Beliefs, Desires & Purpose

“We are one human family, full of diversity and richness (as well as dysfunction and disharmony) and we can help to heal the divisions in our family by seeing each other for who we truly are, rather than what we each believe.”

In our society we generally think that beliefs are important, but actually our desires are far more powerful and influential upon our lives, and I will explain why…

There is a good chance that you and I share the same core desires, e.g. the desire to be happy and fulfilled, the desire that others experience happiness and fulfilment, the desire to see a world at peace, the desire to see abuse, suffering and cruelty come to an end and so on. These strong core desires – which come from the depth of our heart – are what truly unite us all in our shared humanity, and it is obviously very important that we focus on what unites us.

Now, the likelihood that you and I share the same beliefs is very low, because there are so many to choose from in this world, and certain kinds of people resonate with certain kinds of beliefs. In this way, beliefs are very superficial compared to core desires, which are what motivate us on the most fundamental level. So it would be wise to assume that the people we interact with hold different beliefs to our own, yet share the same core desires for peace, fulfilment, security, happiness and so on, because there is a very high probability that both of these are true.

If we can recognise our shared core desires we will find it very easy to relate to each other, because we have the same software program driving us on in life. It is called love. We are all human beings with a heart, and that heart functions in a certain way and needs certain things. So we can look at another person and know that we can relate to them due to the presence of their heart, even if it might be wounded, oppressed or hardened to some degree. The fact is, it is still there and thus those core human desires are still there.

Now, a big problem we have in the world at present is that people are simply not recognising the hearts of other individuals, and thus not realising that they share the same core motivations. Instead they are focusing on the superficial differences, such as beliefs, and seeing this as justification to feel opposed towards each others; to feel hostility, a lack of compassion, or disconnection at the very best. This is such a great shame when we all have the capacity for mutual understanding and empathy. If we would just look deeper, just realise what people’s core motivations are, we would feel that sense of empathy and understanding, because we would encounter ourself in the other.

Obviously, we sometimes have to make a concerted effort to look past a person’s ‘personality’, and see the heart that beats beneath it all. But if we make sure that we do this (and it is always possible) then we will see their vulnerability, their insecurity, their innocence and their desire for love and happiness.

We are one human family, full of diversity and richness (as well as dysfunction and disharmony) and we can help to heal the divisions in our family by seeing each other for who we truly are, rather than what we each believe. Because when we look beyond the surface, we will see that which binds us all together and unites us. We will see the human heart, and its desire for security, safety, happiness, to give and receive love, to feel free and joyful. You have these desires, as do I. We all do at our core.

Of course many people are struggling – getting caught up in their anger, bitterness, fear, judgements and hostile opinions – but the beautiful thing is that we can exercise our heart and feel compassion for them. This is what our heart is for and when we use it properly, we feel the profound spiritual reward that it brings us. The deep feeling of compassion itself is a truly profound and beautiful thing. It brings the depth to life that so many people are looking for, and it brings the healing that is needed, to us and to others.

We all experience the same things. We all get sad, irritable, despondent, anxious, afraid, angry and so on. And what is it that helps us through such times? The presence of love, of reassurance, of forgiveness and patience – especially in the people around us. No price can be put on this; it is one of the most precious things in the world; the compassion of others. Why, because it is healing. We all need gentler energies around us, rather than energies which are forceful, aggressive, critical, harsh, unkind, unforgiving. Such energies make our heart withdraw from the world and build a protective wall around itself to prevent further pain.

And we must remember that such energies are also being generated by our own mind when we think negative thoughts. Most of us have the voice of a critical parent in our mind, and that voice is no different to an external voice of criticism. That voice will often tell us “that was stupid” , “you’ll mess this up” , “you are selfish” , “you’re not good enough” , “you’re not a nice person” , “you don’t deserve good things” , “you aren’t loveable” and so on, and if we feel negative or defeated in any way, it is because we have been believing what that voice has been telling us. Often that is occurring subconsciously.

So it is very important to be aware of the things our mind is telling us. If its tone is discouraging, unkind or disheartening in any way it should be totally ignored. Every human being needs encouragement, commendation, upliftment and praise, even from themselves. It will make a big difference if you regularly say “well done” to yourself, instead of “that wasn’t good enough”.

Our heart is more sensitive than we can ever imagine. It like the most precious and beautiful flower in existence, and it needs to be treated the right way. It needs to be listened to, it needs to be encouraged and nourished with positive messages and inspiring information, and it needs the space to express itself without judgement or criticism. If it has these things it will open up and blossom, and share its divine beauty with the world.

As this occurs, we begin remembering who we truly are, and what our purpose is in life. We are here to share the beauty of our caring and loving heart. To share its humour, happiness, joy, brilliance and radiance, like a sun giving its light. You have a profoundly beautiful gift that everyone around you is in need of, and sharing it is the most natural, instinctive and rewarding thing you can possibly do in life.

Yet our society encourages us to prioritise getting things done over maintaining our loving and tolerant nature. In our pursuit of results, we get impatient, intolerant, irritated, forceful and controlling. We sacrifice that which is of the utmost importance in the name of results and achievement, and this is how the majority of the world operates at present. But it is changing as each of us learns the importance of shifting our priorities from what we get done, to how we behave and treat people.

Life’s true rewards (which are spiritual in nature) come from the flow of harmony between us and others, between ourselves and the greater force of goodness which we are all attempting to embody. Nothing you achieve on the material level will clean your conscience or give you a genuine sense of goodness in your heart if you fail to treat people with patience, kindness, respect and appreciation. But if you prioritise this, not only will you feel richer in your heart, but people will value you, appreciate you, respect you, and talk positively about you with others.

An invisible network of goodwill is created among humble people who truly respect and value each other, and it is a great blessing to feel yourself a part of this. We all make mistakes, we all lose our temper, we all say hurtful and stupid things, but the difference is between those who are willing to apologise and those who are not. Why? Because it takes humility to apologise, and humility is a very rare quality in this world. If you can work on becoming a more humble, gentle and forgiving person (and applying these qualities to yourself also) then you will be polishing the diamond of your heart for the benefit of everyone around you, and for yourself also. Life will only get richer and richer, more and more beautiful, and spiritual blessings will pour down upon you like you could never have imagined. Just keep polishing that diamond, keep watering that beautiful flower, and keep sharing your caring heart with those around you.

I wish you well. God bless you, Alex


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