Dystopia or Utopia?

“Forces of evil in this world would like to turn this into a totally dystopian planet, full of suffering. But the divine force of goodness wants it to be a utopian paradise, full of peace and joy. Which will succeed? And what part do we have to play in this?”

Obviously, many things are changing in the world. Are they changing for the worse or for the better? Well, there’s certainly plenty of evidence that suggests they might be intended for the worse, and I’ve been investigating such evidence for over 15 years. There are undoubtedly sinister agendas afoot in high places of power.

However, I have a strong sense – an inner knowing of sorts – that such agendas will not be successful. I cannot tell you how or why I know, but I know it deep in my heart. Light will certainly overcome the darkness, but individually we each need to have faith in that being the case, otherwise we – individually and collectively – become pessimistic, fearful and without hope; only capable of seeing a bleak outlook.

A dystopian society is built on such things, and can only operate if fear and pessimism are the overriding human emotions in the general population. If you take a look at the general messages people are absorbing on a daily basis from the news, via the programmes on their TV screens, and even via the so-called ‘alternative’ news sources – they are clearly becoming more and more dark, pessimistic and dystopian in their themes. The same is true in the pop music industry. More and more pessimistic messages are flooding into people’s minds. All you have to do is carefully read the lyrics of the top 10 songs in the charts and you will see that there is an abundance of negativity, hopelessness and pessimism flooding out through this medium. Almost every arm of the mainstream media, in which I include children’s programmes, video games, books, magazines, advertising and so on, is being harnessed to propagate a subtle dystopian agenda, through the spreading of fear and pessimism in the minds of the population.

However, we do not have to consume what the media puts on a plate for us. We can turn off its drip-feed, and I strongly recommend doing so. Stop consuming information from your screens, and start getting it from the source, from a place of greater wisdom that doesn’t deal in fear and hopelessness.

I always recommend that if people want to get a sense of what is true and what the future holds, take a long walk in nature daily. Get away from the worldly noise, chatter, misinformation, traffic and distraction. Turn off your phone, and take a holiday from the negative thoughts which only lead you to one place. Our mind and our heart are extremely precious beyond comprehension, and they are 100% our responsibility. No-one else can make them places of peace, trust and faith. That is our job. If we don’t do our job, our mind and heart will be led by the media, by the collective attitude of the people around us, by the climate of negativity and pessimism that has already encroached on many people’s minds. Has it encroached on yours?

If it has, you need to remember that the future is not set in stone. There is immense cause for hope and optimism, but you need to let the positive energy of hope and optimism take root in your heart. If you refuse to do this, you will only see a bleak future. You need to allow the shadows of negative thinking to be illuminated by the vision of what could be; a vision of global harmony and happiness. Yes, it may seem a long way off, but I assure you that vision will come to pass. What we need to do is have total faith in that vision and categorically refuse to allow it to be replaced by the vision of dystopia which the media is trying to imprint in our minds. It is using every trick in the book. It is using every tendril it has – TV, film, radio, pop music, books, magazines, video games, advertising and so on – to attempt to steer our minds into its vision of negativity, darkness and hopelessness; making us feel like there is no way out, no escape from its oppressive dystopian agenda. But there is.

The way out is faith. Total faith in the positive vision of peace and happiness that God wants us to hold in our minds. Because it is essential that we hold strong to that vision (even if we have no belief in God). That vision is what attunes our heart to where it needs to be. As human beings, we need a goal, something to aim for and work towards, because that is how we are designed. In a very practical way, we have a vision or a goal that we want to reach, and then we move towards that goal but taking the appropriate steps. That’s how we get through each day. But if we feel that each day is taking us closer to something dark, something that we really want to avoid, then we stop functioning properly. We disconnect from the primary source of abundant energy, which is enthusiasm. We start to resist the world, resist life itself and become dysfunctional through our resistance.

This is not good, and this is why it is absolutely crucial that we trust we are moving towards a positive outcome. The media is doing its best to try and convince people that they are moving towards a negative outcome – a bleak and oppressive 1984-style dystopian. But it is not doing this because it’s true. It is trying to convince you that it is true, but it is not. You are NOT destined to experience that. It is doing this because it wants your mind to go in a certain direction, so that you live more in fear, consume more, and are easier to manipulate.

A person who is not afraid cannot be manipulated. A society which is not afraid cannot be steered in a direction where the government wants it to be steered. It essentially becomes self-governing, and does not need to be controlled and doctored by people in positions of power. Obviously, that is not remotely appealing to the people who hold positions of power, because they like their power and they do whatever they can to maintain it; which inevitably means manipulating and thus removing the power of the people whom they wish to rule.

The less power that the civilians have, the more secure the people in control feel. And essentially they are control freaks who are very afraid of losing their power, because it the only source of their security.

The need for security is the most primal need that every living creature has, and people do strange things in order just to feel secure. Ultimately it is the presence of love, and trust in divine providence and protection that brings the deepest security, but if those are absent, then lesser substitutes are always sought after, which is totally instinctive. The lesser substitutes that are most commonly chosen are control and power, which essentially go hand in hand. If you want more control, you have to exert more power, usually in the form of aggression but also through manipulation. This is exactly what is playing out in the world at present.

But there is only one thing that we – as individuals – need to concern ourselves with. That we don’t give our power away. Our power – which is actually a superior power – has nothing to do with control and aggression. Our power comes from our heart, and it is the power of goodness, of courage, of decency, of doing that which we know is right, no matter what the circumstances. It is a very noble power. It is the power of justice, love and compassion. If we allow that to be usurped and overridden by the influence of fear, which essentially makes us act very primitively from our ‘fight or flight’ instinct, we lose our connection to the highest potential contained within each moment, within each situation and each interaction. We act from our animal nature, rather than our divine nature, which is where our true power exists.

So, to bring this all back to our current situation… do we allow our minds to succumb to the negative visions of fear, dystopia and pessimism being intentionally propagated throughout the media, and thus lose all of the power we have to actually experience something different? That doesn’t sound so intelligent does it?

Or do we protect our mind – and thus our heart – from such negative visions, and hold strong to a different vision; a vision which does not come from the media, but rather from our heart? A vision that 99.9% of the global population want to become manifest (even if it may seem unlikely). A vision of peace, of happiness of global harmony.

To many people this seems an unrealistic dream, but it is essential that we remember where the real power exists in this world. It is not in the governments, in the institutions of enforcement such as police forces and armies. That is a lower kind of power, which we defer to when we forget where true power exists. True power exists in your mind and in your heart; a power so great and so phenomenally influential upon reality that we would be absolutely astounded if we could grasp it. But this power is only present in our mind and heart when we are using them correctly.

As I mentioned earlier, faith in the key. If we relinquish our faith in the power of divine goodness and love, and we believe that the power of evil and darkness is greater, then we are simply surrendering the only power that is greater than the darkness. This is the least intelligent thing we can possibly do in this situation. Obviously, faith doesn’t immediately satisfy our need for material security when we feel it is threatened, because faith isn’t about your material circumstances. Faith works on your heart, to bring deep security into the core of your being on the most fundamental level, which is where you need it most. This means that no matter what your outer material circumstances may be, there can be peace in your heart.

Nothing other than faith has the power to maintain unshakeable peace and trust in your heart, as it operates independently of the material world. There is security in your heart not because of your circumstances, or your bank balance, or your relationship with your partner, or anything else in the material world. There is security in your heart because you have faith in the power of goodness and love to triumph. There is security in your heart because you sense that your trust alone is enough to keep you on the path of light and providence.

Those 2 small words – trust and faith – mean success or failure, triumph or defeat, freedom or bondage. I am asking you to have faith, and trust that the divine forces of goodness are more powerful than the forces of evil and darkness. Your logical mind may come up with 1000 reasons why this is not the case, and our logic will always attempt to talk us out of having faith. This is why we need to dethrone logic, and put faith on the throne of our mind instead. Then we listen to the voice of faith first, and then logic second. Without faith, we are mere victims of circumstance, and all the things beyond our control.

Logic is only what we know, but faith is what could be. Strive to develop unrelenting faith in the vision of a positive transformation on Earth, no matter how things may look, because your faith will inspire the faith of others, and darkness will be dispelled slowly but surely. There is no other way, because darkness must first be vanquished in our own heart. This is the responsibility of each one of us; to allow the darkness in our heart to be replaced with light. No-one else can do this for us, and we have to want to let go of the darkness, the fear, the insecurity, the anger.

Logically you may think it makes little sense to embrace the light, when everything around is saying “be afraid”. But choosing fear is not logical. It is the worst decision we can possibly make. Be intelligent, and choose to have faith and hope in your heart, in spite of the fear-mongering media and the ideas it wants to put in your mind. The future is destined to be much brighter than we think, I assure you.

God bless you, Alex

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