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For many people, the most challenging part of accessing greater peace is that you must give yourself time and space to allow its expansion within you.

You cannot simply push a button and find yourself in a peaceful state. You must let go of the desire for an “instant experience” and allow yourself to gently return to a state of peace and calm. Collectively, we have become used to instant results; instant meals, instant entertainment, instant communications… We have forgotten the art of patience, which is a deeply important thing. We always feel as though there is not enough time to do things slowly and carefully, and this is to our great detriment.

We must slow down if we are to enjoy life to the fullest. We must give ourselves time to stop and smell the roses. There is so much that we miss when we hurry along through life, the greatest of which is Peace. The Peaceful Feeling has become completely foreign to so many people, because they have allowed a different energy to become dominant in their life. It is a feeling fuelled by adrenaline, always active, always pushing on for the next thing, for results. And in the process, Peace is totally overlooked and forgotten. We eventually get to a point where stress has taken such a toll on our body that we simply feel exhausted. 

So the remedy to this very common problem is to notice when you are operating on adrenaline, hurrying along with a goal-orientated mindset, focusing only on getting things done. When you notice you are in this space, stop for a moment. Relax your body and bring a sense of calm back in to your feeling. Give yourself a period free of time constraints, where your bodily tensions can just unwind to the degree where your feel more calm and peaceful. Do not hurry this experience, be conscious of giving your body the time it needs to relax as much as it wants to. 

Time is the cause of so much stress in our lives, and we fear so irrationally of what will happen if we do not keep to our schedule. We try and pack so much into our hours, as if we are trying to get the best value for our money, yet we overlook the value of empty space, where nothing needs to be done. The space where we can simply be, silent and inactive. You could call it “being time” and it is absolutely essential to our overall well being. The mind needs down-time. The body needs rest time. The heart needs peace-time. 

When this time is given to all the different parts that make up our being, we feel rejuvenated, renewed, revitalised and refreshed. If we fail to give ourselves this time, we start to feel like a spent match and we struggle to burn brightly, as we know we can.

We all need our light to be burning brightly so we give the best of ourselves to the world, but this cannot be forced. It cannot be artificially fuelled by stimulants like caffeine and sugar. It must be effortless and natural – a result of our love for live, our enthusiasm for sharing happiness and positivity with others. But to do this, we must be in balance – healthy and harmonious within ourselves.

Balance is the key to allowing your inner light to shine consistently, unwaveringly. Balancing activity with rest, doing with being, talking with silence. When the perfect balance is found – as it inevitably will be – a truth is revealed to us that we have been trying so hard to find. You could call it “Divine Peace” but really, it cannot be put into words; only experienced.

Suffice it to say that it far surpasses any material pleasure that we can possibly know. And the best news of all is that it is completely sustainable. No effort is required, no knowledge is required – nothing at all is required, which is why it completely accessible to all people. Yet only those who are prepared to bring total balance into their lives will know the complete and beautiful fulfilment it brings. Are you?…

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About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. • http://AlexanderBell.org
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