The true nature of sprituality: Kindness

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What use is a spirituality that requires any degree of intellect and understanding? It is virtually useless, because it will only be accessible to those who have the required level of understanding, and it will be meaningless to those who have had insufficient education or intellectual development.

Therefore, the only truly valuable form of spirituality is that which is universally accessible and universally recognisable – by young, old, rich, poor, uneducated or educated. If words are required to convey it, then its reach is limited, as there will be people who do not understand these words.

The true language of spirituality has nothing do with words and everything to do with actions – specifically, kind actions. 

Kindness and generosity of the heart is the true language of spirituality. If they are absent, then it cannot be true spirituality – only clever spiritual words, of which there are plenty. True spirituality is the radiance and compassionate nature of the heart being brought into the material realm through caring and compassionate actions. If the actions are missing, it remains unmanifested. Our purpose is to manifest our loving spiritual nature within the material dimension of this world – to bring love into fruition in a very tangible way, through action.

This world does not need more cleverness, more intellect. It needs more kindness and compassion. Allow this become your focus on a daily basis. Ask yourself: “How can I be more giving and more caring today? Who do I know that needs help, or needs company?” These questions come from the compassionate nature of our heart, which often gets ignored as we consider only what benefits ourselves. 

Do not allow your mind to become absorbed in thoughts of self-benefit, self-lack or personal neediness. Such thoughts come from the ego, not from the heart. The ego will always tell us that we are incomplete, and that we need something more to experience a feeling of completeness, a sense of fulfilment and happiness. This is where consumerism arises from.

But to experience fulfilment and happiness, we do not need to consume more, we need to give more. As we give, we become aware of the ever-fullness of our heart, which receives is sustenance from beyond the material realm. For this reason, it is never lacking, no matter what our material circumstances may be. This is our richness, this is the true wealth that we all have to share with others. 

So, for our heart to play a full role in our lives, it must be allowed to give without any fear of lack. It experiences its deepest satisfaction through giving and helping others, and brings us the sense of fulfilment that we are always searching for. 

Through giving, we find the purpose of our heart, and thus, the purpose of our life. We are not here to consume and fill a gap within ourselves. We are here to give – to experience the ever-fullness and deep benevolence of love as it flows through us and outwards toward others, helping them to remember their purpose also.

Thank you.
Alexander Bell

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  1. Best article about sprituality Ever.

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