Experiencing Spiritual Freedom

There are many spiritual techniques in this world, but do we really need them? Well, first we should understand that spiritual truth – which is divine – is not a state. It is Reality. And we – as human beings – need to be open to that reality so that we can perceive it, experience it and feel it…. just like we have to open the curtains if we want to see and feel the warmth of the sun shining through our windows. And it is even better if we can step outside into the sunshine and fully bask in it.

So we don’t need to generate any particular state to experience this luminous and heart-warming divine truth. What we need to do is remove the obstacles that block our vision, our perception and our experience of it in our mind and heart. We simply need to open up to it and RECEIVE it. This is the key word: receive.

Our ego wants to keep us separate from divine truth, so with its very clever thought processes it encourages us to build walls of fear in our mind, which are reflected in our heart and our body. It subtly encourages us to fear – and thus resist – the very power of life itself, and thus we resist the love and freedom which we should be feeling in our heart. Essentially, we become conditioned to fear that which our heart actually longs for, albeit subconsciously.

So in every human mind and heart, there is a wall of resistance (constructed by the ego) which we believe is keeping us safe and secure. That wall is strengthened by our resistance, which is just the bodily manifestation of mental fear. So when we resist what our ego doesn’t like or want, we simply fortify our own prison walls, and thus we are unable to receive what our heart desperately needs because we are afraid of letting that wall down.

Our ego doesn’t like anything that makes it feel that it is not in control, because it is basically a control mechanism. However, we simply cannot feel true freedom while we remain in control, and this is the great inner conflict of every human being. We want security, but we think we have to remain in control to experience it. And so most people unconsciously choose security over freedom, because they don’t know what the alternative is. On top of this, the ego convinces us that there is no security to be found in freedom, and that literally anything could happen if we let go of being in control. And because we are biologically hard-wired to need safety and security, that deters us from surrendering to the essential freedom of our spirit, which is actually crucial to our deep enjoyment and appreciation of life.

Divine love is right here, right now, and it is the highest truth of life. It is what your heart is longing for, even if you are unaware of it. All we have to do is stop fearing, stop resisting and open our heart to it, and we will experience true spiritual freedom which is the liberation of our heart from fear. We are like fish, swimming in an ocean of divine providence, beauty and love, yet most of us have our gills closed and are thus becoming starved of the spiritual nutrition that we desperately need. All we have to do is end our resistance, by relaxing our body and allowing our heart to open, and this spiritual nutrition will flow through us as it is meant to. We will feel free and we will feel the beautiful energy of love flowing through our being; through our veins and through our heart. This is what our body is designed to experience.

I often recommend a practice called ‘shaking’, which is possibly humanities oldest and simplest healing technique, used by ancient cultures across the globe. It is not intended to generate a particular state, or make you feel high. It is intended to shake down the walls of resistance that the fearful ego has constructed in our body and in our heart. As those walls come down (and they come down very easily) we effortlessly experience the beautiful truth of reality, which is love and consciousness.

It takes no effort and no control to do this… just shaking off the tension, stress and fear and becoming open and receptive. That’s it. It sounds easy, and it is, as well as being very enjoyable, especially when done with energising music. If you want to try it, just click this link and copy the demonstration in the video: http://Shaking.site

Fear is a choice, and essentially we just have to stop listening to the voice of the clever ego telling us why you should be in a state of resistance (fear) and choose a state of openness (trust) instead. When we relax our body and trust, our heart relaxes and becomes more open to love. Relax and trust that there is nothing to fear, and no reason to fear. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but so is trust. It is totally up to you which one you choose, but you need to pay more attention to your thoughts to notice how you have been unconsciously choosing it in your mind.

However, these choice are not only made in our mind. We have to address the fearful conditioning in our body, which are habitual patterns of tension and stress. We cannot just think them away. We have to physically choose to let go of the tension, stress and resistance, and the most direct way to free your body from them is to shake them off. It is also very important to bring relaxation into your body as often as you remember to do so. We can actually go through our day in a relaxed physical state, even if we are being active. We just have to pay attention so we can notice when stress and tension are present, and then consciously breathe, slow down and relax our body. This will eventually become a habit that benefits your body in truly remarkable ways.

Our body holds the key to a storehouse of wisdom, and spirituality is about accessing the spiritual intelligence within. However, people often like to conceptualise spiritual freedom because subconsciously some part of them may be afraid of experiencing it and feeling it, because it is not what they are used to. In fact, it is another universe entirely. People often feel safe and comfortable with the familiar realm of conceptual ideas and beliefs, and just the idea of leaving the realm of thinking and choosing instead to FEEL the actual power of divine consciousness in their heart and body seems threatening.

For most people, it’s like feeling safe in a small pool of water; a controlled environment where we can see what is around us, and where we think nothing unexpected will happen. This sounds appealing but we stagnate in such an environment because we are actually destined to be flowing with the power of the river. And there is absolutely nothing threatening about this; it is joyful, exciting and exhilarating, and our course is actually being guided by a higher force which knows where we need to go and what we need to experience. It knows what we need to be provided with to ensure we are prepared and receptive as we approach our destination: the ocean of love, peace and divine intelligence. All we have to do is trust that it is safe to let go of what is familiar, and follow the guidance that wants to lead us to freedom, purpose and fulfilment.

Now take the next step, from conceptually understanding all of this to actually experiencing it. If you have 5 minutes, try the simple and enjoyable shaking technique which will release the tension, stress and fear from your body, leaving you feeling energised, open, bright and inspired. Leave a comment once you’ve tried it 🙂

Enjoy! –> http://Shaking.site

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