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The strength of our heart, the strength of our faith and trust in the power and benevolence of something greater than us, is going to be fully tested by what is slowly emerging through the media. The media as a whole is slowly being flooded with more and more dark, disturbing and violent information in the form of televisual programming, online programming, social video content, Hollywood movies, advertising, magazines, pop music and much more, and a lot of it is being aimed at younger audiences.

The consequences of this – if people are not made aware of it – are that it will inspire more fear in our society, it will inspire more aggression and it will encourage people to think and act more in accordance with the darker side of their human nature. Our job is to make sure that this is not the case with us, and the best way to do this is to consume as little information from these media avenues as possible, and instead enjoy the riches that the natural world offers us. The media doesn’t truly nourish us, it just distracts us, but nature really nourishes us in a very deep and beautiful way – a way that our mind, body and soul actually need.

As I’ve said in previous articles, the best way to navigate what is currently occurring in our society – and which will gradually intensify as the media becomes more and more saturated with darker information – is to learn how to become immune to fear. Because on a broader scale, this is how we will progress and evolve as a civilisation. We are being required now to evolve beyond fear, because we can only have a truly peaceful civilisation when fear is not motivating people to do unloving things.

If there is no fear (which is essentially spiritual darkness) at the core of a human being, there will be peace, security, kindness and joy. There can be no hatred, or pain, because these are built upon a foundation of fear. Remove the foundation, and all that is destructive and detrimental to the human species will crumble and dissolve. It is from this point that we can begin to rebuild ourselves from a foundation of faith and trust, which are the opposites of fear.

If fear is present, we cannot be experiencing total faith or total trust, because when our faith is total, there is no doubt or insecurity. We fully trust that we are safe and protected. This is vitally important to every living creature – to feel secure and safe – because it is our primal need. If we feel threatened or insecure it becomes our top priority to restore a sense of safety before we do anything else.

Many people do this with food when they engage in comfort eating. People feel insecure or anxious, and they instinctively reach for some food to feel comforted. This stems from being a baby, when we would get profound comfort and security from feeding at our mothers breast. We would instantly feel calm and safe, and this is why people often reach for food when they feel insecure.

But the kind of security we really need is deeper than food and other material sources of safety, like having a secure home or having enough money in the bank etc. Because none of these things will bring us any comfort when we feel threatened spiritually. If fearful thoughts (which we believe are true) are threatening us in our mind, what good is material security? A big bank balance can’t buy you a peaceful mind, a secure house can’t remedy the deep spiritual anxiety in your heart.

We need spiritual security first and foremost, which means that we have faith irrespective of our material situation. Whatever is going on outside, we trust that we will be okay, that we can come through it, that we are guided and supported to do so. It is this trust which makes us feel truly safe in our heart. Full trust brings peace into our heart and this is why having faith is essential, because there will be times when logically you will see no safety from material circumstances. You will not see how you can avoid or escape what is happening, and so your mind will encourage you to start panicking, because that is what animals do when they feel threatened and cornered.

But we are more than animals. We are children of the divine, we are creatures of spiritual light – of consciousness – who are only inhabiting a body temporarily. And this is why we have to realise our true spiritual security, because it is greater than material security and it comes when we trust and have faith. If we allow ourselves to experience spiritual security first and foremost, material security will follow. It cannot work the other way round, we cannot generate spiritual security through making ourselves safe materially.

Ultimately, we have to address our tendency to be fearful if we want to have a real sense of security which comes from a deeper place, because most of the threat we feel is generated in our thoughts. We think about how things might go wrong, and how we might experience suffering, loss or pain. We think about rejection, disappointment, failure. We generate negativity and pessimism in our mind, and then we feel the physical effect of that in our body.

In truth, this is a form of mental illness, (which eventually becomes physical illness), because our mind has become dysfunctional and has turned into a “threat creator”. It manifests threat from nowhere; threat that exists purely when we think about it. If we don’t think about it, it is not there. But we keep returning to those thoughts, we keep coming back for more threat, more worry, more troubles, more anxiety, more negativity, more fear. This truly is insane and we need to address it urgently before it cripples us, or makes us do things that would be very detrimental to our life (if living in constant anxiety is not detrimental enough.)

This is why we urgently need to address our tendency to engage with fearful thoughts, because a surge of fearful and dark programming and information is currently flowing the many arms of the media and entertainment industry, and it is specifically steering people’s minds in the worst direction possible. This is not accidental by the way, but that is a different topic for a different article.

But of course, all the fearful information is essentially a deception. It is all illusory, and in reality (from a divine perspective) there is no threat. But when our mind starts thinking about all the things it has watched, all the things it has heard and all the things it has read, it creates its own reality in our head, which is so realistic and compelling that we get lost in it. We automatically assume that what we are thinking is true, and that what the media had been showing us and implanting in our mind has some significant and important relationship to reality, to society, to the world.

This occurs because we trust our thoughts and the pictures that appear in our mind, instead of our heart. We trust the screens we watch more than we trust God. This is a great irony: that so many people have been convinced that God is just a fabricated belief system, yet they religiously watch all their favourite TV programs that are slowly filling their minds with violence, darkness and fear. They are unwittingly choosing fear, conflict and darkness, instead of the beautiful light of divine truth, which is God.

They are being led into the darkness by man-made illusion, whilst all the time God surrounds them, waiting for them to open their heart and turn their mind in his direction. There is only one way to be completely free of fear and the darkness is creates, and that is to free your mind from all that you think is true, open your eyes and your heart, and be willing to perceive the light of God as it presents itself to you. This means asking for it, becoming still, silent and receptive to it, and relaxing and trusting it. It will not harm you or punish you, because it is a purely loving force. Let its love permeate your heart fully, and trust totally in its power to heal you, guide you and keep you safe from harm. Then you will have the greatest peace, and fear will no longer be able to touch you.

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