Liberation from the darker realms of thought, into the lightness of Reality

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From the perspective of the mind, the idea of liberation is a very complicated business. There are many ideas, many opinions and much confusion. But this is only from the mind’s perspective, and it is the mind itself which is the cause of all our entanglements. It is like a giant spiders web. When all our energy and attention is tangled up in thought how can we possibly see the way to be free? We will only see what the mind presents us with, more ideas, more thoughts, which just become more entanglement.

Therefore we must simply move our attention out of the realm of entanglement, out of thought, out of the mind. Where does it go? There is only one place – into the body, and inevitably, into the heart. Most people, when they consider the concept of spiritual liberation, disregard the body. They see it as something to be escaped from, as if it is the body which creates our sense of bondage and limitation. Yet it is the energy field of the body and of the heart which is the gateway to the unlimited field of consciousness – the formless dimension of peace – and the desire to escape the physical realm only comes from a misunderstanding and often a fear of the suffering that seems to be an inevitable part of living in the physical realm. 

Yet all our suffering has its origin in thought, which is the primary cause of unconsciousness. When we are unconscious, we suffer. As we become more conscious, we create less and less suffering for ourselves and others. We become conscious of the effect of our thoughts, our words and our actions, and as we become more conscious, our choices become wiser and we evolve. In this way, our evolution is in our own hands. It simply requires that we implement the knowledge that we gain from being aware of everything we do. This is intelligence. To constantly repeat behaviour that bring us suffering, pain, physical discomfort, emotional upset and so on is not intelligent. Yet this is what many people do.

So our prime objective is to ensure that we do not create more suffering for ourselves, simply by doing everything more consciously, carefully and slowly. Hurried action often leads us to be unconscious of the subtle choices which need to be made in every moment. They simply get overlooked as we rush headlong toward our destination. Very few paths in life are straight ones, so we need to go slowly, lest we miss some valuable opportunity to enrich our learning along the way. And learning is the reason why we are here.

The primary lesson we are learning is that of consciousness. We have a choice of consciousness which dictates what we experience as reality, therefore it is the most important choice we can make. Most people are conscious of their mind; their thoughts, opinions, judgements, preferences, beliefs etc and this is why we have a global population which experiences conflict of varying degrees almost on a daily basis – if not with others, then with themselves. All conflict has its originates in the mind, in thought.

Could there be a greater incentive for spiritual liberation than the ending of all conflict, internal and external? It is vital that we move in this direction individually and collectively, if we want to enjoy a bright future on this planet. And the way we do this is through our choice of consciousness.

There is a very real dimension to this world of perfect harmony, light and expansion, and all we need to do is align our consciousness to this level of reality. Many people say this is just a fanciful daydream, and that reality is in fact harsh and unforgiving, and that we are at the mercy of the people who appear to be in power – the greedy, power-hungry, megalomaniacs whose only desire is to rule the world and exploit the masses for the furthering of their own agenda. Fixating on this aspect of the world, on the darkness that is becoming more and more obvious to many people, will only drag our consciousness down to the level of fear from which the darkness itself originates. What is darkness but unconsciousness? What can dispel the darkness? Only Light, which is consciousness.

This is why we must ensure that our level of consciousness is attuned to the higher, lighter realms of happiness, trust, kindness, compassion and love. By doing so, we are simply bringing more light into the world, and influencing the unfoldment of life on earth for the entire human collective. Play your part, and know that you are making a big difference with every moment that you choose a positive perspective, with enthusiasm for helping those who need upliftment from the lower realms of unconsciousness. 

This is the evolution of human consciousness, from the darkness to the light. How bright our future is depends on our choice of consciousness, made in every moment. The good news is, only the Light is real.


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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