Oxygen is the key to excellent health. Every cell of your body uses oxygen as its primary fuel. Every cell needs oxygen to function, to grow and to heal, and when our cells have an abundance of oxygen they function optimally, in perfect health. When they don’t, problems start to arise.

What actually happens to cells when there is a deficiency of oxygen is that they mutate, and they adapt to this situation. Their primary drive is to survive, and thus they start looking for an alternative food supply. This is usually sugar, which is found in abundance in the diet of most people in the form of fruit, sweeteners like honey and syrups, soft drinks, additives in many foods, and carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread etc. (all of which are complex sugars). Even root vegetables.

Once you understand that the cells just want to survive, and that their first choice of fuel is oxygen, you can see how things can go wrong when they don’t get it. Once a group of cells have adapted themselves to sugar consumption, they start craving it, and we start craving it. What we should really be craving is oxygen, fresh air, which makes us feel awake, alert, alive and revitalised, but as our health levels decrease, we start looking to sweet food to give us the same sense of energy and awareness.

This is a mistake that many people make. They think they are tired because they need more energising food, but usually they need more oxygen. They are not breathing properly, they are not spending enough time in the fresh air, they are not being active enough to get their heart pumping and their lungs working. The body has gotten into a habit of lethargy, where it would rather stay indoors sitting down (usually consuming something), rather than outside in the elements inspiring and reviving itself with life-giving oxygen. When we notice this desire within ourselves, it should alert us to a problem, and we should change our sedentary habits for more active, outdoor ones wherever possible. Even if it means a short walk in the morning and in the evening (instead of sitting on the sofa), it will make a difference.

Now, consider the purpose of your blood. It is a transport system for oxygen. Blood flows around every part of our body, carrying the oxygen that every cell of your body needs. Your cells are totally dependent on your blood delivering their oxygen supply, and this is why it is important that :

a) We are breathing properly and breathing lots of fresh air for our blood to deliver

b) Our blood is healthy and strong, with a good capacity for carrying oxygen

Our blood pH should be very slightly alkaline (as opposed to acid) so that it can carry and deliver its optimum capacity of oxygen around the body. However, a lot of the foods and varying stimulants we consume encourage the blood to become more acidic, thus reducing its capacity for carrying oxygen.

Put simply, eating alkaline foods (such as green leaves and vegetables) increases and enriches the quality of our blood. It does this specifically because of the alkaline minerals which such foods contain, especially iron, which we all know is very important for the blood. Dark green foods, including superfoods like Spirulina and wheatgrass juice (which literally floods the blood with oxygen) are very enriching and strengthening for our blood. This is because of their iron content and their alkalinity, which is greatly attributed to their chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll is incredibly similar in chemical structure to our blood, which is why it is the best way to nourish and strengthen our blood.

So, looking at the bigger picture, if a person’s diet revolves mainly around carbohydrates, protein, sugars (including fruit), processed foods and stimulants like coffee and chocolate (all of these ranging from slightly acidic to highly acidic) and alongside this, the person is also not very active and not getting a lot of fresh oxygen into their body through daily exercise, then the cells of their body are guaranteed to be oxygen deficient and their blood quality poor. They will struggle to find consistent and balanced levels of energy, motivation and enthusiasm, and they will often feel tired, lacklustre and easily irritable

These are the behavioural warning signs that our body has a problem, which is oxygen deficiency. This can lead to a variety of maladies that arise from the cells in various parts of our body not being able to function properly, due to lack of fuel. If a significant number of cells mutate from being oxygen-reliant to sugar-reliant, then illnesses such as cancer can present themselves.

I have learned that mutated cells can indeed be healed through flooding the body with oxygen, and simultaneously alkalising the blood with natural plant medicines like wheatgrass juice, commonly known to be nature’s greatest healer due to its incredibly high oxygen and chlorophyll levels. At the same time, all forms of sugar (including carbohydrates) need to be totally removed from the diet, so that the mutated cells cannot continue to survive on their chosen food source. If the cells wish to survive, as they inherently do, then they will have no choice other than to revert back to the consumption of oxygen as their food source, because that is all that is being made available.

Finally, it is worth considering how we can help oxygen flow around our body by allowing our body to be relaxed; free of tension and tightness. When we clench any part of our body, then circulation of blood and oxygen is reduced. So when we are anxious, stressed of worried and our whole body is carrying tension, then our blood cannot circulate as freely as it needs to. This is why relaxation is a vital part of any healing process. Not only does it bring relief to our nervous system, so that we feel calmer and safer, but it allows more space to be present in the muscles of our body, allowing blood and oxygen to flow more easily.

Relaxation simply feels good for our body, and helps us to feel more calm, balanced and grounded. This is also how we feel when we consume more alkaline foods, like leafy greens and vegetables. They are calming and grounding foods, and when eaten in partnership with good quality plant-based proteins, they create a sense of inner-strength and stability. Add to this heart-strengthening benefits of regular aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling, swimming, vigorous walking and so on, we can see that it is not difficult to create the optimum conditions for good health.

We just need to be aware of the choices we are making throughout our day, and see if they are choices that will lead us in the direction of greater health and vitality, or not. It is never too late to make more health-enhancing choices and it is always, always worth it.


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