Goodness flows from harmony

There is a vast force which surrounds you and flows through you, just like the huge ocean surrounds and flows through every tiny fish that dwells within it.

This vast force is deeply intelligent; in fact it is intelligence, but not only that. It is totally benevolent and infinitely creative. Its power is vast and immeasurable, yet at the same time unconditionally loving, nurturing and deeply protective of that which it has brought into being, which is you.

We are designed to be able to perceive and communicate with this force, to rely upon it for all that is deeply essential in a human life, and when we do, we function in total harmony with the entirety of the Universe. We feel like a conscious biological cog in an exquisite and glorious machine, and it fulfils our deepest spiritual and emotional needs as we surrender to our purpose as a instrument of consciousness, of evolution, of Love and expansion.

It feels powerful and it feels beautiful. It feels ecstatic and joyful. Our heart resonates like a bell, the cells of our body vibrate with the energy of the light which flows through us. We are in total alignment with our purpose, with our role in this great performance of consciousness which we call life.

And staying in a state of harmony is our most vital task. In fact, if we enter disharmony – such as fear, stress, anger and so on – we should do our best not to act, speak or do anything until we have restored a sense of harmony within, until we feel harmonious once again.

All good things flow from harmony, and all bad things flow from dis-harmony. This is why restoring harmony is absolutely crucial, because then we can fully be a force for good in this universe. Then we can deeply experience our true relationship with the greater divine harmony of the universe, instead of just thinking about it.

We have to feel, and by feeling we learn where there is dis-harmony within us. We don’t always want to do this, because becoming conscious of how we feel isn’t always a pleasant experience, depending on what’s going on emotionally, but it is the only way to restore harmony. If the dis-harmony is subconscious, if we are doing our best to be unaware of how we feel, it will simply remain there, influencing us without us realising it, keeping us a prisoner of negativity.

We need to consciously choose to be motivated by a positive and harmonious state, and this means we must first allow this state to be present in our body and our heart. The simplest way for this to occur is for you to relax. Relax the muscles of your body, and then see if you can allow your heart to relax also, because it is often held in tension without us knowing it. Let go of the anxiety and fear that gets built up in your body as tension, simply by relaxing all your muscles, including your facial muscles.

Tension cannot be present if there is relaxation, and this means that fear cannot be present either, because fear manifests as bodily tension. If your body is relaxed, it is a physical statement of security and safety. We only relax when we feel safe, therefore it is impossible to be afraid and relaxed at the same time. This is why relaxing our body is such a powerful antidote to psychological fear. It’s like saying to your mind “I don’t care what you tell me, what pictures you show me, I am not going to be pulled into fear. I am going to stay in peace, no matter what.”

But with so much negative information bombarding us from every angle, we constantly feel under threat from something, even though it is nearly all psychological threat. The result is subtle tension everywhere in our body, but especially in the shoulders, the face, the stomach and the heart.

But when we relax our body, tension vanishes, to be replaced by a sense of ease, harmony and warmth. This is how we are supposed to feel, and this is how every human being wants to feel, whether they realise it or not. We have just forgotten that there is a realm of feeling, because we have gotten so tangled up in thinking.

Feeling is the language of the body. It is very grounding, whereas thinking is very abstract and ethereal. What we feel is so much deeper than thought, and also brings a much more tangible and powerful energy into our surroundings and into the world in general. We may think we are influencing the world with our thoughts, but our physical energy field contributes something so much more powerful, so much more real, something with so much more depth than thought. And no matter how advanced, sophisticated or accurate we think our thoughts are, if there is no physical and energetic harmony flowing through our body, we are really going in the wrong direction. We are overlooking the most vital piece of the jigsaw.

So in every moment that you are aware of yourself, be aware if harmony is present within you. How do you feel inside? If you find that stress, hurry, tension, worry, anxiety or any turbulent emotions have gotten a hold of your body, of how you feel, then simply take a few deep breaths and relax. Relax your shoulders first, then your face, then your hands, then your stomach. If you can allow the relaxation to reach your heart, even better. But just let go of the tension, of the control, and feel at ease. Let the poison of anxiety be transformed into the peace of relaxation.

“Develop the Strength of your heart”

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