The Divine Beauty to Come

I have recently had dreams and visions of a most spectacular and beautiful occurrence. It was filled with an excitement and joy which is hard to describe. In the vision, the sky is absolutely full of bright, beautiful rainbows, everywhere you look. And with this as a stunning backdrop, there are many clouds alive with lightening, flashing, sparking and zig-zagging across the sky. Whilst experiencing the vision, it was totally clear to me that this was the commencement of the second coming of Christ. But there was no doom, no dread, no sense of impending catastrophe. It was the most joyous occurrence ever to take place upon the Earth; a reason for global celebration and perfect happiness in the heart of all humans.

Recollecting this vision, it tells me that we should all be deeply excited, celebratory, filled with hope for this magnificent and momentous occurrence. Of course, any knowledge of the book of revelations in the Bible might make us deeply fearful for this event, dreading whether we might fail the test and be left behind to suffer in misery. But we have to remember that we are all invited to the party, we are invited to be a part of the joyful and peace-filled New Earth. All we have to do to accept the invitation is to accept the purifying light of Christ into our heart, not out of fear, but out of joy and gratitude.

If we wish to be part of the solution – a vehicle of peace, compassion, healing and love – then Christ is on hand, literally at our beck and call, to help us transition our personality away from the selfish, uncaring and uncompassionate tendencies that our modern materialistic, consumerist society encourages within us, towards tendencies of selflessness, gentleness, compassion and tolerance. We cannot carry destructive, selfish or hurtful tendencies into the New Earth, because it is destined to be a world of total peace. This can only occur if it’s inhabitants are truly peace loving individuals.

So what is most essential for everyone is that we have the clear desire and intention within our heart to let go of all hostility, judgement, harshness and unkindness. We must wholeheartedly want to be meek, which means to be gentle, to be free of aggression. Once we have this clear intention, then we have time to practice on a daily basis gradually letting go of everything that disturbs our inherently peaceful nature.

The intention to do so is the key, and it just a decision. But the daily practice of letting go of negativity, criticism, unkindness and judgement is the practice, the actual walking of the path, and we will not be hurried along this path. We will not be pressured. Encouraged, yes. Guided and nudged, yes. But we cannot become “perfect” in the blink of an eye. We have to see old tendencies, and choose differently. We have to see any negative consequences that come from our unconscious habits, and consciously choose differently. It is a process. This takes time. With Christ in our heart, it takes dramatically less time.

As I said, human nature is inherently peaceful, and we just have to remember this on a daily basis. We must remember the goodness of our heart, and realise that all of our unkindness is the result of experiences we have had in our life that have taken us away from our heart, and encouraged us to close our heart in the hope of avoiding pain and suffering. Understand this crucial thing about yourself, and you will be able to forgive yourself. You will be able to see your own innocence. You will be able to see that the child who you once were still resides within you, afraid, hidden, oppressed by the louder dominance of the forceful ego persona which we adopted as we matured from our childhood innocence.

All those things you think about yourself, that you think about who you are, are part of this adopted ego personality. They are but thoughts which you have believed, and reinforced with your belief. But beneath that false persona is the real you; the you that feels, the you that wants love, the you that doesn’t want to be alone or living in the darkness. That is your heart. That is where the true you resides, in its gentleness, humility, playfulness, and innocence. You know it is there, perhaps buried a little, but you have to acknowledge it. You have to see all the protective layers you have placed around it through insecurity and fear.

It is this fear we have to release, so that our true person within feels safe to show itself. It needs to feel safe enough to show its vulnerability, to reveal its innocence and joy. Because fear is the prime cause of anger and hostility. When fear fades away, so does anger. So does defensiveness. And this is the role that Christ must play in our lives. It is Christ that erases every fear, that protects us from all aspects of darkness. With the luminous power of Christ in our heart, emboldening and encouraging us, we can stand tall and strong, free of fear and doubt. This is absolutely crucial.

Not only will the New Earth be a place of peace and gentleness, but it will be a place where we live in full conscious awareness of our creator, of the Divine light which many call God. We no longer experience the shadows created by our doubts and fears about God. We open our eyes and our hearts fully to Gods radiant spiritual presence, which cannot be denied or doubted when we are fully present to him/her. It is only such doubts which keeps us in the dark, in illusory realms created by our thoughts.

We must free ourself of the tendency to retreat into the familiar and comforting realms of thought, because to do so is to turn our back on the presence of the Divine. We cannot have both. We cannot know the Divine through thought. We have to lift our awareness above it, above the clouds, to where the radiant light is shining bright and clear. Once we have encountered Gods presence, we know it is our duty to remain open and receptive. To turn our back and retreat from the Divine is to walk back into the labyrinth of forgetfulness, of self-delusion. It is like walking back into the dry desert wilderness, after finally finding an abundant life-giving oasis.

Understandably, people do this out of fear. They finally encounter Gods presence, face-to-face, yet they are so terrified of the expected judgement, condemnation and punishment they believe is sure to come, that they instantly turn away. But those are merely our own fears, because I can assure you that God is unconditionally loving, all-forgiving, and merciful. There will be no punishment. Turning away is the greatest punishment you could inflict upon yourself.

If you remain in Gods presence, awake, alert, free of doubt, you will experience the healing, love and deep joy that comes from such a long awaited reunion between a parent and their beloved child. It is your unavoidable destiny to be reunited with your divine spiritual parent, and in the process release all fear of punishment and judgement. It will not happen, because God is Love.

But we have to trust that we will not be judged or punished, so that our heart can remain open. If we fear for punishment, our heart will simply contract, and we will disconnect from Gods loving embrace. But if this happens, all we need to do is realise that we have ventured back into fear, allowing our body and heart to contract under its influence. So in remedy, we simply allow ourselves to relax once more, specifically in our heart so that we can again feel the love that is the essence of our communion with the Divine.

When we are communing with the Divine, we are communing with the loving intelligence that has been with us on every step of our life journey. God has been closer to us than our own breath, in every moment of our life, forever trying to nudge us in the right direction so that we may fulfil our loving potential. It is a deeply joyous moment when we recognise this, and let ourselves be reunited in full awareness with our spiritual parent.

Such gratitude and humility fill our heart, as we recognise how gentle and patient is Gods nature. There is no pressure. There is no disappointment if we stray into distraction or conflict. There is only Gods ever-present loving patience, combined with gentle guidance about how to regain our discipline and focus, to ensure we are unlikely to veer off course again in the future, because to do so only causes our suffering, as we resume our pursuit of all things which lead us into distraction and unconsciousness.

We need never do this again. We need never again get lost in painful experiences, in self-judgement, in self-denial, in self-punishment, in forgetfulness of Gods deep and total love for us, especially when we have Christ as our anchor and our bridge to the luminous realm of peace, joy, trust, total security and love.



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“We are but children, innocently longing to find our way back
to the world of joy, freedom and happiness we once knew..”


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