The Antidote To The Fear-Mongering

We are regularly told by the mainstream news who the ‘bad guys’ are; who has done what to whom, and how we should feel about them. But the real ‘enemy of the people’ in our society are the fear mongers; those who repeatedly – and it often seems strategically – spread fear, pessimism, doom and gloom via our screens, radios, newspapers, books and magazines, including to young audiences.

The fear and negativity that is pouring out into our society via the mainstream media really is like a poison for the human spirit. As sensitive living creatures, we do not benefit one iota from having fear or negativity poured into our minds. But what we certainly do need is more faith, more hope and more joy. Where are the faith, hope and joy mongers? They are generally not in the mainstream media. No, they are you and me.

We have to take full responsibility for this now, for dishing out this spiritual nutrition that everyone needs, and we need to do it daily, en masse, via social media. It is the antidote to the message of fear and pessimism, and it is urgently needed, now more than ever. Faith, hope and joy allow God to work miracles, I assure you.

So what to do about the fear-mongers in the media ? Ignore them. If you ignore them, they have zero power over you, your thoughts and the state of your heart. Stop watching their dark and violent programmes & films. Stop reading the doom-laden newspapers and magazines. Stop clicking on the negative and sensationalist YouTube videos. Stop reading all the scary and dystopian books, and stop playing all the violent video games. If you do that, the fear mongers can no longer put their negative, dark, violent or pessimistic messages in your mind.

Your mind will start to become free from their grip, and you will start worrying less and trusting more, I promise you. Slowly, you will realise that you need not fear, and that it is okay to be happy, no matter what is happening in the world; or even next door. People will be panicking perhaps. People will be ‘freaking out’ in fear. The Bible speaks about this time, saying that men’s hearts will be “failing them for fear, and looking after those things which are coming on the earth” them for fear of the things which are to come.” This is the fear of the scenarios that the media and entertainment industry has been flooding our minds with for a long time. Zombies, doom, escape rooms, ghosts, demons, dystopia, war, apocalypse and so on. Stop filling your mind with fear by absorbing all those ideas, images and scenarios from the media. Turn your mind back to the source of goodness, love and peace: God.

God is real, and God is waiting for you to turn away from fear, negativity and all distraction in general. All you have to do is be quiet for a few minutes, and speak to him. Say “God, I need your help in this difficult situation. I need you to be with me, to keep me away from fear and safe in your protective arms.” He will certainly respond, if you genuinely mean it. He will respond by bringing a sense of peace into your heart, and there will be no fear. The bible says “perfect love casts out fear”, which means that when you let God in (who is perfect love) there can be no fear. And there is no reason to fear either, because God will protect you.

Psalm 91 says “He shall cover you with his feathers, and under his wings shall you trust… You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day… No evil will befall you, nor any plague come near your dwelling, for he will give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.”

And you will feel God’s presence by your side in a very real way if you ask Jesus to be with you all of the time. He will, and he is waiting to do so, right now. There really is no other time to speak to God than now. He is listening to your thoughts in this moment. Just turn your mind to him, speak to him in your thoughts and see what happens. You may be very surprised.

Talking with God is one of the most satisfying things we can do, because he is always there, and he is always totally reassuring and loving with his voice. He wants to say to us all, continuously, “Don’t be afraid. Stay with me, keep your mind close to mine and I will protect you from all threat. You are deeply valuable to me, and I will not allow harm to come to you.”

We all really need to hear this message from our heavenly Father, even if our sense of pride tells us that we don’t need it, or that he is not real. We do need to know this because he is the only one who can protect us from the biggest spiritual threats, those of spiritual darkness, all of which are fear-based and some of which are potentially terrifying. Those threats cannot be in his presence, just as it impossible to see darkness next to candle flame. Darkness cannot be there because the light doesn’t allow it. God is the most powerful spiritual light in the universe and if you remain close to him, you will always dwell in the light; you will always be protected.

Be open-minded enough to take a minute now, and speak to God; just as you would to a friend. Tell him you want to feel safe and protected, and if you’re feeling scared then tell him that too. He will bring peace into your heart, like nothing else in the universe can. And then take a leap of faith and call upon Jesus too. He loves you, and is ready and willing to be with you 24/7. Just this simple communication with your spiritual family will be the beginning of a more peaceful and joyful life, no matter what seems to be happening in the world around you. You will be with God, and you will be safe and protected from everything that people who reject God are likely to be experiencing; not because he is punishing them, but because their stubbornness makes them refuse to take shelter under his wing, and thus they will be buffeted by the strong forces of fear, pessimism, panic and so on. But this need not be, for anyone.

Under God’s wing is where we want to be, and then no matter what happens in the world, all will be well with us, despite the turbulence, the uncertainty, the change and the upheaval. We will weather the storm in peace. This is the only way to do so. Please accept the protection that is on offer to you right now, just by turning your mind to God and inviting Jesus to be by your side. God’s wing will shelter you from the beating rain, and Jesus will keep you warm, against the fearful cold. There is nowhere better in the universe to be than here, I assure you.

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