The World is Changing…

Dear friends, I hope all is well and that despite the negativity and fear-mongering in the media, there is positivity in your mind. There is actually great reason to be optimistic, which I speak about in this recent video I made:

I wanted to inform you that I have now turned all my attention to making YouTube videos , and I’ve made quite a lot recently on some extremely important issues. My wife Tara and I have made a few together, which are really interesting and compelling.

I will list a few recent videos here, in case they sound interesting to you:

Tara’s amazing story:
The CoronaVirus fear agenda:
The REAL message of Billie Eilish:
How to escape the media fear trap:
The (Satanic) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:
Exactly why the media is deceiving the children:

If you have some spare minutes, please take a look as there are some really crucial things on there that not a lot of people know about. Please share any videos you find helpful, and subscribe to stay informed about new videos.

My full channel :

I just want to end with this…

As you may be aware, our trust and faith in things turning out for the best is really going to be tested by the whole CoronaVirus situation, which is going to go on for a very long time, and mean that we see great changes occurring in day-to-day society. Please have faith, and remember that the most important thing to do is avoid the media-inspired collective pull towards fearful thinking, which is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. I try to address this in my videos. Faith and trust are key, because there is a higher purpose behind all of this.

This higher purpose actually becomes evident to us when we resist the tendency to fear, and we stay in faith, and keep our heart connected to the beauty and divinity of life – to God – no matter what the fear-mongering media are telling us. Spending much more time in nature is important in these times. There is indeed a big fear agenda in the media, I can assure you ( but we needn’t buy into it. If you can avoid doing this, you will see things in a very different and surprising way!

So, keep the faith, and please keep an eye on my YouTube channel.

Thank you.
God bless you, Alex

“No evil shall befall you, nor any plague

come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels

charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.” – Psalm 91:11

Tara’s blog: “Falling in love with Jesus”


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