Timeless Peace

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There is an infinite and eternal dimension to reality – in fact it would be more accurate to say that the infinite and eternal dimension is Reality, and if we are experiencing anything other than this, we can be sure that it is being created by our mind. Specifically it is being created by thoughts; the thread the mind uses to weave the fabric of illusion. 

The mind creates many limitations for us to experience, including that of time – especially when it considers the short-term nature of our life. As a result of this we often have a sense that time is running out, encouraging us to speed up and hurry along, lest we run out of time and fail to achieve all the things that we need to achieve in this limited amount of time we have been given. Yet by hurrying along we sacrifice our inner sense of balance and calm, believing time to be more valuable than peace. We cannot hurry towards peace. The pressure and stress we create for ourselves by thinking about time literally removes any feeling of peace from our being, as our body contracts and tightens in response to limited thinking. As above so below. 

Peace cannot be achieved in time or postponed until later. We subconsciously convince ourselves that when we have arrived at where we are supposed to be, and done all the things that we need to do, we will finally experience some peace. Sometimes we do temporarily, when we have ticked off all the items on our mental list of things we must do, and we get a little break from our slave-driving mind. It tells us that we have earned a little rest, at least until more jobs and more appointments are added to the list, which usually happens almost immediately!

This is how our mind tells us we can experience peace; by completing our obligations, by achieving our goals in the temporal realm. So we hurriedly do this, because we all desperately want to get there as soon as we can. Being separate from peace is like being separate from an essential part of our being. We feel incomplete and fragmented, yet we all have an innate need to feel whole and complete. 

This is what motivates many of our choices in our daily lives. We think that a certain food will give us this feeling, or a certain activity, or a certain person perhaps. The feeling of completeness which comes from resting in a deeper part of yourself than your mind, removes the desire for consumerism and the need to pursue any external form of fulfilment, because it is fulfilment. Our consciousness is filled with the presence of our being, with Peace and Light.

So, in our busy lives, the pursuit of delayed fulfilment becomes a strong motivating force within us – knowing that we will feel a sense of completeness and peacefulness by the end of the day, by the end if the week, or perhaps by the end if the month, when all our projects have been completed and our goals have been acheived. Some people postpone their peace for decades in this way. By doing this, we simply place peace into the temporal realm, and as a result we only ever experience peace temporarily. 

The only way to experience a lasting state of peace is to learn how to stay open and receptive to peace in every moment. Speeding up and hurrying along in the desire to save time and become more efficient completely diminishes our capacity to experience peace, because we are denying the perfection of this moment. For us to experience this, we have to step off the treadmill of relentless activity by becoming completely receptive. The good news is that nothing needs to be done. In the absence of ‘doing’ and in the absence of thinking we experience the peacefulness of our being. 

This is the underlying nature of our existence, the infinite and eternal dimension of life, free of limitation, where we do not experience any sense of restriction, temporal or spatial. Removed from any thoughts of time, any thoughts of being ‘somewhere else’ this is where you have your existence. Your very being exists in this realm and cannot be anywhere else. Your mind may take you into thoughts of being elsewhere at some other time, but such thoughts are only a temporary delusion, and cannot be sustained for long, because they require so much of our energy for their sustenance.

When you relax, you cannot help but return to the eternal and infinitely spacious now, experienced as everything slows down, as we become quiet and still, when our mind is no longer following the clock, no longer lost in our thoughts about ourselves, other people, other places, other times… This is the space in which we feel unbound, free and at peace. Time vanishes and we feel as though we are not only here, but we are everywhere.

We often experience being in this space, but it is mostly at night time as we drift in and out of sleep states. We also experience this during the daytime but not always consciously. As soon as we recognise it, the mind usually jumps in and the space is gone, as thinking restarts. But when we do experience a conscious moment in this space, free of time and limitation, we feel like we are experiencing an altered state. It is taste of liberation, a taste of “universal consciousness” that is such a completely different and expansive perspective than what we are used to, that we naturally want to return to it, to experience more of it. The good news is, that because this dimension is the underlying reality of our existence, we always return to it. We cannot help but return to it eventually, as it is our natural state. In truth, our being cannot possibly leave it, because our being is not separate from this dimension. It is a part of it. 

However, our mind does leave it, when it goes into thoughts. Our awareness follows these thoughts, as they lead us into a conceptual realm of time and limitation, creating a finite experience of limitation for us that we feed with our attention, making it seem so real, like a very convincing hologram. But it exists only in our mind. When we realise we are thinking and we open our eyes to our surroundings, and become aware of the here and now, we realise that we were lost in a world of thought. A completely different dimension. Such a world is like a map that has been drawn of reality, yet completely incorrectly! It is a map of duality, conflict, insecurity and fear which has no relationship whatsoever to reality. How can it? It is constructed of thought, whereas reality is constructed of Light. This light comes from a conscious, intelligent and deeply benevolent Divine source. Can you see this when you look at the beauty of the universe? The galaxies of light, the stars, the nebulas… Can you not see it reflected in the deep beauty of the natural world we live in? It is a creation of light.

So we must be very vigilant when it comes to our mind, and not let it wander unguarded, because it creates a world for us which is totally removed from Reality. It creates division, conflict, hostility, suffering and pain. Our thoughts lead us into a reality of doubt, ignorance and darkness where we simply cannot see the light of reality. 

Fortunately, Reality does not abandon us. It cannot, because it is where we truly are, even while our mind is lost in illusion, we are still there, always. Our being is rooted there. How can we know this? 

Only by bringing our mind out of thoughts, out of the clouds, and bringing our attention back down to earth, back into our present experience, can remember what is real. We can feel the sense of energy in our body, which is a totally different energy to the mind. It is more fluid, more harmonious, more vibrant. We relax into this energy and give it our attention, so that is becomes our predominant experience, instead of thought. We feel our sense of beingness, rooted in our earthly embodiment, connected to this beautiful planet which nurtures us so lovingly.

Becoming grounded in our body is the antidote to being lost in our mind, so when we realise we are wandering in the cold realms of thought, we need only remember this and come back to our body – breathe in more oxygen, relax our muscles and let our attention gravitate back to the warm energy within our body. The body has a deep wisdom which far exceeds that of thought, yet we must listen to it intuitively, we must feel its subtle communication, which does not shout at us like thoughts often do.

This is the value of meditation, because it allows our mind to become quiet enough for the body to communicate, and for our heart to be heard. What does our heart tell us? It reminds us of a truly precious feeling that so easily gets forgotten in the noisy modern world we inhabit. A feeling that is so gentle, yet so powerful and fulfilling. It is the feeling that we all need more than anything else in the world. It is our heart’s message from beyond this realm. A message of such beauty and profundity that it cannot be brought into the mental realm to be understood. All we can do is remain in the peaceful warmth that our body is always offering us and allow our heart to bring us home.

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