way, and this is why we have problems when things in our life stagnate, and stop moving and changing. We need to see life moving and flowing, changing and evolving, and this is all dependant upon whether we ourselves are flowing and moving, starting with our breath. Notice how often the flow of your breathing stops when you get stuck in a thought. This immediately disconnects you from the flow of consciousness moving through you, which is how we receive inspiration.

It’s like you are walking through a beautiful forest, full of amazing sounds and beauty, feeling deeply connected, peaceful and happy. Then you come to a screen that someone has left on in the forest, and it is showing some film, TV program, the news or something else that is completely unnecessary for you to watch. But instead of just walking straight past it and continuing to enjoy your connection to the beautiful atmosphere around you and the feeling within you, you decide to stop walking and start watching the screen. Immediately your mind disconnects from the reality of where you are, and instead engages with the information on the screen, getting caught up in the drama, the events, the stories. You stop feeling peaceful, happy and content, and instead you experience the energy that is coming from what’s on the screen, which has a very different quality; compelling and addictive in some way.

This is what we are all doing every single day, when we stop and pay attention to our thoughts instead of enjoying the flow of breath, consciousness and love which is always available to us when we are present to our body and heart. This is the most fundamental problem that most human beings have. They are not entering the flow of life, which is the only place where we can actually experience the presence of the divine loving intelligence that many people call God.

We are generally too inactive, and thus our blood doesn’t flow around our body as strongly as it should do. Increased blood flow means increased energy, increased sensation and a greater feeling of aliveness and awareness. Remember that your blood is the delivery system of oxygen to all the cells of your body. That is its primary purpose. So the increased flow of blood means an increased supply of oxygen, which means an increased state of consciousness, because oxygen is the fuel for consciousness. When there is a greater flow of oxygen, there is an increased state consciousness, presence and aliveness.

So now let’s consider another word which has secrets to reveal : “Flower”. Do flowers flow? Why are they called flow-ers?

When something flowers, it means its petals open up and it reveals its colour and beauty. Flowers usually point themselves towards the light of the sun, because it feeds and nourishes them. When we ourselves enter the flow of energy – by allowing our breath to flow deeply without interruption – we begin to open up. More specifically, our heart begins to open up, and our heart is what enables us to perceive the very tangible light of divine presence (or ‘God’) which feeds and nourishes us in a very profound way. And we all really need this, even if we think we don’t. So if a flower were to keep its petals closed, it would not receive the light and warmth from the sun which it needed. But when its petals unfurl as intended, it can be fully nourished by the flow of energy which emanates from the sun.

We have to understand that the energy from the sun flows also. It flows (or radiates) out from the sun continuously, and is absorbed by all living things in one way or another, and then that energy continues to flow through the matter of the organism which has absorbed it. All energy flows – whether it’s in the form of light, wind or water – and when we allows ourselves to flow also, we will begin to flower. If you flow, you will flower.

If you don’t flow, you won’t flower as you are meant to. Instead you will feel like you are stagnating, and you’ll experience frustration in your life to some degree. Not only this, but your perception of the deeper magnificence of life, and it’s divine nature, will be limited. Imagine a flower with the most beautiful and magnificent petals in the world, which decided it didn’t want to open to the sun. Not only would it deny itself the beautiful warmth and nourishment that it actually longed for, but it would also deny the world the beautiful gift that it had hidden and curled up within its bud.

You have something beautiful which needs to be unfurled, for your own sake and for the benefit of the world also. It is who you really are. The real you, your true personality, with all its quirks, lovable characteristics and vulnerabilities. Your true self is in fact the most beautiful thing in the entire universe, and it is a gift that the world is waiting for. And when you fully unfurl your petals and allow yourself to be seen, you will finally feel the beautiful warmth and light flowing deep into your heart from the spiritual sun that brings joy, happiness and freedom deep within.

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