Consciousness and unconsciousness


MUSIC: “Sea of Life” by Alexander Bell

When unconsciousness rules our life, many of our ‘choices’ – mental and behavioural – are compulsive, not conscious. As a result most of these choices lead to further unconsciousness.

So what is consciousness?

Consciousness is Light – ‘the light of awareness’ as it is often called – and when this awareness is focussed on creativity, on creating more harmony, more light is created and more consciousness is generated. When awareness is focussed on reflective, conceptual thought, judgments and opinions and so on, our mind descends into further unconsciousness, deeper into the realm of ego.

The ego can be seen as the shadow aspect of our being, because it does not like to be seen in the light of consciousness. When our light shines on the ego, it evaporates. The ego is responsible for all our unhappiness, loneliness, suffering and conflict, both inner and outer, so when we become conscious of the way it operates and the effect it has upon us, we instinctively choose to act from a place which is beyond the ego. This place is the heart. 

The ego operates through unconsciousness. It needs you to remain unconscious of it, so that it can continue to run (and ruin) your life! But none of us want this, because we know there is an alternative, and the alternative is what our heart longs for: freedom. Freedom from thought, freedom from the ego, freedom from illusion, freedom from unconsciousness. So how do we ‘attain’ this freedom?

The irony is, we are already free, yet we believe ourselves not to be. We exist in a state of freedom, yet we give our attention to thoughts which create a sense of limitation and bondage. It is like a fish which has the entire ocean as its playground, yet it thinks it must keep swimming around in circles! It is such thoughts which we need to free ourselves from, and this can only be done in the present moment. All thoughts of achieving happiness or freedom in the future are what keep us in bondage; they stop us experiencing freedom and happiness right now. 

So what is our natural, healthy state? What are we ‘designed’ to be conscious of? It is simple… Love. When we pull our mind out of unconscious thought and emotion, we become aware of a peace, a beauty which is in the ether. Love is the highest reality, and we dwell within Love like a fish dwells within water. Yet we are usually unconscious of this, and if we are unconscious of it, we cannot experience it. The good news is: we can easily become conscious of it. Let me show you how…

Take a moment to become aware of how relaxed your body is. If there is any tension – for example in the shoulders, neck, face – just let that part relax. Become aware of your breathing, and let it become a conscious process. There is no need to change it or force it; just let your breathing be gentle and relaxed, yet steady and consistent. Stay with your breathing for a few moments, as you let your body become more at ease and comfortable. Bringing relaxation and ease into the body is as important as bringing quietness into the mind and each one benefits the other, as a more harmonious energy flow is created both ways.

Enjoy just resting your body, while keeping your mind alert and aware. Let each gentle breath you take lead into a more still and quiet space, as you become the observer of your experience, the observer of your peace.

What we usually do is allow our mind to jump in and stir up more emotion and more thought to spoil our peace, but if you notice the mind trying to do this, just see what game it is playing. See how the ego tries to disturb your peace and your stillness. The ego does not like your mind to be still, because it wants drama and activity, so just experiment with denying your ego the food which it usually gets, and see what happens. 

Simply bring your attention back to your breathing and back to the feeling in your body. This is way out of the ego’s territory, and it is where you will find your peace. Direct each deep in-breath toward the centre of your chest, toward your heart, and imagine the oxygen you breathe enriching and fuelling your heart. Continue to oxygenate your heart in this gentle and focussed way, with full awareness of how you feel within. 

This is meditation and it is effortless. It just takes a little discipline not to get involved in thought processes as they arise, but each time it becomes easier and easier, until it becomes a conscious habit. You are bringing in consciousness (of your heart, of Love, of your being) where there was previously unconsciousness. The consequences of doing this are far-reaching and impossible to understand. It is enough to say that more and more, you will become aware of the beauty inherent in Life, the loving intelligence behind all of Creation. 

As we become conscious of this, we start to realise that there is a very focussed purpose behind everything that is happening in our life, and in the lives of others. It seems as though we are all being called to become more conscious of Love – almost as if something actually WANTS us to become more conscious of it. Could it be Love itself?


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