Averting war

I am going to be very direct in this piece of writing, because there is a very negative agenda which – with the help of the media, internet, social media, online video and the Hollywood movie industry – is being sown into the minds of the general public. There is a lot of very dark and psychologically disturbing information out there, and a lot of it is in the form of ‘entertainment’ on sites like Netflix etc.

Simplistically, the plan is one of division, and we can all see that this is working if we observe what is happening socially and culturally. But division is just the beginning. Please bear with me, because I am going to share with you information that may seem extreme, but understand that I don’t share speculations in my articles. I share what I have observed over long periods of time to be undeniably true. I can see where things are being orchestrated to lead, and I urge you to look with a broader perspective, so that you may perceive this also, and hopefully avoid being involved in it.

So, for war to occur there obviously have to be enemies, there have to be opposing side, or at least one side that aggressively opposes the other. So you have to persuade people that they are doing the right thing by fighting against ‘bad’ people who have bad intentions. For this to occur, you have to divide people.

This is what is occurring through the intensifying political split between the left and the right, specifically observable in the USA. The left believe that most people on the right have fascist leanings, and the right are completely failing to understand or empathise with those on the left. The right ridicules the left, and the left shout at the right, and thus the divide grows wider.

But only one side has to be possessed by enough anger, fear and hatred for conflict to begin. This is when people get verbally, and often physically attacked simply for their ideology or their political perspective. They need do nothing wrong to be deserving of attack, except believe certain things which are directly opposed to the beliefs of those who consider themselves to be the “good” people.

So creating opposing forces, or at least one very angry force that is willing to harm the people they perceive to be their enemies, is the first step to conflict, and it is obvious that this is occurring. If you have seen any online videos of the anger and hatred that is possessing people who believe themselves to be on the side of “good”, you will understand how decent and intelligent people can very easily be turned into a vicious mob, with the right amount of agitative media propaganda.

So it is absolutely vital to realise that the media, the news, the papers, the television programs, the Hollywood movie industry are all pouring out propaganda intended to divide people. If you find yourself feeling animosity towards anyone because of what you have read, what you have watched, or who you believe them to be, then division has been successfully sown within you. And the media is now intensifying this division, to the point where more and more people are feeling that it is acceptable to use violence in the pursuit of peace. We must wake up urgently and realise where collective anger, hatred and violence will take us. Into a hellish reality, and that is no overstatement.

Do you know what happened in the Rwandan civil war (genocide) in 1994? Close to a million people were killed, many of them by their neighbours and family, and most of them with machetes and home-made weapons, all because of a political and ethnic divide. The hatred and fear was stirred up to such a fever pitch among the Hutu people, via the government’s use of media propaganda, that they believed that the Tutsi people were a very dangerous threat to them. The government literally encouraged the Hutu people them to kill all Tutsi’s (including the babies), and to kill anyone sympathising with the them. People were either part of the cleansing force, or they were killed themselves for not doing what they were supposed to. You can read about how it developed and unfolded on Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwandan_genocide

I take this quote from Wikipedia on the subject: “A spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) observed that “There’s a lot of propaganda by the Government radio aimed at the Hutu” which “makes them feel very anti-Tutsi.”

Does this sound familiar? What if we just changed the word ‘Tutsi’ to some other race, or another political group perhaps? What are we currently witnessing in our media, where people are being demonised and attacked simply for holding particular political viewpoints, or for supporting allegedly controversial people? How much anger and hatred are we witnessing among groups of people who are taking a seemingly positive political stance in the name of peace, but are seemingly willing to fight for it?

We must understand that peace has to begin within our self, by our steering away from hatred, division and conflict, in our thoughts, words and actions. There is no other way. We cannot have a peaceful world by fighting those whom we think are the bad guys, because that will only add to the conflict in the world. If there are people who are doing bad things in the world, then of course we must raise awareness of it, even protest it if you feel that you have to. But steer away from anger and hatred at all costs, because it only leads in one direction, and you do not want to walk very far down that path, I assure you.

Anger and hatred possess people, and make them do things that they would like to believe they are incapable of. You could have done a street-survey in 1984 in Rwanda to ask people if they would be willing to attack their friends violently with a machete, and I doubt many people (or anyone at all) would have said ‘yes’. But 10 years later, 10 years of intensively divisive propaganda stirring up fear, animosity and hatred, and ordinary people were killing their neighbours brutally, killing babies and children. This is what happens when the lower instincts are fuelled intensively for long enough; when anger and fear are stirred up to such a fever pitch that violence is presented as the only logical option. You may not believe it, but the media is capable of doing this, given enough time. The only way to be immune from it is to refuse to be drawn in the direction of judgement, anger and hatred, even a little bit, even if it seems totally justified to hate an individual. Refuse to let hatred into your heart, by refusing to fuel hostile thoughts with your attention. See them for what they are: fuel for division.

To physically harm another person, or to enjoy seeing another person being harmed is deeply detrimental for our soul. It is the corruption of the real goodness of our heart, which unconditionally cares and forgives. This is what truly good people do, and you can be a truly good person, simply by deciding to steer away from judgment and hatred. The true, deep compassion in our heart sees the pain and fear that drives people to do terrible things. Decent people can become possessed by the energy of hatred, and do things that we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing. But at one point, they may have been like us. They may have considered themselves to be a ‘good person’.

At all costs, you must ensure that you are never one of those people, who gets led down the path of division and hostility, by your own fear and hatred. I urge you to steer clear of them, and of judging others. Seek to understand why people do things, and what is motivating them. It is rarely because they are just an ‘evil person’, and it is usually because they have experienced fear, pain, and usually abuse. They have not experienced the love that every human heart needs to function properly. So guard your own heart, and make sure that it is a place of compassion and understanding – for all individuals, no matter how corrupt and evil they may seem. Because it is hatred that corrupts the human soul more than anything else in this world. Wherever evil is found, hatred is found, and thus you must move in completely the opposite direction to it.

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