Zen Messages


Close your eyes.
Be completely still and silent.
Look deeper into the loving heart of God.
There you reside.


When you align your awareness
With the gentle loving energy of peace
a portal opens in consciousness
and you experience a beauty
That cannot be described
As it is not of this realm.

Let your primary motivation, your sole agenda, to be to spread love and kindness at every possible opportunity.

Access the loving dimension of this eternal moment.
How? It is simple. By relaxing.
Relax your face.. Relax your body..
Relax your hands.. Relax your heart.
Let each breath expand the space there.
As the heart expands, it’s capacity for love increases.
As soon as there is space in the heart, love flows in
and this moment reveals its eternal nature.

Let your connection to peace and happiness be independent from all your life circumstances. Let it come from allowing your heart to relax and be open to receive love.

Thoughts are like boxes that we stuff our consciousness into. No wonder we feel limited! We do not belong in ‘thought-boxes’. Our consciousness belongs in Love.

It is a paradox, because for your consciousness to ascend to the heavenly realm, it must descend, into the depth of your heart.

Be still, be present. Go deeper into the love that emerges.

Your choices determine your reality. If you keep choosing distraction over consciousness, you will remain unconscious. Wisdom is choosing consciousness over distraction.

Everyone has a deep need to feel protected from harm. As a child, this was the job of our parents and the degree to which they succeeded is the degree to which we now feel secure in this world. If that sense of security is absent, what keeps us feeling safe? Is it walls, fences, money, our job, our partner? Your sense of security comes from the degree that you trust the things around you. Some people trust fences to keep them safe, others trust money. Yet some people have nothing, and they feel secure. Why, because their sense of trust is not attached to anything material. It is deeper than that. They trust in Life itself. They trust that it is a benevolent, caring, nurturing force. Some call this force God. Some call it Love. One thing is for sure, when you are in harmony with that force, it becomes the wind beneath your wings, effortlessly carrying you upon its warm currents.

What happens when the angelic realm merges with earthly realm? Beauty beyond description.

Ultimately, what your being is craving is consciousness. Consciousness of the pure space within you, and of the Light which shines within it. Meditation is the way of consciousness.

To choose health is to choose consciousness. There is no limit to health, it is an ascending staircase, as is consciousness.

This realm is heaven. You are in paradise. Yet where is your mind? Is your mind open to the beauty of it all? Or is it tangled up in thoughts?

Imagine being in a most beautiful and heavenly space. Now, you have a choice, do you fill it with thoughts, or do you lose your self in its beauty?

The brightest light must be shone in the darkest of places, so that all can be seen for what it is: One Consciousness.

The reality created by thought is like a detailed map. It is a shallow, 2-dimensional version of reality, which is lacking the depth and dimension of true reality. All you have to do to know this for yourself is to experience the alternative; the heart-based reality which we enter as soon as we turn away from thinking, and come back to our body. It has depth, it has feeling. It is deepened through stillness, relaxation, conscious breathing (meditation) and any form of creativity, like painting or composing or dancing.

When your one over-riding desire is to be a part of and play your part on a more peaceful planet, you are guided within your heart along a beautiful path of light.

Each time you are faced with a choice between believing the thoughts or trusting your heart you are presented with a rung on the ladder of enlightenment.

As you think about the world, you make it so.

There is no divine punishment awaiting you. There is only Unconditional Love, all the time. God is has no desire to withdraw her Love from you. God cannot do this, because god is love, and love cannot deny itself. It’s very purpose is to love, eternally.

Consciousness is like a mighty wave which will only carry you homewards. It is like a powerful wind which will lift you up to the greatest heights of Peace. It is like a beautiful river, effortlessly leading you to the Ocean, back to God.

Do not be afraid of the power of consciousness. It cannot destroy you, only transform you. Welcome it, enjoy it, celebrate it.

Do not lose yourself in thought. Stay awake. Stay conscious.

You are the Light, and you do not need to stare into a black hole. You can look homeward, to where the brightest light is shining. You always have a choice of consciousness, thus you are always free.

There is nothing in this world can bring your heart the Peace it requires. To require anything from this illusory world to bring you greater Peace is to be chained to it, imprisoned in the illusion. Peace must come directly into your heart from beyond this world, and it will set your heart free. This is the very purpose of meditation.

Relax and feel the Peace.

Just let God see your desire
to be a loving, kind person.
That is all god needs to see.
Do not carry guilt about any other matters.
Just keep coming back to your hearts desire
which is to live in love; to give love, and be loved.

~ The Brightest Light ~
What keeps us in the darkness,
is simply our refusal to receive the light.
But why on earth would we want to do this?
Why would we possibly not want¬†to be a bearer of God’s Light?
It is so profoundly beautiful, heart-warming, alive and conscious.
It can see every tiny aspect of our being. Nothing can be hidden from it.

Perhaps this is why people are afraid to accept that God is real.
Because if god can see every part of you, then surely god will judge you?
And want to punish you for what you perceive as your impurities.

So the logic goes that if we can hide the things¬†which we think are ‘bad’ or ‘unpleasant’¬†then we can be saved from judgement¬†and saved from punishment by God.¬†And let’s face it, who wants to be punished by God?

So perhaps it is easier then to persuade ourselves
(and each other) that God does not exist?

This surely is the solution to the problem we think is real.

Yet the problem is not real. Why? Because the angry and vengeful God we learnt about DOES NOT EXIST. God is Love. And God Transmits Love. Unconditionally. Like the Sun transmits it light and warmth to all. Love is incapable of judgement, because then it would not be Love!

So let God see your heart-felt desire to be loved.

God sees into your heart, god sees through your mind, god sees your fears and god sees any desire to hide from him.
So do you really want to hide from Love?
That would be insane!

So direct God to one thing in particular.
hold it high and proud for god to see:
Your desire to share God’s Love
and to cultivate peace on earth.
Because god is the heavenly gardener, and we are gods workers.
God holds the vision of paradise, and we have the hands to make it so.
And as we do so, we feel our relationship with God grow stronger, our trust grow deeper, our mutual Love blossom into One glorious entity.
This is something infinitely greater than we have ever dreamed of
it is what our heart and soul thirst for
So let it be so! There is nothing to fear.
It is fear itself which is hell. So step out of it!
Return to a sense of trust in your heart
and open your heart to Gods love.
because God has absolutely no intention
of allowing you to suffer ever again
if you will just trust him fully
and be conscious of any doubts that arise
so that you may easily let them go
and return to a feeling of trust and safety
a sense of Peace which enables you
go about your day
with a smile upon your face, knowing that
God is with you, God loves you and God is protecting you. Amen.

Communion with you my Lord
is what my life is about.
Remembrance of you
Is all that I am concerned with
You are forever with me
And I devote myself to you.
Thankyou for your ever-presence
I love you with all my heart

I love you god
with all my heart
All my soul
And all my mind.

The degree to which you doubt
is the degree to which you experience darkness.
The degree to which you trust
is the degree to which you receive enlightenment.
Enlightenment is the living knowledge of God.

What is our purpose on this planet?
Simply to embody the Light and radiate it unceasingly, so that we shine like the Sun, illuminating all that we encounter and transforming consciousness worldwide. The good news is that this is easier than it sounds.

Love God
with all your heart and
with all your soul and
with all your mind

When you are fully acquainted with Gods love,
the love that comes not from earthly attachments,
but from opening your heart fully to Love
then you will feel compelled to help others feel it

Do not pride yourself
On being a ‘complicated’ person
That no-one can understand.
Let the simplicity and warmth of your heart
Be plain for all to see,
for all to understand.

Love is an eternal victory.

Imagine being a fish that is afraid of water.
So it is with much of humanity, fearful of reality, of love.

In Love, this eternal moment is perfected.

No matter where you are,
you can commune with God,
through every action you perform
every conversation you hold
and every breath you take,
simply by doing it with full care
and full consciousness.

our father in heaven
hallowed is your name
your kingdom will come
your will will be done
on earth, as it is in heaven.
give us this day our nourishment
and lead us away from temptation
you forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us
for yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory.
for ever and ever. Amen.

At the top of the mountain
all you really want to do
is breathe the beautiful air.

It is your destiny
to evolve into love

Let yourself be
the radiant consciousness
that is your true nature

Have you ever felt god’s peace?
it is unconditional
all encompassing
and completely heart-warming.

This world is merely symbolic
just like a dream.
And it’s purpose is to bring us
to a place where we consciously choose
to wake up.
Upon waking we find
nothing new in the realm of form
But at long last we find
our long-forgotten home
and this cannot be put into words.
To awaken is to climb the ladder
out of fixation with materiality
and to find our True Peace
in the realm of spirituality
which transcends everything.
We dream in materiality
we awaken in spirituality.

It is only thoughts and emotions
that keep us trapped in this realm.
So when the mind and emotions
become completely still & calm
your consciousness is free
to transcend and ascend
to another realm;
a realm of heavenly peace
where drama cannot occur.
This place of Peace is heaven
and it can be experienced
even while you are on Earth.
In fact, it can be experienced
in this very moment…

Do the smallest of things
with the greatest of care.

interact with nature..
the wind, the trees, the waters.
theirs is the voice of god,
forever calling us.
when we respond
we commune
in Peace.

when god offers you a part to play
you can be sure it will be
a most beautiful one…

All there is in reality
is God’s peace.
We need only
relax our heart.

this message is not for those who believe in god.
this message is for those who know god.

Relax your heart and breathe gently.
Enjoy the warmth that comes from within.
This is the way to live in the realm of Love.

When your inner ocean
of emotion
is tranquil,
calm and still
then True Peace
will arise.

Be Still and Allow True Peace to Arise

True peace can only arise
when we detach from all thoughts,
fearful or otherwise, because
All thoughts stimulate emotion,
whether they be “good” or “bad”.
When the ocean of your emotion
is still and tranquil and calm…
Then True Peace can arise.

This moment can be heaven or hell,
depending on your state of consciousness.
Lost in fearful thoughts, we are in hell.
In the heart’s Peace, we find heaven.

Where is your consciousness right now?
What are you conscious of?
Your consciousness is a frequency
which is either in harmony or dis-harmony
depending on what you choose to be conscious of.
And in any moment, if you choose to relax your body
harmony is immediately restored to your world.
Try it now.

The beloved is singing to us every day,
from every tree branch, every roof top.
She sings her Love directly to our heart.
She is inviting us to meet her there.

All the Beloved desires
is your full attention.

When the need for control
struggle and conflict
are given up completely
what are you left with?
How does your body feel
when you no longer feel threatened
by any aspect of this Universe,
whether internal thoughts & emotions
or external situations and people?
Could you allow yourself to perceive
and experience the full benevolence of Life,
even just for a few minutes?
It will stir up within you
a gratitude and love so deep
that it may bring you to tears.

Your next conscious breath
is a joyful stepping stone
into Peace consciousness.
And the next, and the next…

Be the light, the joy, the positivity
that inspires others.

Cultivate complete trust in Life
to bring you what you most need,
and as this trust grows you begin to see
that whatever arises is arising
in order to make you stronger
more grounded, and more rooted
in Love and Peace and Harmony.
As your trust becomes total
the heart will be saying ‘yes’ to Life
as it remains in a state of relaxed joyfulness.
Life is to be celebrated, enjoyed and cherished.

The language of the earth is Love
and it is communicating to us all the time.
The Love which it communicates is the Divine Reality
and in this reality, You are the reality.
Being in this place, you have found your true identity
and you relax every part of you
that had always wanted to deny this truth.
There is no need for denial
because The Truth is what our heart
has always been longing for.
So when it is tasted, the heart cannot wait
to immerse itself completely
and to relax deeply into what it knows
to be the ultimate Truth; Love.

Love’s energy contains no aggression. It is warm, nourishing, gentle and strong. It is patient and infinitely tolerant.

The riches we desire
are found in our heart
(within our treasure chest).

Can your mind be comfortable
with there being no problem in this moment?
Can your heart now relax
into the perfection of just being?

This present moment is full of deep potential
and that potential is always fulfilled
whenever Love is present.

Be like a candle in the dark
radiating steady warmth
and far-reaching light.

Fill this eternal moment
with kindness and compassion
for all troubled souls.

You are an energy field
and this energy is projected outwards
to create your external reality.
So your energy (or ‘how you are feeling’)¬†is the cause.
What you are experiencing as your ‘external reality’ is the effect.
It is just the consequence of the energy
you are choosing to embody right now.
This present moment is so full of potential
And that potential is fulfilled
Whenever Love is present.

You are, always have been and always will be One with God.
There is nothing else, there is nowhere else, there is only God.
So what is the problem? There is no problem.
Can you be comfortable with that?

Just like shadows cannot possibly bring you more light
doubt can never bring you toward enlightenment.
Looking for problems cannot set you free.
Waiting for something to happen only
invalidates the perfection of this moment.

The energy you are embodying
in this very moment,
whether it is peaceful or not,
harmonious or not,
or loving or not,
is the energy through which
you will perceive the external world.

The beautiful light
that you have been
searching for all this time
is You. You are divine.

Let your heart shine
like the Sun
on every single one
who comes across your path.

Love god, trust god, serve god

You do not need to believe in God
as you do not need to believe in the sun.
You know the sun is a reality
Because you feel it’s warmth.
Therefore it requires no belief.
It is an experience, beyond belief.
As is communion with your creator.

Breathe consciously
and become conscious
of a feeling of lightness
and freedom within.
It is Joy, springing up
from within your heart.
Celebrate this feeling!

Do it for Love
And do it lovingly


Your life force is like a strong flame
which thrives on the oxygen
that you are breathing now.

Breathe freely

In every new moment,
with each new breath,
you are renewed
and you are reborn.
It is happening now.

You can either trust your heart
which offers you paradise
Or you can trust your mind
which does not.
I recommend trusting your heart.

Trust the Divine
with all your heart.

Are you able to relax
and feel a complete sense of trust?
The mind will try and pull you away
from the perfect peace of your heart
but all you need to do
is keep nourishing your heart
with each conscious breath
that flows through you.
This is meditation.

Be in the presence of the divine,
in any moment that you choose.
Meditate; become conscious.
Of what?
Of the Love that is everywhere.
It is divine.

God moves you to Love

Relax your whole body,
rein in your wandering mind,
And enjoy being in the presence
of your own consciousness
and your own light
which is divine.

Enlightenment is simple, as we all know.
It’s only thinking that complicates things.
Returning to your heart, you find the light
and the love that you have
always been seeking,
and it is divine.

The highest desire of the heart and mind
is the desire for spiritual illumination.
It is the only desire that leads us
to freedom from enchainment
to the material world.

That which nourishes the heart
inevitably quietens the mind.
So by nourishing your heart,
with natural vibrant foods,
clean air and pure water,
and plentiful time in nature,
you move into a more alive way of being
and lose interest in the mind’s predictability.

Whenever you perceive a problem,
step one is always to relax
and step two is usually to breathe..
This immediately connects you
to a part of yourself
which is full of wisdom

If you choose to be radiantly healthy
you will certainly feel radiantly alive.
Why would you want anything less?

The Breath, when allowed to flow fully
in a relaxed human body
always brings deep Peace

In Love
you are

When you are free of thought
you are free to feel
the natural ecstasy
of conscious living
in this present moment
So, stop thinking,
start breathing and
welcome all feeling.

We may look at a large star in the sky and think:
“this star is more significant than that smaller star.”
But of course, they are the same essence.
In the same way, everything you see in the physical world
is of the same essence, the same fabric,
That fabric is a radiant living consciousness;
Divine Light in a myriad of formations, including you.
This light flows around your energy system pathways
which themselves are composed of Light
and so it flows through you, it transforms you,
and transmutes all that you are not
back into pure Divine Light.

Meditation is the simple key to liberation
and there is nothing to learn,
only remembering how to relax
and how to stay alert to thoughts.
Relaxing the body,
relaxing the mind
and relaxing the heart
brings us directly back
into Life’s loving presence.

Heaven is like an ocean of Love
and when you relax
you are gently immersing yourself
in its heart-warming depths.
The more completely you relax
the easier it becomes
to maintain this awareness
so that Love becomes
what you are most aware of.
Meditating gently acclimatises you
to the perpetual lovingness of Life.

Inner peace is an experience
of deep trust…
Of trusting Life to bring you
what you most need
when you most need it.
This trust replaces all fear,
as all anxiety is released
and the heart is free to relax
into undisturbed Peace.

Decide now to be happy for no reason
and you will create a momentum for happiness.
Make this decision regularly
and you will find it natural to be joyful.
Such joy is a way of being
that is completely effortless.

Peace and joy are your true home,
beyond the material world
which appears to be so real.
Pure joy is the profound reality
that preceeds the material world.
You could call it heaven.

Just like nothing can separate the clouds from the sky,
nothing can separate you from The Divine
because you are in fact One.
It is only thoughts of separation
that create such an experience
and it is insanity, because it is untrue.
All egoic thoughts creates a sense of division
between your self and Divine Truth
but such division simply does not exist
therefore there is nothing you need to do
to remedy such a non-existent problem.

Joy raise your consciousness up
out of the illusion of materiality and separation,
to a place of light-filled divinity.
This is why it is so important
to do what you enjoy in Life
and to enjoy what you do
because it establishes joy
as a vital priority in life.

It is only by turning on the light
that we see what is actually real.
To see the illusory nature of this world,
we need to see the reality of spiritual light,
of divine consciousness,
found in our heart.
Meditation always brings us back
to this deeply beautiful place.

How to be free? You are already free, yet you focus upon thoughts, instead of focussing upon Love. Breathe and move your attention inward where your freedom lies, where The Divine awaits you, in the beautiful garden of your heart.

With all your heart
say yes to being
eternally awake
in the presence
of Divine Love

Relax and feel full consciousness
in the deepest cells of your body.

The joyful ecstasy of breathing your love
is sufficient for me.

Relax, and become aware of every movement you are making. Make each movement more gently, carefully, slowly… more consciously.

When you relax and let go of any fearful energy
all threat disappears and only benevolence remains.

When you give, you are confirming your own abundance.

Practice relaxing deeply…
with every cell of your being,
saying yes to god’s love.

As you think less
so shall you feel more.

Eat simply,
live simply,
feel deeply.

Love is eternal, god is eternal, you are eternal.

To know the divine is to liberate yourself from all that is untrue, and to return to a state of conscious living union. This occurs when your heart is open and fully anchored in state of unshakeable trust.

Abundance is simply a choice of perspective
where you choose to appreciate what you have
rather than dwell upon what you have not.
Whenever there is appreciation and gratitude
you experience true abundance
in the depth of your heart.
Gratitude it is the simplest path
to heaven on earth.

‘Heaven’ is simply a state
of enlightened consciousness,
accessible to you right now
beyond the realm of thought
deep in the realm of your heart.

If god is the ocean, love is the current.

If you are worrying, you can be sure that you have forgotten¬†the inherent goodness, benevolence and providence of Life. How do you remember? Simply come back to your heart; relax, breathe consciously and feel a sense of peace return to your being. This Peace is life’s greatest gift to you, and the more you explore and nurture it, the more profound it becomes.

Attune your self to the radiance and pure positivity of your true nature. It is like the sun, shining deep within you eternally, but in fact, you are the Light.

If one message can reach the heart of all human beings let it be this:
“Enjoy and cherish this beautiful world, this glorious planet you have been given as your home. Enjoy it’s natural harmony, enjoy it’s profound beauty and pleasures, appreciate every little thing it gives to us. Live in deep gratitude for it all.”

Human consciousness is like a collective pool which we are all in.
If you put fear into the pool, the waters get colder for all.
If you put love into the pool, the waters become warmer for all.
This is how we are all contributing to the collective human experience.

We are like fish
in a heavely ocean
of divine love.
Are your gills open?
Do you allow the flow
to move through you?

Keep coming back to your heartfelt intention to be loving and giving. As you do this the almighty loving power of the universe supports you, lifts you and envelops you with Love.

Above all else, be kind, be patient, be giving.

Fear is simply contraction in the heart,
so the antidote is simply to breathe
and allow your breath to keep flowing.
Soon you will feel your heart has relaxed
because all it needs is a steady flow
of oxygen, of consciousness
so it can function correctly.
When oxygen flows, Peace grows.

When you choose to relax
you are choosing to experience harmony.
and the more deeply you relax
the more deeply you feel the harmony.

Simply relax
and feel the Peace.

Fear attempts to turn our heart into stone, but this is impossible because the heart cannot choose to cease to live. It is programmed toward life, and death does not exist, just as “nothing” does not exist, so you cannot be it, or feel it, or experience it. You can only experience what there is, and there is only energy. It is everywhere, it is everything – it is infinite and eternal. It is what you are, it is all that exists. It is God, it is Love, it is Life, it is Peace. You can access it, just by feeling it.

Gratitude is the wisest attitude.

When you choose to trust
despite any strong pull towards doubt
you will find that instantly
greater Peace flows into your heart.
It will be accompanied
by the deepest gratitude.

Feel deep gratitude,
for this moment is God,
bringing you Love.

You can be a vehicle
for purely positive energy.
So let yourself shine.

You have the freedom and the power
to choose to see the true purpose
of all that occurs, all that arises,
no matter what it is.
It is a state of consciousness
that must be chosen consciously.

Your consciousness is a frequency
which is either in harmony, or disharmony
depending on what you choose to be conscious of.
In any moment, if you choose to relax,
harmony is restored to your world.

You belong in the depth of your heart, in Love.

You are not where you think you are.
If you think you are somewhere,
then the only place you are is in thought.
Where is your attention? What are you conscious of?
Can you be conscious of your breathing, your feeling?
Can you be conscious of being conscious?
Whatever level your consciousness is on is where you really are,
and the elevator can go up or down, it’s your choice.
When we relax, breathe, meditate, our consciousness goes deeper,
to a place where we always feel at home.
It is the depth of your heart, where you belong.

In truth, there is only Spirit,
which is why breathing
feels so inspiring.

Does what you are doing now bring you more harmony, more Peace? If you are thinking, it is unlikely. If you are consciously breathing and relaxing your body then it most certainly is. We always have the freedom  to make this choice, and it is a very easy one to make.

Relax, breathe and allow all thoughts, doubts and physical tensions to gently fade away. You will soon find that Love is just beneath the surface, and it goes all the way to your core. It is so easy to feel; just relax and breathe…

When you relax, all that obscures your perception of peace dissolves instantly. The deeper you relax, the deeper you move into peace. When your heart fully relaxes, you are able to merge completely with love .

How can you best contribute to the world?
Maintain your sense of harmony. Focus only on the that which increases, deepens and strengthens your experience of inner harmony. This is invisibly transmitted far and wide, across the entire planet.

When you relax,
all that is unreal fades away,
and you are left with the most divine truth…

The ego cannot possibly conceive of a reality without fear, because it’s very structure is fear. What it is afraid of is irrelevant. It’s only objective is that fear is always present, always influencing your experience of reality, either consciously or unconsciously.

God cannot judge you, because judgement only comes from the human mind. God only transmits love, presented to you through the myriad of forms that appear in this material realm. All you need do is open your heart, and reach out your hand.

Your heart is a holy place, pure and sacred, full of light and warmth.
There is where you belong.

The beloved is with you
But do you see, do you feel?
She is everything, all around you,
above and below, within and without.
So say yes to her, with your heart.
Her love will ease your mind
and vanquish all fears
Leaving you in heavenly peace.
So there is nothing to do
Except to be receptive,
relaxed and open.
It is effortless. It is the end of all struggles.
Just say yes, with your heart
in this precious moment..

Relax, there is no emergency. But there is an profound emergence occurring. So make sure you enjoy it! It is like riding a beautiful and powerful wave; a wave of loving consciousness. Where does it lead to? Paradise, heaven on earth.

Thank every negative thought that may come along and welcome it like a friend bearing a gift for you, because that is exactly what it is. Why? Because it brings you yet another opportunity to remember what is true and what is illusory. All thoughts lead you into illusion. Only God’s peace, gods light, gods love bring you into reality.

You are the eternal flame, eternal consciousness. You are that light and you require oxygen to burn brightly. So breathe consciously, breathe fully
and you will find it is effortless to stay awake, in full loving consciousness.

There is no destination, because life is eternal. But the thinking mind cannot grasp that, because it only deals with is defined, what has form. The formless, the divine is the space outside the thinking mind, so the thinking mind cannot take you there. So you can choose to occupy a different space, the space of the heart. The heart takes you to the infinte realm of Love, which is forever blossoming.

You are the eternal flame, eternal consciousness. You are that light.
You require oxygen to burn brightly. So breathe consciously, breathe fully
and you will find it is effortless to stay awake, in full divine consciousness

Relax and Trust in Life. It is deeply benevolent.

Let love be more important to you than your possessions.
Let people be more important to you than your desires.

You do not need to live on the surface…
You can go to your depth of your heart…
and you can go there in this very moment…

All that is real
is the love that you feel.
If you are not feeling it
do not worry, because it is closer
than you can imagine.
In fact, it surrounds you.
You are immersed in it,
like a fish in the ocean.
A fish has its gills,
and they must be open.
You have your heart
and it too must be open.
Do you know how?
It is easy… relax.
How to relax?
Breathe gently..
Let each breath flow
into your centre..
into your heart..
If you don’t choose to do this,
You will remain on the surface
Wondering where nourishment
will come from.
It only comes from your depth
and you can go there
in this very moment…

Accept the torch and share the wisdom of your heart with the world.

The best way to understand
Your relationship with the divine, with god
is to consider what life is like for a fish in the ocean.

The beloved is with you
But do you see, do you feel?
She is everything, all around you,
above and below, within and without.
So say yes to her, with your heart.
Her love will ease your mind
and vanquish all fears
Leaving you in heavenly peace.
So there is nothing to do
Except to be receptive,
relaxed and open.
It is effortless. It is the end of all struggles.
Just say yes, with your heart
in this precious moment…

Do you know how to feel real?
It is simple, and it is the direct way out
of the endless labyrinth of thought
which we often find ourselves in.
Just stop everything, and breathe…
Now relax your shoulders…
Then relax your face muscles,
and keep breathing with awareness.
Feel your stomach rising and falling with each breath.
Feel your heart beating in your chest,
with your hand, if necessary…
Allow a state of relaxation to be present
in your entire body
and feel the pulse of Life, of energy
as it moves around your body
keeping you alive, keeping your life-force strong.
Continue to breathe consciously,
with an awareness of this feeling of Life
flowing through your lungs, your heart and your body.
This is how you feel real.

All that is real
Is the love that you feel
The rest is an illusion
Just an illusion
Open your heart
It’s the way that you start
To feel real
Can you feel real?
Shine your love
On everyone
That’s all there is to do.

Whenever you sense a negative feeling
go to your mind and you will see the cause.
You will see that there is a fearful thought present.
and you will also see that only thing needed
Is to relax.and become conscious again.
Thinking is just momentary lapse into unconsciousness
The next moment, you are awake!
and you can choose to Stay awake.

Thinking is just momentary lapse into unconsciousness
but the next moment, you are awake
and you can choose to stay awake.
It is simply a choice


“The New Consciousness: How to Live in Love”:
by Alexander Bell


On this planet, at this present time, amidst the global turmoil, there is a new awareness arising, a new state of mind. This state of mind is a more evolved state than we are used to and as a global human collective, we are in the process of adapting to it. It the state of mind than will present the solutions to the planets biggest problems, and lead us into a new era of global harmony, co-operation and world peace. It is already on the horizon, and the horizon is so very bright and so very beautiful.

We are moving towards a time on earth that promises to fulfil our most heartfelt desire for widepread interpersonal harmony, planetary equilibrium, and collective co-creation of a new way of living. Can you imagine? Simply with our intention to live in harmony with the earth and all that dwell upon it, we are all bringing about this reality on earth.

Our purpose is to do this with full consciousness and full responsibility. When we take responsibility for what we are experiencing in our life, we are empowered to choose more evolved ways of behaving, speaking and thinking. If ‘problem consciousness’ itself is the problem, then ‘solution ¬†consciousness’ is the solution.

For every problem and every imbalance that we perceive in the world, there is a solution. Yet when we examine more closely we will see that in fact, there is really only one solution – a change in consciousness.

“The Old Consciousness (unconsciousnes, fear, darkness) vs
The New Consciousness (loving consciousness, trust, light)

People are used to perceiving opposites, existing in conflict with eachother, but this is a very limited and inaccurate perception of the truth. Some call it dualism, i call it illusion, simply because it is untrue. There is no conflict. Conflict is a state of consciousness (the old consciousness) that begins with our thoughts, influences the way we speak, and shows itself in the way that we behave and treat our fellow humans. If a human being is experiencing conflict within themselves, they will also see it in the world around them and they will unconsciously create more conflict. But this world has had enough of conflict, and we can witness this within ourselves, in our deep desire for more harmony in our lives. The desire to live in harmony is leading humans to act accordingly, beginning with their own minds, their own state of consciousness.

With meditation already being a way of life for millions of people in many eastern countries (including children) it is not so surprising to witness it becoming more and more mainstream in “the west”. Meditation classes are now a part of the menu in many of the health and fitness establishments that people use daily to keep themselves healthy and fit, and iman large companies are now bringing meditation into the workplace. This is a clear indicator that times are changing, and the effect it is having is plain to see. Consciousness is growing in all of us.

People are becoming more conscious of their choices; for example, what food they choose to put in their body and why, what music they choose to listen to, what media they choose to give their attention to, what they choose to teach their children about the world and how to live in harmony with it.

We have so many choices, but ultimately there is just one choice that precedes and determines the nature of all the choices that follow. The choice to be conscious, the choice to awaken from the perpetual daydream that is created by our thoughts.


Put simply, the purpose of life is to come to a place of unwavering Love – to meet God in our heart.

We let go of the past by forgiving those whom we need to forgive. This includes forgiving ourselves for all the mistakes we believe we made, thus freeing ourselves from the burden of guilt which weighs down our Heart. We then feel lighter, freer, more joyful, and we see life through new eyes. No longer feeling guilty, we rediscover our innocence.


In a state of humility, much is revealed to us. In arrogance, we think we need nothing, but not one of us can force wisdom, truth, love and divine beauty to reveal themselves to us. They come when we are receptive and humble enough to welcome their blessed gifts


Have faith in Love. There is nothing more important.


Be patient, be still, breathe, relax…. Follow the river of Peace and let it lead you to the sea of Love


Only when we let go of trying to control everything do we see that there is a greater force orchestrating our life and we need only learn to trust it.


Prayer need not be religious. Meditation does not belong to religion, and neither should prayer. In prayer we can ask for answers from a higher power – be it our higher self, God, the universe, Spirit etc. In meditation we make ourselves receptive to ‘hear’ the answers, in whatever form they may come.


Love is our salvation. In a state of Love, we are in deep harmony with creation, free of fear, free of doubt, free of darkness. Without Love, everything is ultimately pointless. Love is the purpose of being. Only when we experience divine Love and Peace do we fully realize the deep importance of making this our priority in life.


To be free means not to restrict yourself, or others. If you give yourself freedom, you will want the same for others. The desire to control other people only comes from the fact that you are controlling yourself. Give yourself freedom and you give it to the world.


In duality, there is darkness and Light. But the purpose of Light is to illuminate everything, thus eliminating all darkness. The darkness becomes Light. A world of duality becomes a world of unity. A World of Light.


If you are following your heart, Love is there, but if you are living your life in a way that is not really what you want, you will be denying your heart. Highs and lows come from being attatched to what is changeable – thoughts, emotions – they take you up, then down. Peace does not change, it is constant, so i would always suggest a simple but effective relaxation or meditation technique to return to the stability of Peace. In Peace and stillness, Love emerges. Also, whether you have any religious beliefs or not, pray and ask for love to emerge. Prayer is communication with whatever higher force you have faith in, and meditation is when you are silent and still in order to receive the answer. god bless.


In duality, there is darkness and Light. But the purpose of Light is to illuminate everything, thus eliminating all darkness. The darkness becomes Light. A world of duality becomes a world of unity. A World of Light.


There is no conflict. There is Light, and there is darkness. The darkness is in desperate need of Light – it longs for illumination – but because the darkness is unconscious, it does not recognize its desire for light. Thankfully the Light does.


Fears are nothing but small parts of our mind which have been deprived of our Light (awareness). They arise because they are in most need of our Light. If we try to run away from them, we cannot give them our Light and we cannot heal them. When they arise, relax your body and from this relaxed viewpoint just notice them. Thank them for showing themselves, and let them dissolve, having been recognized. You can even give them Love. The remedy to all fear is to remain relaxed and simply see them. Illuminate them with your awareness, as this is all they want.


‚Äé”We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse”


Fears will rule our life until we look at them, just by shining the light of our awareness upon them.
The content of our fears is not important, just be aware when the energy of fear is upon you, relax and see what you mind is doing. We heal the fears of the mind by not trying to avoid them, but by shining a light on the shadows which we think threaten us. They cannot harm you, and the shadows just need to be seen to be illuminated. Then they are gone, and the mind becomes whole. Fears only arise to be healed in this way.


If you want to experience heaven on earth, it is easy. Be an Angel. You do this helping others.


Total relaxation leads to Oneness. If we contract our mind (in thought) and our heart (in fear) we literally cut ourselves off from expansive universal consciousness. When we relax our mind and our heart, our consciousness is free to expand without restriction. Relaxation is the key.


In any moment, you can restore complete Harmony to your entire experience of reality and the universe by doing one thing. Relaxing


Nature reminds us what it feels like to be harmonious, when we forget. Surrounded by concrete walls, technology and machines, we forget natures harmony. When we meditate, we restore harmony, but we must remember that we are part of the natural world, not the technological world. We thrive in natural environments, and find peace so much more easily.


The word “relax” is very innocent and simple, yet it is the gateway to the world of peace, freedom and light within. Nothing is more important to your being.


Whatever is going on in your own mind is directly responsible for what you are experiencing as real in this moment. Alot of it is unconscious, like a computer program quietly running in the background, but it is not necessary to bring it all into the foreground. The way to heal your mind is to bring it to the Heart. Nothing more is needed. The heart is where the ultimate healing can take place.


Bring your consciousness, your attention to your heart, away from thoughts. To do this, take some time to relax, breathe and become aware of your body. Wherever you feel tension, relax. Breathe gently and feel each breathe is going directly to your heart, and keep relaxing. Take a holiday from whatever your mind is telling you. The heart expands in relaxation, and it becomes easy to be more aware of its peace.


If you relax in this moment, you are choosing to experience Harmony.


Whenever you notice that you are tense or anxious, ask yourself “What am i afraid of?” Then relax.


If you are stuck in thoughts, breathe and relax your body. Energy cannot be trapped in your mind if you have a relaxed body.


You are a frequency. That is to say, your consciousness is. That frequency is either harmonious or dis-harmonious, based on your minds choices (what you choose to think about).


THE SOUND OF GOD: The word ‘God’ is not god. What is infinite cannot be confined to three letters and one syllable. But imagine an infinite word – a never ending, glorious, heavenly sound… In the beginning was the Word – a Sound – and that Sound was God ŗ•ź

—- MAY —-

When we are searching for an escape from mental suffering, we should not look for answers in the mind, because this is where we are trapped.
Freedom is experienced when we leave the complex world of thoughts – when we breathe, relax our body and feel the unlimited space that comes from this relaxation. Relaxation is the core of freedom.


Life is sacred, earth is sacred, we are sacred. When we treat every little thing as sacred, we learn that the purpose of Creation is to reveal God to us.


This moment is everything. In this moment you can be completely free and deeply peaceful. The only obstacles are the thoughts that arise.


Communication is the nature of the Universe. Energy flows in communication, and there is a relationship between everything. Use communication to creaty Unity, not just with other people but also within yourself. Speak to you heart, listen, consult your emotions, ask your fear “what do you want?”. By communicating, we commune, become one, whole and unified.


Appreciate the divine beauty of nature, as it is precious.


You can safeguard a strong connection with Divine Consciousness by being aware that your body is kept relaxed, and your breathing flows gently. If these things can be maintained in the background of our daily lives, we can be guided by the pull of our heart rather than the voice of our mind. We will remain intimate with our Spiritual Nature which is of course divine.


Parents buy their children lovely toys – colorful, bright, fun – but forget to behave in that very same way. Children inhabit a world of wonder, of fun and joy. Do they really want to become serious faced like an adult? Of course not. Can you imagine returning to a life full of genuine wonder, fun and joy? We can, and children are our teachers.


A person experiencing love or joy is in harmony with the energy of Creation and thus is supported by everything in the universe. A person in fear is in denial of the harmony of Creation and thus inevitably creates further isolation for themselves.


A person experiencing love or joy is in harmony with the energy of Creation and thus is supported by everything in the universe. A person in fear is in denial of the harmony of Creation and thus inevitably creates further isolation for themselves.


When we climb a steep mountain, we use all our limbs, all our balance, and intelligence to make sure we take the best steps which guarantee that we reach the top.
As our consciousness ascends and we become more conscious of spiritual Light, we must use all our senses to help us climb into higher perception, so we can perceive this divine Light which is the origin of everything. We refine our senses – our taste, our vision, our hearing, our speech – choosing only the things that lift us up, so that rather than hindering ourselves, we are helping ourselves to see Divine Truth.


The greatest and most important quality of Light is that it illuminates everything. It truly LOVES to illuminate the darkness. Because of this quality, fear cannot remain, because it is merely darkness. In fact, the Light of our mind loves to seek out the dark corners and shadows of our mind – our doubts and fears – in order to illuminate them. It welcomes them when they arrive. This is the Light’s primary task now in our lives, and on Earth.


Inner relaxation is the essence of freedom. Relax your mind, relax your body, relax your heart. Remember the Peace that comes from simply relaxing.


It takes no spiritual understanding, training or techniques to simply be kind. Kind thoughts, kind words and kind actions bring us happiness on the deepest level. Kindness is the manifestation of Love in our lives.


Compassion comes automatically when we understand. A lack of compassion can only come from a lack of understanding. All that is not Love, comes from fear, so when we truly understand this, we instinctively feel compassion for all our brothers and sisters who are separate from Love.


Heaven is right here – another dimension, right at your doorstep. All that is needed is the humility to recognize the Divine’s presence in this reality, and the willingness to be of service in the Divine plan. Fears and doubts can only take us back into the isolation of the mundane world, which is a world in denial of Divine truth, and we simply do not belong there.


Beloved ones – it is time to come home, and walk with God – no longer in a separate direction attempting to fulfil the ego’s personal desires – but let God’s desire be yours. We have been given this life for this very purpose, and in doing the will of the Divine we fulfil our Soul’s purpose and receive the kingdom of heaven – here on “Earth” – as our new dwelling place. This is the reward from prizing our life out of the hands of the ravenous and hell-bent ego.


The ultimate healing is the restoration of our Consciousness to its Divine state. We bring our minds out of thoughts, out of division and duality – back to the unity of God.


Life without Love is truly meaningless. Love gives deep meaning to the smallest of all things and makes it glorious. Love is our purpose.


To experience Love in this moment, here are 2 very easy ways. Firstly, think of something you are very grateful for in Life – perhaps a person, a situation, the trees, the flowers, your home, your friends… anything that creates gratitude in your heart.
Secondly, you can bring Love through action, by helping someone in need, and showing you care. Love flows when you show you care.


Remember the bigger picture, which is the Divine picture – infinitely bigger than our human drama which we take so seriously. When you get caught up in anxiety and worries about your life – no matter how big or small – relax, breathe, and remember the highest perspective is the Divine perspective. We are here to choose Love and to realize the Light that is our essence.


Free will has been given to us so we can have the deep satisfaction of being fully responsible for our reunion with Divine Truth.


Relax… it’s all you need to do to see the magic of this moment which is here, now. Relax and you can feel at peace with whatever is happening, no matter what it is.


To place any desire ahead of your desire for Divine Consciousness creates a diversion away from experiencing the spiritual fulfilment that your heart and soul really long for.
The fulfilment of any desire other than the desire for spiritual illumination will always be temporary amd incomplete, because our desire to be illuminated is simply the desire to remember – and become – who we really are: a Divinely joyful being of Light.


Communication is the nature of the Universe. Energy flows in communication, and there is a relationship between everything. Use communication to creaty Unity, not just with other people but also within yourself. Speak to you heart, listen, consult your emotions, ask your fear “what do you want?”. By communicating, we commune, become one – whole and unified.


In this very moment, Divine consciousness (being conscious of Divine Love) is closer than you could believe. In fact, it just requires is a shift of attention, out of thought, out of anxiety, out of disharmony with this moment. So relax and be at peace with this moment – it is a gift for you, to share with the Creator, whose consciousness shines from your mind, and in your Heart.


We are so blessed to be on Earth. Yes, there are big ecological issues to address, but there is so much beauty, so much abundance, so much nurturing and lush habitat. Despite our tendency to see a negative picture, the earth is strong and thriving. Yes we are interfering, but lets no be so arrogant to think we can irrepairably wound this powerful planet. We cannot. The earth is vast, strong, deep. Think of the massive oceans, the vast mountain ranges, the huge deserts and savannahs. We humans think we are important, but we are small to the Earth. Yes, it is here for us and to provide for us in every way, but it does not need us.
This brings us back to a position of humility. We are not the owners, but guests on this beautiful powerful planet, and if we become too arrogant, the earth reminds us who is in charge, as it does regularly. Humility brings us back into proper relationship with this awesome planet, which we call home. So lets be so deeply grateful that it is here, and feel a deep love for it.


Can we turn tears to laughter?
Yes, as easily as tickling a grumpy child,
rather than telling them to behave!

Bring in the light to every situation.
Take a position of non-seriousness
because joy heals most woes.


In the oneness of One, this life is such fun
not serious or grave, So our life we must save
from the dullness of thought –¬†its time now we ought
to realize were free –¬†what we want, we can be
So be joyful have fun, in the oneness of One


There is only One. We think there is many, but it is just the illusion of many. There is only One. Our ego tells us that we are separate from the One, and we believe it, so we experience being separate. It is only this belief that makes us feel separate, and it is not true.

What is beyond belief? True experience. Outside of your thoughts, is there any division in consciousness?


Heaven is at our doorstep, but many people close the door, preferring their own personal version of heaven, surrounded by comforts and all the things they desire. But what good are these things if we are not surrounded by Light and experiencing Love?

To be in Light and in Love is to be in Heaven. The doorway is within, in our Heart.


It doesnt matter what we are afraid of, as fear is fear – just to varying degrees (i.e. from anxiety to terror) – but the origin is in the mind. So fear is a movement of mind, usually toward a negative mental scenario which we envision, then react to, as if it were actually happening.
So meditation helps us watch all the minds movement to a finer and finer degree, so we can see our tendency to move toward fear, and bring our mind back, from going down those dark alleys, into a more centered space.
Observing the mind is the way to become conscious of the mind, and when we are conscious of the mind, we are not a victim of it. The mind is a creative visionary tool, which has just gotten used to functioning opposite to the way it should, i.e. envisioning negative, destructive scenarios, instead of positive creative ones.


The opposite of fear (the lowest vibration) is joy (the highest vibration). We choose our direction – up or down.


God can be known through the fullness of ecstasy, celebration and joy, but also through the emptiness of silence, stillness and solitude.


Dogma does not work. To say “you must not do this” doesn’t work. It creates a sense of restriction which does not lead people to Divine awareness. Everyone needs to feel free, and the word FEEL is the key. We have many different ideas about what it means to BE free, but we all know how it feels to FEEL free. This is the simple experience of freedom, which we keep overlooking with our complex thought systems. Out of thoughts, freedom becomes instantly more obvious to us.


God does not show himself to the world through the intellect, but through beauty and Love. True beauty and Love are gifts from the Divine. In our heart is where we recognize this exquisitely simple truth.


It is such a blessing to have opportunities to assist other people who need assistance, because when we give our energy to another in need, we experience what Love is really all about.


As our consciousness evolves, we become more conscious of the light that is everywhere, in everything, right here, right now. The world you see is simply reflecting your state of consciousness back to you. If you focus on the qualities of light – joy, creativity, freedom – the outside world reveals the same degree of light and beauty. The world is simply a mirror.


How prepared are you to realize that everything you think is real is a dream?

How open are you to what you would think is the impossible and improbable ?

We now need to start perceiving in degrees of light (the infinite, where all is possible) rather than thinking in terms of form (the finite, where we experience ourselves as limited).

—- APRIL —-

Light is the key
to our reality
and soon we will see
how things are meant to be

So if you want to be free
then light is the key
not darkness, you see
Just light – you and me…


If you are feeling trapped
Then you can be sure
That your attention
is in the wrong place

The mind will always give us a picture
of limitation, which is often not pretty
But there is no reason to fear the picture that your mind presents
As it only exists in the mind
And we do not have to invest our energy in that direction, which is what fear does.
It gives all our energy to what we are afraid of, and makes us feel powerless. The greatest illusion there is.

So my friend, relax… There is a choice which is always available to us…
To leave the realm of thought, and move in to the realm of light, which is the realm of the heart, where divine truth and eternal peace will always be found.

Blessed are we to know this, and even more blessed are those who choose to dwell there, as fear and limitation no longer exist in this place. Only love, trust, joy and peace.

So my friend, relax again, breathe some life back into your heart and soul, and fill yourself with the spirit of faith, which is like a beautiful oasis in a desert of doubt and uncertainty. No longer do we need to be thirsty, when we put our faith and trust in the Divine, and in the awesome power of joy, which will transform absolutely everything. Celebrate this heavenly truth!


Creation just keeps giving its Love.
The sun keeps shining its light
The rain keeps raining its rain.
The birds keep singing their song
The trees keep bearing their fruit
And giving us fresh air to breathe

And we are here to receive and participate in this divine exchange.
Participate in Creation by being creative, if not in action, then in thought.


Trust in the peace that comes when we give up all efforts to control anything. This is what it means to ‘let go’ – to stop trying to control. It always brings peace.


It is so refreshing
And delightful
To see young people who
Are more focussed upon truth
Than obsessed with how they look
Or how the behave, or how they sound.
Great security comes to us
When we focus upon divine truth
Because we are shown our perfection
And we are left in no doubt
That we are completely beautiful.


How can we know God if we are devoting our energies in another direction? We cannot. If we worship money, we cannot know God. If we worship thought, we cannot know God. To worship something means to give it the utmost significance in our life. Once we make our relationship with God the most significant thing in our life, we come to feel Gods presence more and more. We will then have no anxiety about money, we will then not be addicted to thoughts.

Whatever we spend our time focussing upon will become dominant our life, so if we wish to know the divine grace of God, we must give up our obsession with money, and put more trust into Gods providence.

We are too busy trying to get enough money to provide for our needs, and thus we are not allowing God to provide for us. We have replaced God with money because modern society believes that if we have plenty of money, we don’t need God.


What left is there to say
When we need a holiday
From the relentless mind
Which makes our heart blind
to the light it so needs
so the soul it can feed
with love and with joy
That fills the deep void
We have lived in so long
Its time that a song
Of peace and rejoice
Is our Word of choice
No more shall we swear
That this world is so bare
When our eyes can see
the new reality
For it is our fate
To stand at the gate
And wait till we know
That we shall not go
Back to the ways
That darkened our days
With doubt and mistrust
Greed, anger and lust.
The new day is dawning
We need no more warning
The world of the heart
Is about to start
Bringing the light
To heal every plight
So fear not my child
For the days will be mild
And the change that is coming
Will set your heart humming
a new kind of tune
The sound of the moon
The song of the sun
This day has begun
God bless us all
No more can we fall
We are taking our place
No longer a race
But a human family
So let us be free
to be who we are
Like a radiant star
Shining its light
In the glorious night
We have seen what is true
Now what shall we do?
Listen to your heart
Its the best place to start
To hear the new song
As we wander along
In this new territory
Where we see the glory
And wonder and light
Its almost too bright
But we do not mind
As it helps us to find
The path which leads home
The day it will come
So dance sing and praise
As we exit the maze
We are finding our way
In this heaven-sent day.


You are Universal, unlimited awareness, but if you pour your awareness into a limited form (like a thought), you will experience limitation.


God provides. Give your heart to the Divine, provide it as a vessel for divine light and providence will become apparent. If we stay in our doubt and cynicism, we will certainly experience lack. Open your heart to the light, and allow providence to nourish you.


When we treat all living things as deeply sacred and precious, their full magnificence and beauty starts to become very obvious to us.


The primal, animal aspect of our nature is responsible for certain characteristics of human behaviour. Competetiveness, possessiveness, hostility and anger are the most obvious.

We also see this primal animal energy activated when we eat and when we make love. It adds an aggressive edge to what can be peace-filled experiences.

The most rewarding process as our consciousness evolves it to allow ourselves to rise above the desire for aggressive energies to be a part of our life.

When we eat, we can eat slowly and peacefully. When we play a game or a sport, we can play it joyfully. When we make love, we can be tender and sensitive. Aggression does not need to play a part in any of these activities.

On the subject of food, this aggressive primal energy is encouraged by a meat eating diet, as all animal that eat meat need to have a ‘killer’ instinct. It naturally comes with the process of consuming animal flesh, so even though we might like to think we are peace-loving in nature, we need to behave that way, and also think that way

The compassionate qualities of the Heart of not encouraged by a meat-based diet, but of course this is not to say eating meat is ‘wrong’. It just comes with certain effects, as does every food you eat. Simply compare the nature of a crocodile to the nature of a cow. Which would you rather have in your garden? Do you want to have a ‘killer instinct’, as many ¬†business people believe is necessary, or do you want to be a gentle, peace-loving creature? This doesn’t mean being weak, it means not being aggressive in any way, in any part of your life. You don’t need to be aggressive to be strong. You need to be grounded, connected to the earth, physically healthy and active.

If we integrate this way of being into our life, the rewards are truly wonderful. We feel a union with all creatures in the natural world, a respect and care that nourishes our heart and soul. We notice that we no longer feel hostility towards certain people, even if they are hostile towards us. We feel deeply more in harmony with the world which we inhabit.

This feeling magnifies greatly as we stop exploiting our environment and the people in our lives, and we start giving instead. As we show more care toward people and to our environment in general, we notice how our lives feel more enriched, and we feel more harmonious.

Thoughtless consumerism has become the human way in the ‘civilized’ world, but there are other ways to live which bring much greater benefits than the temporary good feeling we get from buying something ‘new’.

We will find that the more time we spend helping others, the less we will consume. We try and fill the gap in our soul with material ‘things’ and activities and food, but the only way we will feel deeply fulfilled is if we are following our heart and sharing our passion with the world.

We are merely channels, through which divine consciousness should be flowing. If we feel it is not flowing, it is because we are not sharing, giving or expressing ourselves as we can be.

We are stuck in thoughts of what we can get for ourselves, what we can achieve in order to find happiness.

Happiness can be found right now, in this very instant, if you ask your heart one question:

“What would I love to share with the world?”

This doesn’t always mean sharing with people. It may just mean letting something out, so that there is more room inside your heart.

You may need to share your sadness and your anger before you are able to share your joy and your enthusiasm. There are no rules, only a feeling within of what you need to do.

Meditation is the process of tuning in to what your heart needs, so that you can allow the flow of life to return. We get stuck in the ‘dead-ends’ of our mind, when all thoughts of “what can i consume next” lead us nowhere.

We consume thoughts just like we consume everything else, and they can make us feel good, or not so good.

If we are to feel like we are fulfilled, we must allow the flow to return to our lives. We may consume, but let us also give, and we will find that the more we give, the more we want to give, because it is so much more rewarding to the soul than consuming!

The soul cannot be fulfilled by consumption. In fact, the souls purpose is not to consume at all, but to give… to channel the divine heavenly light of God into this material reality, so that more souls can become aware of it.

imagine for one moment that the sun is not a ball of fire in the sky, but instead it is a hole in the sky, and through this hole shines the light from another reality, a reality where there is only brilliant, glorious light.

The soul is just like this – it is a space through which the reality of the divine (or ‘god) can shine through.

If our soul feels empty, it is because we are not allowing the light to flow through us, but instead we are over-consuming and blocking up our gateway to the pure light of the divine, and congesting our soul.

So let us simply become aware of these two questions that often arise in our mind:
The one that asks “what can I get next?” and the one that asks “what can I give next?”

Giving is the purpose of the soul, and it is the path of never-ending fulfilment that we are all looking for.


We are life itself.¬†If we try and control “life” we only restrict our own sense of freedom.


seeking and seeking for some peace
when all we need do is simply release
our grip on this moment and how it must be
we stop controlling life and we feel so free


why worry, dear friend, about the end
of the world that you see, if you want to be free

just open your eyes to the moment your in
forget all the thoughts of damnation and sin

this moment is heaven when you know what is real
when you open your heart and let yourself feel

the sadness that obscures your deepest joy
the material world is all just a ploy

to test your desire to be one with the light
if thats what you want, there’s no need to fight

just breathe deep, relax, and restore your peace
ignore all the thoughts, let anxiety cease

and what is revealed is a sense of trust
a feeling within, and it’s clear that you must

ignore all the doubts that take you away
from closeness to God, day after day

The light is real and the light is true
the light is the very essence of you

so waste no more time philosophizing
it’s time to be free – to dance and sing!

We are blessed in this Life, the light is so strong
its calling you home now, and¬†it won’t be long…


The clever mind will do anything to separate you from your natural state of joy and freedom, so be alert to its tricky ways!


The most direct way to experiencing harmony with Creation is to feel appreciation – for anything.

Gratitude it is the simplest way to commune with the divine, and this communion takes place in the heart.


If you need to feel loved and appreciated, show your love and appreciation to something. It doesnt matter what, as long as you mean it.


Sometimes, when we are trying to find something to say, we should listen instead. Listening is such a deeply powerful way of communicating


While we are focussing on all the media ‘news’ about the bad things happening in the world, or listening to all our negative thoughts, we are not recognizing all the very good things in humanity, and there is alot.

It is so important to pay more attention to what is good – to the caring actions of all the people on this planet who care about their fellow humans. We are all caring creatures, so lets focus on this beautiful element of human nature, and see the little things that bring much more love into the world, as this is what the world needs more of.
What you pay attention to, you will see more of.


There is a beautiful light shining, yet we turn our back on it, and focus on the shadows that are created on the ground, thinking them to be real. The shadows are what we call our ego, which we think is real but is an illusion which has no substance. Its most obvious feature is that it is devoid of light. The ego is fuelled by our doubt of the Divine Truth, which is light. All we need to do is stop examing the shadows, and turn back to face the beautiful light which is calling our heart home.


Every time your mind takes you into doubt, your consciousness moves into a space which is opposite to the power of Creation.

In some religions this space of doubt is given some grand names, but all that matters is that we understand this one thing: doubt is the opposite of trust.

When we trust in the divine presence that exists in our universe, and when we trust in the power of Love, truly amazing things happen. Some might call them miracles.

Doubts will only ever take us more into the shadows.


if you are looking for ultimate truth, become more aware of the gaps between thoughts


There comes a point when all desires become meaningless, as you know their reward is temporary.
This is when begin to yearn for lasting fulfilment.

We sometimes think this will come from having someone to love, or someone who will love us, but any form of fulfilment which relies on an external source will not be lasting fulfilment. It is dependant fulfilment. ‘Dependant’ comes from the french for ‘to hang from’. Our sense of fulfilment and peace literally hangs upon something outside of ourselves. This means we are not truly free.

How can we experience fulfilment without depending on anything?

We can depend upon what is eternal, everlasting, and never-changing – the very source of our being itself – the light within.

Awareness of our inner light brings peace, and relaxation of the heart, because there is no fear of it leaving us, because it is not possible! It is the source of who we are! We cannot be separate from it.

Of course we can lose sight of it, distract ourselves in myriad ways with external sources of pleasure, but no pleasure can come close to the recognition of the light of the soul, which is complete, everlasting fulfilment.

How blessed we are, to be from the light, to know the light, to have the door within ourselves, the door which opens up into the realm of divine light! It is closer than close. It is our essence!

Meditation brings us to awareness of the proximity of our divine light. We just need to withdraw our attention from all external distractions – especially thoughts – and move our attention inward, as we patiently follow our breath into the place where peace is always waiting for us. Restoring calm and peace to ourselves allows more and more truth to be revealed, as we still our mind and become receptive to subtler realms of truth and divine light. All thoughts in the mind cast shadows which obscure this light, so we must look beyond all thoughts to know the truth. All mental pictures too. The light is the truth our being longs for, as it brings complete fulfilment to our heart and soul.


human beings like to conceptualize things, and thus separate themselves from the actual experience of what is real. if you are thinking about something, you are conceptualizing it. instead of thinking, feel what is happening in you, sense what there is to sense in this moment – the sounds, smells, sights, sensations – without going back into thought. Be present to this moment and come to your senses. There is so much to be aware of outside of the confines of thought. This is where freedom is found.


Allow space and time for wisdom to arise within you, rather than constantly chasing thoughts, searching for answers and pursuing pleasures. This is what meditation is – allowing yourself to become quiet, empty and receptive to truth to reveal itself.


Why make love with a person
When you can make love
With creation itself…

When creation opens up to us
And communicates intimately
With our heart and our soul
The purpose of our being is fulfilled Completely

Do you know how this feels?
If you did, you would want nothing else
Other than to be in this relationship
With creation

In life, what do you find deeply beautiful to behold?
It may be made by mother nature
Or it may be a creation of humankind
But whatever you find deeply beautiful
Give it the closest, most careful attention you possibly can, patiently

It is through profound beauty
That creation is best able
To communicate with us
And the communication is always
Beyond what our mind can conceive.

Whatever you find profoundly beautiful – be it a natural creation, a piece of art or music, or anything in existence,
Meditate upon it.
Focus your attention upon it, be with it, absorb its beauty, let it open your heart and mind as only something profoundly beautiful can do…

Open yourself to divine communication
Through whatever medium you choose


Life doesn’t stop, so if you are getting exhausted it is probably because you are not flowing with life, but rather struggling against it, trying to stay in control.


Don’t be too anxious about trying to change THE world, but instead focus upon changing YOUR world. Bring more health into your life, more peace, more silence, more enjoyment – and see how the outside world becomes a different place. The world is merely a mirror.


Do you spend enough time in nature? The natural world is our home, But our concrete boxes make us forget the beautiful energy of our living surroundings.


A few clever words, many times heard
Are just not enough, to remove all the stuff
That weighs down a heart, So the place to start
Is not in the mind, ’cause there you will find
Just more ideas, to allay your fears
When what you need, is the soul to feed
So listen close now, I will tell you how…

Be silent, listen, and listen some more
Not to the mind but to a distant roar
of creation, of power, the universe’s song
It’s coming close friend, it won’t be long
Till it shakes down your walls and sets you free
What a deeply magnificent time this will be
So feel it coming, sense its approach
Like a hundred white stallion horse-drawn coach
The time it is close and the place it is here
Let the deepest excitement replace any fear
For there’s nowhere to run and no need to hide
The Creator is coming to sit by your side

Are you ready to let go of all you have known?
In your long distant past the seeds they were sown
And now the time comes, we all will bear fruit
With the power of love, to the stars we will shoot
Its time to go home, back into the light
Just be joyful, relax, there is nothing to fight
Close your eyes, say a prayer, feel your heart in your chest
And let peace fulfil you, in heavenly rest


A giant leap, as many weep,
many rejoice, this is our choice
To set ourselves free, from our misery
It’s our responsibility
No more can we blame, things won’t be the same
when we step forward and claim
our power to be free


Imagine a continuous sound so beautiful and so heavenly, that you would be in a deep state of ecstasy just hearing this sound, and it is so gentle and exquisite that you would never tire of hearing – and feeling – its vibration. You would blissfully spend the rest of eternity immersed in this sound. Keep this in mind, as deeply beautiful things are to come, as we carry on attuning ourselves to the vibration and frequency of light.


To settle upon any form of fixed mental certainty about life is to deny the beautiful living mystery, accessible in this moment and revealed to all open hearts.


There is no Destination.

Imagine a journey that never ends, but which is so deeply enjoyable and full of ecstasy, that there is no desire for a destination.
This is the truth.
There is no destination called ‘enlightenment’
It is a merely the full realisation of and re-identification with the endless nature of our true existence. There is nowhere to land, in truth.
If we think we have reached a destination, it is in our mind Рin the land of illusion. The truth is infinite, inconceivable and never ending.


When our body really needs our attention, it uses pain to draw all our awareness to one point. If we don’t fight pain but instead relax, it completely changes, and deep healing can occur.


In the world of your thoughts
there’s so much you ought
to be doing instead,
and this moment is dead
And empty of joy
This is the minds ploy
To ruin your life
And fill it with strife
What a silly thing!
So change we must bring…

So open your eyes
And nothing despise
Broaden your smile
And take just a while
To sense what is real
the feelings you feel
Let them out with a shout
Or sing, dance about
There is nothing to fear
And the fog soon will clear
And the light it will shine
From its source so divine
And the angels will call
To the hearts of us all
‘Its time to come home
Your trials are done’
And such joy we will feel
As the turn of the wheel
Comes full circle at last
No future, no past
Only now, in the light
No longer we fight
But embrace with a smile
What we’ve known all the while…


Deep relaxation leads to deep peace. Whatever helps you to relax deeply is very valuable.


Be deeply joyful. It is the way of god.


Avoid dulling your awareness with over-indulgence and other self-harmful habits. Keep your mind bright and your heart light.


Remember to appreciate the good things in your life, rather than dwell  upon what is wrong.


To love yourself means to meet all your own needs, without self-judgement, as you would a beloved friend. Treat yourself this way and you will feel loved.


The world is undergoing a grand process of re-ordering itself. We cannot possibly do this ourselves. Put your faith in God, trust in this process, and most importantly, give thanks.


When will you give up trying to orchestrate what only God can orchestrate? Let the world be exactly as it is and listen to your heart. The love that it communicates is so deeply vital.


Good men are like stars: people look up to them. Good women are like flowers: they enrich the world with their gentle beauty.


In a world where many people are suffering, what can we do right now to help them? Focus on and develop our compassionate nature.

Practice having a more compassionate mind to all people and creatures, without exception. As your compassionate mentality becomes dominant in your life, you will enrich the world around you.

There are too many cruel, harsh and unloving minds in this world, which is why we see suffering. So replace all harsh, judgemental thoughts with compassionate ones, whenever you see them arise, starting now.


What can we say and what can we do, when what we long for is beyond words, thoughts and actions? Relax dear child, and let anxiety leave you.

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