Stronger in the Light

Unfortunately it is true, the force that is traditionally referred to by humans as ‘evil’ does indeed exist. And now it is rising its head in society more than ever before, mainly through the vast communication, information and entertainment media industry that we plug ourselves into every day. And its agenda and methods are very clear to see, when you observe it very carefully.

But if you try to ignore or deny its presence you will not be able to become wise to the methods that it uses, and it is vitally important that we do. Why? Because it is reaching out to everyone through the above mentioned avenues of information, and it is presenting endless images of darkness, conflict, misery, suffering, cruelty and fear. It is also calling out to the lower instincts of humanity, such as greed, selfishness, sexual gratification, power, dishonesty, hostility and aggression and encouraging people to indulge in these lower aspects, thus being diverted from their higher purpose and more noble nature of decency, selflessness, compassion, generosity and purity of heart.

We really need to adhere to these nobler qualities, as this is the direction we all need to be moving in as we evolve as a species. If we go in the opposite direction, towards endless self-gratification, ravenous consumerism, fear and selfishness, we will only devolve back into the darkness, rather than evolving towards the light, and trust me, we really do not want to go there. Thankfully we have a choice, but we need to be very aware and alert to all the influences that tempt us in the wrong direction.

All the negative, tempting and alluring messages that are designed to capture our attention are coming through television programs, films, advertising, internet video, the music industry, consumer products and pretty much every avenue that society presents as readily available, easily accessible and desirable. So people find themselves drawn or even compelled to watch, read, listen to and absorb so much negative information, and more significantly, information that is imbued with darkness, fear, cruelty, misery and conflict.

It is really important to notice when you are absorbing information such as this. Notice how you feel, what is happening in your mind and on the more subtle levels of your being. Because the intention of such information, when it is produced with specifically evil intentions, is to pull your mind into darker realms of consciousness. This is evil’s ultimate purpose and agenda: to pull people away from the light, from goodness, from love, from kindness and drag them into the darkness; into conflict, fear and hatred.

This all starts in the human mind, which is precisely why so much technology is being used around the world to get our attention upon all this information. Think of the biggest most popular mainstream TV/web dramas that are getting everyone’s attention, that everyone is watching and talking about, and have been for some time. They are full of darkness, suffering, coldness, pain and portrayals of evil itself. Think of other highly popular shows which have regularly portrayed darkness, evil, cruelty, brutality, suffering or mentally disturbing scenarios, some of which are even directed at children. Look on Netflix and you will see there are plenty to choose from – and I mean PLENTY – and they are all devoid of positive messages, and they all portray suffering and darkness.

What if these shows were being consciously constructed to be a vehicle for evil intentions, for evil purposes? What if the same is occurring in the advertising industry, and in the music industry, and in many other big money mainstream industries? Because I can tell you that if there is a force of goodness (which I can assure you there is) then it would not choose to express itself by portraying, promoting and communicating darkness, suffering, hostility and cruelty.

We all know by now that giving attention to something only makes it grow. True goodness, which is what our hearts are built for, can only express the pure essence of itself through pure and beautiful representations. Ugliness cannot be found in beauty, and beauty cannot show itself through ugliness. Beauty shows its beauty, because that is the only way it can be seen, and beauty is not capable of representing ugliness. In the same way, goodness cannot show itself through darkness and cruelty. It has to present its luminous and loving qualities.

So if you are watching something dramatised (acted) which is clearly full of darkness, cruelty and suffering, you can be sure from which part of its creators it has come from. I can assure you it is not from their heart, because the heart wants to spread the light, the beauty, the joy, the harmony, the goodness. It cannot use portrayals of darkness and evil to do this. However, evil can be veiled and appear like goodness on the surface, with the underlying purpose to deceive and implant negative ideas and imagery in our mind. Evil’s primary agenda is to create suffering, and its secondary agenda is to portray images and visions of people suffering and put them into people’s minds, into their thoughts, so that people more often find themselves contemplating darkness rather than goodness.

This is the purpose and the effect of many of these programs, and of the “bad news media” as I call it. It fills people’s minds with visions of darkness, suffering, cruelty and desolation. Do you know what this does to your mind? Do you realise the powerful capacity your mind has for contemplating and envisioning beauty, and thus manifesting the true beauty of your heart in the material world?

This is the very purpose of our deeply creative and phenomenal mind, yet so many millions of people are literally filling it up with toxic material, toxic visions of darkness and suffering, and guess what? We will eventually find ourselves envisioning such scenarios, whether we want to or not. Our creative mind is an envisioning tool, and it has to envision something. It has to project something for us move towards, and it has to be something we want to move towards, because this is what generates our feeling of motivation and enthusiasm. We have a positive vision and this motivates us into taking action and bringing it about.

So imagine if you mind gets used to envisioning negative future scenarios, as a result of all the negative information and images it is receiving. What happens is that you do the opposite: you try to turn away from the future scenarios, away from moving forwards, because you are expecting the future to be unpleasant.

So essentially, you paralyse yourself because you are afraid of the future. There is nothing good, exciting or positive to encourage you forwards, to encourage you to be creative with the direction of your life. Instead you try to stay in a safe bubble, and keep everything the same to create a sense of security. This is the comfortable prison that society has handed on a plate to the world, and billions of people have accepted it. They become comfortable with a comfortable life; a life full of distractions, entertainment, consumerism; with sedatives and stimulants of many varieties to alter their mood when desired.

It is an existence where we seem to be in total control, and this brings us immense security, which is a very primal and fundamental need that we have as living creatures. We need to feel secure. But if a big fish thinks it is more secure in a small rock pool than in the ocean where it belongs, then it will slowly starve and die. If we continue to hide ourselves away, to fear the future we are encouraged to envision and live in our comfortable and safe bubble of consumerism instead, then we will essentially do the same as the fish.

We need freedom, and we also need to be engaging our deeply creative potential in the world. For this we need a clean mind, untainted and unmuddied by negative imagery, visions, and fearful expectations. And we need a heart that has real faith in the deep importance of sharing its light, its beauty and its power with the world. It is very important, because you do have something within your heart that needs to be expressed, and which needs to be be seen. It is the very essence of who you are. It is your goodness, your kindness, your love.

They need to be put into creative action, because this is why you have a body! That is what the human body is really for. It is a machine of creative beauty, of caring and helping. The heart cares, and it cares more deeply than we realise. The body feels motivated by this, and puts care into action. That is why our hands are so directly connected to our heart; they are the tools of the heart, and it is very important that we use them as such.

You’ve probably heard the saying “the devil makes work for idle hands to do”. If our hands are not creative, or being used for the benefit of not just ourselves but others also, we will find we are using them to consume more; more food, more information, more of everything. We will use them to bring more pleasure into our own life, and we become self-focused, self-centred, self-interested. When we start consuming more, we start desiring more of what we are consuming, especially if it has been carefully crafted to be very appealing and desirable. This is why consumerism is highly addictive and satisfying. Desires are created, and then very quickly satisfied. But the true inner need of our heart and soul are not being met, which is why there is so much depression and suicide in western society. Our heart is starving.

Creativity and active kindness are really the antidote to endless consumption of things that we don’t really need, of food we don’t really need, of items we don’t really need, of entertainment that we don’t really need. Creativity and active kindness engage us with our better nature, with our heart and our creative mind, and this naturally brings a sense of deep fulfilment into our life. Fear of the future fades away, as does negative thinking. They are replaced by creative thinking, and trust in our own ability to make the world a slightly better place, simply by helping people and sharing our gifts.

Negative emotions are naturally replaced by positive ones, by enthusiasm, faith and joy. Because your clear mind sees that there is no reason to envision a dark future, even if the news, the media and the entertainment industry would like you too. You must not agree with them, you must refuse and instead choose a vision of safety, joy, peace and happiness, for yourself and for others.

This vision really needs to be in your mind. It is essential. If you do not have this vision, you will find many others will come to take its place, and that may not be so enlightening or inspiring. And you may not even notice them. So consciously develop the positive vision of how beautiful life could be, how you could be creatively fulfilled and how you could enrich the lives of others in very simple ways. Let this be your vision and let it fill your mind and occupy your thoughts everyday, so that you can then turn it into actions, into small things, small steps that you can start taking today, immediately.

Start with improving your health, by removing unhealthy foods that don’t make you feel good. Start with a little more exercise and time in nature everyday. Start with a few emails or texts to people who you care about, whom you want to feel loved and supported. Start by thinking about what you really love to do that is creative, and considering how you can make it of benefit others, how you can share it.

All that matters is that you are being motivated by a positive vision, and not running and hiding from a negative one that your mind has convinced you is true. What is true is your state of mind in this moment, how you feel in this moment, how open your heart is in this moment. These are experiential truths, not conceptual ones. We can only truly dwell is this experiential reality. If we try to dwell in our ideas and concepts of what is true, we will feel powerless because there is nothing our body can do in concepts. It cannot act within that reality, and we are creatures of action, not just thought.

All our body can do is react to the concepts and images in our mind as if they are true, which it always does if you are believing them. And then we feel afraid when there is nothing threading around us! Then we feel angry about something or someone who is not in our presence. Our body is at the mercy of what we believe. If we believe we have the power to make a difference, to help people, uplift them, to assist in bringing more kindness and peace into the world, then our body will be possessed by an enthusiasm and energy that will deeply motivate our heart, body and mind, and lead us forwards with a deep sense of purpose and joy.

This is the potential we each hold, right now in this moment. We need to embrace it and harness it, not later or next week, but immediately by turning our thoughts towards contemplating what we can do to make things better, even on a small scale to begin with. Turn your mind in the right direction and darkness, negativity and fear will become things of the past, as you become more acquainted with and stronger in the Light.

“Develop the strength of your heart”

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