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Alex is available on Skype, if you wish to book an appointment. He offers a 1 hour life-changing consultation called “Health, Healing & Happiness” (see full description below) and he is also available simply  as a listening ear, as a counsellor. Alex is always happy to offer practical guidance that will help you free yourself from whatever is holding you back, just send a message using the contact form below. A Skype session is €20 per  hour (€10 for 30 mins), but if this is not affordable, just let us know.

“Health, Healing & Happiness” (1 hour) 

Through conversation with Alex, you can become fully aware of  what is causing you suffering, and realise what changes you need to make to restore your happiness, your vitality, your sense of wellness and joy. You will learn the practical ways to let go of the heavy energies that have been weighing you down, and step into a new level of wellness, energy and enthusiasm for living life from your heart, feeling free and fulfilled.

Please use the form below, mentioning your age, your location and what you need help with.

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