Claiming your place in the New Earth

This is possibly the most important piece of writing that I have written, because it untangles a layer of illusion and fear that has been cultivated in the human mind for a very long time, and continues to be cultivated to this very day by the bad news media and the entertainment industry, which continually sow seeds of negativity, dis-harmony, violence and unhappiness in the minds of the people who consume their product.

The picture that is created is one of darkness, whereas the true nature of things on this planet – and indeed in the entire universe – is one of radiant light. Yet when we think about things – as we are greatly encouraged to do in our intellectual society – we create shadows that dim our perception of this essential lightness of being. We simply see the darkness created by our own mind, which has been encouraged to think in limited and negative ways, often expecting the worst.

On top of the endless stream of conflict and suffering displayed on television screen and in newspapers, messages are communicated to us through the medium of film which encourage our mind to think in certain ways, to expect certain things, to envision certain scenarios unfolding in society and on the planet. They are communicated in such a convincing and realistic way, that our mind absorbs them as potential possibilities; likely visions of how things will actually turn out. Not only does this create a sense of fear within us at the likelihood of having to experience such circumstances, it encourages us to fulfil the scenario with our own predictable reactive behaviour to such fear.

It is like a wild animal that is cornered and fears for its life. It will predictably become very hostile and aggressive. So if human beings are being encouraged to believe in a scenario on earth where there is no escape, where pain and suffering are completely unavoidable, a sense of panic starts to arise within them. They start to think desperately of their options, which have already been cleverly placed in their consciousness by the media, and usually include either violence or becoming totally paralysed by fear, which is the mind’s speciality.

So let’s address this openly, because it is not how things really are, and it is not how things are going to be.

We are not cornered and we are not in danger, despite what our detailed thoughts and visions may persuade us of.

In actual fact, is the collective ego which is cornered and facing extinction. Collectively we are all feeling this and taking it personally, believing that we are threatened. But we are not. Only the ego is.

Due to the mainstream proliferation of certain spiritual teachings – specifically those of teachers like Eckhart Tolle – the ego is being collectively seen for what it is – a kind of mental illness. The intelligence of humanity is learning how egoic thought creates a world of suffering for us, by keeping us trapped in the past, or making us afraid of the the future, unable to experience to peace and the joy of the now. We are collectively seeing how the stubbornness of the ego destroys relationships, keeps us separate from others, and prevents us from entering the joyful depth and flow of Life.

Because of our ability to see its dysfunction, humanity is collectively choosing to stop feeding the ego, to abandon its thought processes and to allow it to dissolve back into the ether. As we do this the ego tries to resist. It throws everything that it has got in our direction to persuade us that we must cling on to its fears, we must continue to feed its thought processes with our attention. It will desperately try to convince us that our existence is threatened, when in truth only the ego is threatened.

It is only our attachment to this redundant part of our being that is the problem.

The ego itself is not a problem, because it can only present us with thoughts. Our desire to hold on to the ego and its thoughts is what creates our suffering, because it is no longer possible to do so. It’s expiry date was set long ago, and we are now close to that time, which is why many people now have their minds upon Armageddon, the end of the world, and so on. This is a belief system of the ego, which beliefs itself to be inseparable from the human being, thus we are convinced that we will perish along with the ego. We will not!

When we finally untangle ourselves from the web of thought created in the mind, and we find our home in an inner place of silence and no-thought, a deeper set of truths are revealed to us. What are they?

That we are safe. We are loved. We are protected. We are eternal. We are part of a greater intelligence that has been working with us for a long, long time, to help us awaken from the bad dream of the ego. We are now awakening from it, and the final part of the awakening is the letting go of the very last thought, which is that of destruction – projected onto the world ‘out there’ by a dying ego. Just let that last thought dissolve, along with what created the thought. As you do so, fear vanishes and peace arises.

As we learn how to keep our attention focused on that all-pervading peace, with a relaxed body, with our conscious and aware breathing, with a vigilant and centered mind, we claim our place in the New Earth – a place where fear and dis-harmony of any sort no longer exist, as they are no longer part of our reality. You are free. You are safe. You are home.

  • Alexander Bell

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