The Delusion is Ending

There is a mind-altering substance – a poison you could call it – hidden within almost every thought that dangles tantalisingly in our mind, like apples hanging from a tree just waiting to be tasted. Once a bite is taken from one of those thought-apples, the poison contained within it induces a kind of mental delusion – comprised entirely of abstract thoughts – which we become completely immersed in, and perceive as reality itself.

But it is an unreality – a mere 2 dimensional approximation to reality, like a map is to the actual landscape. It is a conceptual theatre in our mind, which completely distracts us from – and obscures the nature of – reality itself, which you could call Divine Truth. Some call this state of delusion ‘separation from God’, some call it suffering, some call it darkness, illusion or fear. It is all the same delusion, all from the same source.

To free ourselves from all the tendrils of this delusion – most of which are very subtle – we must elevate our mind to the level where we are aware of our decision to bite into those apples, i.e. the decision to venture into those abstract thoughts, which are like vortexes; portals into a delusional realm of ‘knowledge’, intellect and mental understanding. To many, this realm sounds very worthwhile and valuable, yet it does not bring us closer to the peace, joy and freedom of our heart. It does not help us to heal the wounds and release the pain that we all carry there. It does not nourish us, not one little bit.

This is why we should not eat the fruit (the thoughts) from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree is your conceptual mind, the lair of your intellectual ego, where abstract thoughts proliferate. The apples (thoughts) which hang from this tree are poisoned with a spiritual venom that makes you delusional, seeing everything BUT the divine truth, everything BUT the beautiful light of reality, everything BUT the magnificence of the beautiful garden of Eden that surrounds us.

It is this delusion-inspiring venom – contained within every thought we choose to engage with – that diverts our mind and heart away from an awareness of the heavenly and divine reality we exist in in this present moment. We cannot see it simply because we are under a delusion. We get tangled up in a world of information, rather than experiencing a world of inspiration. We see shadows instead of the light, separation instead of connection, and thus we experience a reality of suffering, instead of peace, joy and freedom.

For some people the delusion is strong, and for some it is mild. Some are closer to awakening from it than others. Some are deeply lost within its labyrinth, growing cold with lovelessness and fear. They are floundering – like a fish out of water – in unreality, spiritual sickness, loneliness and pain. They may even appear to us as aggressors, full of anger and hatred, but that is nothing more than a mask for the pain beneath, a pain which almost all of humanity carries within its heart.

It is these people that need the most help on this planet. It is they whom we need to reach out to first, the very most deluded, because no-one is beyond rescue. We may be inclined to label them as ‘bad’, ‘hateful’, ‘vile’ or even ‘evil’, but the truth is that they are deeply deluded, lost in an unreality of darkness, anger, greed, fear and threat. Perhaps you’ve been there too? I have, and I know that it’s closer to hell than I would ever choose to go. In fact, nobody chooses to go there. They get seduced there, into the dark lair of the serpent, by fear, weakness, anger and greed. We have all dwelt there to some degree or other.

So don’t condemn those who dwell in the darkness, exhibiting the qualities that tend to repel us. Their soul doesn’t truly want to be there. They are a prisoner against the will of their own heart, which has been preyed upon by fear. This is what is happening to all of us every day. The force of evil is preying upon us by encouraging us to enter into its fearful and shadowy delusion. “Bite my delicious apples”, it tells us. “Enter my realm of duality, my realm of conflict, threat, doubt and insecurity.” This is without doubt the original sin (mistake) that all human beings make without even realising it. We step into the territory of ‘the enemy’ as Christians call the force of evil, because it lures us there. This is a very real spiritual entity by the way, which has a very intentional agenda to pull you away from the light and tempt you into the darkness.

This enemy is a predator, admittedly, but he is significantly weaker and smaller than us. Therefore the only tactic he has up his sleeve is to try and weaken us. He does this by placing his negative ego-based thoughts into our mind, encouraging us to bite into them (i.e. believe them) and thus become poisoned by his delusional venom.

This venom, when it enters our system through our choice to bite into one of his ‘thought-apples’, makes us perceive ourselves as weak and powerless. It makes us see him as strong and powerful, and thus we cower fearfully in his presence, despite him being nothing more than a whispering voice. Listening to that hypnotic voice is what keeps us locked into the frequency of cerebral thought, and thus stuck in our minds rather than feeling the true vitality, strength and energy of life flowing through our body. This is what makes us strong. Feeling, embracing and harnessing the true energy and power of life, or ‘God’ if you prefer.

So no matter what lies this voice tries to convince us of, we need to stand tall and strong, fully relaxed and at ease, grounded in our physical presence and breathing freely, rather than with tension and fear. We should be completely relaxed and unconcerned about our safety, because the only true threat that exists is the hypnotic voice of this serpent, which encourages us to see darkness, instead of the reality of the light which is all-pervading. If we learn to ignore this voice in our mind, and we no longer bite into its apples of thought, it can no longer delude us.

Essentially, evil wants us to become fully immersed in its fearful delusion, which you could call Hell. It is only our mental choices that can either allow this to occur, or prevent it from occurring. I must tell you now that Heaven is also a reality. It is complete closeness to God – to the all-pervading light of creation – and our heart and mind can be there if that is what we choose.

If we wish to move in the direction of heaven, rather than hell, we must start by doing the following:

  1. Stop believing even a single negative thought. Observe the presence of them in your mind and choose not to go into them; not to engage with them. They are the thread that weaves the fabric of illusion. The truth is divine goodness, and this is what we must dwell on each day and night.
  2. Stop spending your time wandering in your mind. We belong in the realm of energy, which is our body. This is the only place where we can feel joy, peace, freedom and love. We are primarily feeling beings, not thinking beings, and our heart is the control room. Love is where we belong, and love is not a mental experience. We need to feel it, and to do so we have be in our body; feeling grounded and connected to our heart – relaxed, at ease and open.

Life has a plan for you. It wants your heart to be healed. It wants you to be free and empowered. It is calling you now to move more in this direction. To spend less time thinking about the world, and about your own fears and insecurities, but rather to address your physical being. Address your health, address the strength of your heart.

Decide now to become stronger by becoming healthier, more physically active, more enlivened and energised, and thus more inspired. Decide that you want to fully occupy your body and heart, and deeply feel the joy of being alive. Because this awaits you. You just have to make the aforementioned decisions and choices to occupy the realm of vitality, strength and joy. Our mind offers us endless information and knowledge, distraction and cerebral entertainment, confusion, doubt and darkness. Our body and heart offer us vitality, strength, energy, inspiration, enthusiasm, love and joy – if we attend to it carefully.

These are God’s greatest gifts: which you could summarise as the joys of simply being alive and healthy. This can be your daily reality if that is what you want to choose. Why would anyone want to choose anything other than this? This is heaven, experienced in our heart and body, on this Earth. In truth, this is your destiny and I am just reminding you of it. All you have to do is wholeheartedly choose it, by choosing to turn away from all that weakens you; from all that pollutes your body, your mind and your heart.

Turn away from all thoughts and visions of threat, lack, fear, insecurity, unworthiness, judgement, suffering and pain. That is the delusion created by your thinking mind, and you need to lift your awareness above it. Turn your attention instead towards the bright light that wants to warm your soul and heal your heart. It is real, and it will heal you from all darkness, fear, misery and delusion – guaranteed.

Do you truly want to heal and allow your heart to be transformed with love and gratitude? Then declare it out loud right now. Your voice sets reality into motion; so you must declare the reality you want to choose. Say out loud, and with a firm strong voice:

  • “I choose to turn my back on all that brings darkness into my life. I want to live in the light, with God, free of delusion and fear, cleansed of insecurity and doubt. I want to dwell in complete peace, security and joy. I want to allow myself to be fully loved by God, and feel his loving protection at all times. I reject all visions of darkness and threat. I am safe in God’s arms. No harm can come to me. I declare that my days of doubt and darkness are over. I will fear no more. I will trust in God’s protection and providence, no matter what my thoughts may try to convince me of. I trust God completely – above all things – and choose to let my heart dwell untroubled in his realm of love, peace, and joy, in each and every moment.”

God (or if you prefer another name for the divine force of love and power) will empower you whenever you turn to him for help, guaranteed. When we accept that we need him, then our heart becomes more humble, and this is what truly transforms us. Humility means receptivity, and we are designed to receive the power and love of God in our heart. It is meant to be flowing through our veins in a very tangible way, and it will. We just have to want it more than we want anything else, and adjust our life accordingly. So ask yourself, is this what you really want? Because if you truly want freedom, security, peace, healing and happiness – above all else – then all that does not serve this will fall away, and your heart will gradually be restored.


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2 Responses to The Delusion is Ending

  1. alternicity says:

    Very cool Alex, and relevant to me.
    You write really well, and I hope you are right.

    See you soon, Stuart.

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