How do we change the world? 


MUSIC: “Ascension” by Alexander Bell

How do we change the world? Firstly, we have to understand exactly what this world is. It is simply a manifestation of collective consciousness. So as collective consciousness changes (which it is constantly doing) this is reflected in the material world which we appear to inhabit. 

And how does collective consciousness change? Simply through Light. The more that people become conscious of the dimension of Light that shines through on this beautiful planet, the more easily tangible it becomes for others who may not be so conscious of it. More and more people begin to see the light in the world, which enables more still, and so on. It is a case of the spiritually strong minority uplifting the spiritually uncertain majority. Soon the minority is no longer a minority, and this is the direction we are heading, with more and more people switching on to “heart-based living” and putting it into words, putting it into action, so that what we experience all around us changes. 

A more enlightened society of heart-based, giving individuals create a global atmosphere of kindness, warmth, and positivity – things we can feel in the ether. This is happening right now, because consciousness never sits still. And because consciousness is so alive and completely responsive, you can be involved in it this very moment! You can bring more peace into this world in this very moment. 

How? Start by taking a few moments to relax. When you are feeling comfortable, become aware of your breathing and let that relax and slow down also. Just enjoy the gentle calmness of your breath, as you breathe deeply and regularly – not only into your lungs, but into your belly too. Take a few moments to do this. Simply stay with the awareness of your breathing and notice how calm you feel. 

Notice the difference between how you usually feel, and how you feel now, after simply allowing the body to calm down, to slow down. Your consciousness has changed. You are now conscious of a more peaceful energy that comes from within your body. Simply by relaxing more and becoming more still inside, you can go deeper into that energy of Peace, so that if you choose, you can lose yourself in it completely. This is a wonderful thing to do, like going on holiday to the most idyllic and tranquil place imaginable. 

You can carry the energy of Peace with you wherever you are, whatever you do, just by allowing yourself to remain in a relaxed and alert state, conscious of your breathing and conscious of your feeling most of the time. This is the new way of living, a more conscious and enlightened way of living, which transforms the world as we live in the world, because we are bringing more Light into the world, from our hearts. Thankyou.


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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