Accept the forgiveness

It is vital to understand this… that God is Love, and God’s loving consciousness permeates absolutely everything, including your own mind and heart. Nothing is hidden from it.

But if your heart is closed or afraid, bitter or resentful, angry or wounded, you will not be able to feel the Love that should be flowing through you. And so we are on a collective journey of healing our heart, so that we can restore our connection to our divine parent, our source, our creator. That connection brings total security, peace, inner-rest, joy and freedom of the heart. All suffering and fear vanish.

And so it is of great importance that we allow our heart to heal, and that we actively engage in the process, so our suffering and darkness can finally come to an end.

The most vital step in this process is forgiveness, because we are our own greatest punisher by far. We judge ourselves, and then we punish ourselves – often subconsciously. We think we should be a certain way, perform at a certain standard, achieve certain things, be a good enough person and then we will be worthy of goodness of Love.

But this is back-to-front. You see, unconditional Love is the reality of life, and once we accept this love exactly as we are, simply by forgiving ourselves and ceasing to punish ourselves, our heart softens. We feel the heavy burden of expectation lift off our shoulders, and we feel lighter, freer and happier. This is what makes us act, speak and think in harmony with goodness, with Love and kindness.

If we are feeling the pressure of our own expectations, high standards, judgements and criticisms, we will have no happiness to share with others. You do not need to be perfect, you just need to relax your heart from the anxiety of fear and punishment, and let it soften so it can receive the Love of God. This is available to you right now, no matter what you may have done. Even if you were very unkind to someone 5 minutes ago, forgive yourself. You are suffering also. In fact, the only reason we are unkind to others is because we in pain, or afraid, or stressed or anxious.

Forgive yourself, because you need release from the persecution, from the pressures which are piled upon your shoulders and your heart. You need to remember the innocent, carefree child that still dwells within you, who needs play, laughter and joy in their life. For this to occur, you must forgive yourself for everything, and resolve not to stray too far from your heart in the future. And if you do, analyse what happened, why you strayed into anger, or fear, and become more conscious of the things that take you away from peace, from happiness, from Love and compassion.

This is a path we are all on. Sometimes, we have to have strayed so far, and been so unkind to fully realise the true mercy and forgiveness of God’s unconditional Love. We think “okay, I can never be forgiven for doing that” but we are instantly forgiven, because God is not a punisher. God is pure Love. Yet it is we who continue to punish ourselves. To regret, to feel guilty, to beat ourselves up for being such a ‘bad’ person. Forgive yourself. End the self-punishment immediately, and let your heart soften, relax and receive the unconditional Love of God, which always surrounds you, and is always knocking on your heart. It is simply always there. You just have to open the door to it.

You are loved totally, and forgiven for everything. Now it is time to be kind to yourself, to stop punishing yourself, and let yourself be happy. You have been given a great gift, which is beautiful beyond mental comprehension. It is the radiant, healing, nourishing and warming Love which your heart longs for deeply. This is what sets your heart free from its imprisonment by fear and guilt. Receive the healing gift of forgiveness and Love into your heart now. Be thankful for it, treasure your freedom from all past judgements and self-persecution, and let the innocent child in your heart enjoy being alive, enjoy what life offers. More than anything, parents love to see their children happy…

“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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We are all children, longing to find our way back to
the world of innocence, joy and freedom we once knew”

“Darkness & fear cannot exist where there is light & joy”


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