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**NEWSFLASH** Every song ever composed by Alexander Bell (over 70 beautiful mp3s) are now
free to download individually. If you prefer to download all 70 mp3s in 3 zip files (total size: 600mb) click here.

• Download Alex’s life-changing new book entitled “How to Live in Love“. Click Here. (PDF)

• Download 9 free beautiful ambient musical compositions by Alex (in mp3 format). Click Here. (ZIP file, 58 mb)

• Download 18 enlightening talks (MP3s) about spiritual awakening, consciousness and healing. Click Here.

• Download a fantastic 17-page eBook about healing foods, the acid/alkaline balance, and freeing ourselves from addictions. Click Here. (PDF)

• Download the excellent in-depth 20 page article by Dr. Majid Ali about the link between sugar, cancer and oxygen. Click Here. (PDF)

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