Restoring Peace To The Heart

There is a great deal of pain in the heart of humanity. We are all – without exception – such deeply sensitive creatures, who are intended to dwell within the gentle and peaceful realm of our heart. Yet so many of our early experiences in this world encouraged us to close our heart to varying degrees, in order to protect ourselves from further pain in what often seems like such a harsh and insensitive world.

Nobody wants to experience pain in their heart because it is pretty much unbearable, therefore closing the heart is a natural response. Yet as a result, we lose our essential connection to life and to the divine energy of the universe, which occurs through our heart. We stop feeling our heart and our attention moves out of our body and into our mind, into thoughts, and life becomes a cerebral experience. We think about everything, we try to understand and process life through our thoughts, and we experience ourselves as an expression of our mental beliefs and opinions about who we are and what we stand for.

We begin to experience ourselves as almost 2 dimensional, because we are not feeling the depth of who we are. We are not feeling our heart. We have become disconnected from our intuition, from our sensitivity and our vulnerability. We become almost machine-like, as the rigidness, efficiency and unfeelingness of the mind becomes our entire operating system, our way of relating to the Universe in which we find ourselves. This is not living. This is fearing, this is controlling, this is hiding, all because we have forgotten the total peace and security of our heart.

What is the cost of this? It is the loss of joy, the loss of freedom and happiness. It is a very big price to pay, because our heart begins to wither, our body weakens, and we sense that we are losing the greatest gift that the Universe could ever bestow upon us: Vitality, Life.

We are here to live, and to experience the divine beauty that is an expression of our own heart. We see it all around us in the natural world, which is simply an outer material reflection of the inner spiritual paradise which we all carry around within us in our heart.

So how do we allow the wounded heart to heal, so that we can open up once again to life’s richness and beauty, and experience the beautiful depth of being alive? How we can we feel the divine magnificence of Love in our heart, and let our heart shine like a beacon of light, to help others who may be lost in the darkness?

Essentially, all we need to do is release the tension which is held deep within the heart. It is this which keeps the heart tight, in a cocoon of fearful self-protection and anxiety. And as everyone knows, to release tension all we need to do is relax. But how do we relax the heart?

We begin on the outer level, by relaxing our body and letting it be free of tension and stress. We restore peace to the body. There is no rush in doing this, because it is a very enjoyable process. As tension leaves the muscles, a feeling of relief comes in because we are finally experiencing some freedom from all the inner constriction that we carry around with us wherever we go, and it simply feels good.

This is the freedom which the body really needs – freedom from tensions and constriction. As we relax and the feeling of relief spreads over the whole body, the relaxation naturally spreads inwards towards our chest and into our heart, as that also relaxes and releases its tension. It is an effortless process, because tension naturally wants to be released, and the body wants to release it, so it can feel free once again.

If we simply sit still and quiet for a few moments and notice the state of our heart, we will see if it is relaxed and open; and whether love is flowing through us. Or we will see if the heart is tense and anxious, afraid for some reason. And it doesn’t matter what that reason may be. Fear is fear, no matter how noble its justification may be.

So with this simple awareness of our heart, we can be aware of what is motivating our actions, our thoughts and our words. Are we communicating from the love we are feeling in our heart, or are we communicating because we are afraid of something?

Our communications carry the energy of where we are communicating from, so even if our intention is to help another individual, if it comes from fear of what will happen to them if we do not say anything, this fear is what is conveyed to that person on a subliminal level. This is why our own sense of trust and inner-peace should be our priority, because then we can communicate those energies to others. If we fear for the future, how can we convey a message of trust and faith? People will simply pick up on the underlying energy of fear that is present within us, motivating our communications.

So if we are to communicate a message of true peace, love and faith, we must be feeling these things ourselves. And then we won’t even need to say anything in words, because our message will be clearly felt by those around us, as their heart naturally resonates to the peacefulness which is present in our own heart. If this peacefulness is not present, no amount of clever or convincing words can be a satisfactory substitute for it. Essentially, people respond to the energy which we are embodying, rather than the words we are speaking. Speak from your heart, and the hearts of others will hear you. This is how communication can lead to communion, which is its true and original purpose.

Peace and blessings,

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