The un-burdened mind

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What brings you joy? What lights up your life and makes your heart sing?

Our experience and perception of reality is completely dependent on our state of consciousness – the level of our awareness; what we are aware and conscious of in any given moment. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations..

When our attention is in anxious thoughts, egoic opinions or judgements, we perceive a reality that is clouded by these thoughts, and shadows appear everywhere. But when such thoughts are not present, we are able to perceive the light that shines beyond them and feel the simple, lighter energy of happiness within ourselves. This positive energy influences the entire human collective consciousness, which exists above and beyond the material realm that we call reality. It is that powerful, and this is why your happiness is important. 

An unburdened mind is free to see the beauty that is everywhere, the light that is the very fabric of reality. It is like a rainbow revealing the beautiful light that is always present, yet often unseen, until the conditions are right.

An heart unburdened by worry or fear is free to feel the joy that is our natural state and our birthright. It is what we are built for.

Often, all we need to do is venture out into nature and we remember this. The longer we spend in nature, the more deeply we attune to its harmony and peace, and remember what is truly real. It is the man-made things of this world which take us away from our innate state of harmony, and this includes thought. Do any other animals do this? No. Thought could almost be called a mental illness, they way it afflicts us so detrimentally.

Yet through thoughts, words and language, we have created a world for ourselves that seems so real in our mind, yet has no true substance. It is like a map of reality – a map constructed of thoughts. It is not reality, and has very little relationship with reality. 

Reality cannot be understood, predicted, contained or limited. It can only be perceived, primarily as the light that we feel in our heart, which radiates throughout our being as happiness. Reality is conscious, intelligent and deeply benevolent – you could say that it is Love, and you would not be wrong. But only when this Love is felt are we in touch with the Truth. This is what we are designed for – to embody the light of Love. Understanding it is not necessary, but feeling it is. This is why we should trust our heart, because it cannot lie to us like the mind does.

Our challenge is that as humans we are addicted to thinking, but the good news is that thought cannot really sustain us for long. Gaps appear in thought, and the more we bring in loving actions – like healthy eating, relaxation, exercise, time in nature and most importantly, helping others – the more we move away from dualistic thinking and gravitate towards the natural feeling of warmth and joy within. The unified field of Love, of Peace. 

Loving actions are the way to help us strengthen our association with our heart, and allow it to become the dominant force in our life. It is a deeply beautiful and rewarding path to walk and it is always at your feel, awaiting your next step.



About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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