Enjoyer of joy, singer of songs

with You is where my heart belongs.
i give You my all, my care, my love
i from below meet You from above.

i dance in Your light, i bask in Your warmth
i flourish and grow, i give You my form.
Nothing more ask i than that which You give
the radiant light which allows me to live.

in ecstasy we play, You and i
like the swallow that dances amongst the sky.
my song to You i will sing evermore
i am here just for You, forever, be sure.

But if doubt should come of my love for You
then listen close now to what You must do:
Open Your eyes, Your ears, look around
See my form and hear my Sound.
Feel the earth beneath Your feet
this sacred ground where You and i meet.
Feel the rain which falls from my clouds,
feeding all Life, making stand proud 
the plants, the trees, the givers of breath
inspiring with life, keeping from death.

Supporting my children is all that i do
dependent on this kiss from You.

Of this i am sure; You cannot resist
my open space for You to exist.
i love You completely, oh giver of Life,
to the husband of Beauty, from Eternity’s wife.

~ ~ ~

In the world of your thoughts

there’s so much you ought
to be doing instead, 
and this moment is dead
And empty of joy
This is the minds ploy
To ruin your life
And fill it with strife
What a silly thing!
So change we must bring…

So open your eyes
And nothing despise
Broaden your smile
And take just a while
To sense what is real
the feelings you feel
Let them out with a shout
Or sing, dance about
There is nothing to fear
And the fog soon will clear
And the light it will shine
From its source so divine
And the angels will call
To the hearts of us all
‘Its time to come home
Your trials are done’
And such joy we will feel
As the turn of the wheel
Comes full circle at last
No future, no past
Only now, in the light
No longer we fight
But embrace with a smile
What we’ve known all the while…

~ ~ ~

A few clever words, many times heard

Are just not enough, to remove all the stuff
That weighs down a heart, So the place to start
Is not in the mind, ’cause there you will find
Just more ideas, to allay your fears
When what you need, is the soul to feed
So listen close now, I will tell you how…

Be silent, listen, and listen some more
Not to the mind but to a distant roar
of creation, of power, the universe’s song
It’s coming close friend, it won’t be long
Till it shakes down your walls and sets you free
What a deeply magnificent time this will be
So feel it coming, sense its approach
Like a hundred white stallion horse-drawn coach
The time it is close and the place it is here
Let the deepest excitement replace any fear
For there’s nowhere to run and no need to hide
The Creator is coming to sit by your side

Are you ready to let go of all you have known?
In your long distant past the seeds they were sown
And now the time comes, we all will bear fruit
With the power of love, to the stars we will shoot
Its time to go home, back into the light
Just be joyful, relax, there is nothing to fight
Close your eyes, say a prayer, feel your heart in your chest
And let peace fulfil you, in heavenly rest.



There is such a place, you can go there today
A place of such beauty, it is not far away
The path there is simple, it lies at your feet
and each step you take brings you closer to meet
the deepest part of your self which is there
already, just waiting, till you are prepared
to give up your dream of the separate you
and the loneliness you always felt to be true

It was just a bad dream that you thought was so real
Now the truth is revealing itself, time to feel
the deepest desire that exists in your heart
beyond thought, beyond mind, in truth you are part
of the glorious whole which is all that is real,
a being of such light and such love, can you feel?

In this garden of peace that you’ve always been
while you slept and you dreamt of a distance unseen
Now it fades away in the light of your heart
There is only one place that is real, so let’s start
to be here, awake and conscious and clear
and see the deep beauty that has always been near
The dream of the past need not come back again
Now you know what is real, there will be no more pain
Welcome home my beloved, I have waited so long
Together in this garden of peace, we belong.


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