The Truth is Harmony


Deep in the heart of every human being is the longing to remember their life purpose, their reason for being in existence, yet many people consciously doubt they have a purpose, and they spend their days, weeks, months and years simply going through the motions, finding temporary fulfilment through consumerism and distraction, trying to avoid the sense of isolation and emptiness that comes from not knowing who they truly are, and why they are really here.

But the answers are there in each one of us, and they are far less complicated than our mind expects them to be. Why? Because the answers do not take the form of thoughts, concepts, or mental understandings. The answers are experiential, and take the form of peace, joy, happiness, gratitude and inner-radiance, felt in our heart and throughout our being.

Put simply, our reason for being here is to remember these qualities and to embody them, bring them into the forefront of our lives, to the forefront of our awareness, so that they are not merely fleeting experiences, but ways of beings, facets of our true nature which shine from within us in their full beauty, unimpeded and unobstructed.

It is only when we forget our heart, our peace, our innate feelings of happiness and inner goodnes that we start thinking about life and questioning its purpose, looking for answers in our mind. But the answers are not there. All we can find in our mind are thoughts, concepts, mental understanding, opinions, beliefs and so on. Do these really help us to live a fulfilling life? Most of the time they just create disharmony within us, barriers between us and other people, and some degree confusion. And if we believe that we’ve got the answers, the situation is even worse. We can so easily delude ourselves that we ‘know’, yet still be lost in the illusory realm of thought. What do we truly know of any value, if we do not know peace, love and deep inner happiness?

People tend to hold on to their mental perspectives rather strongly, and they can be quite defensive if they are challenged in any way. This is why mental perspectives can never bring about universal harmony, because they usually differ from person to person. Even among spiritually inclined people (i.e. people who choose to look within for their sense of fulfilment and happiness) there can be many barriers to unconditional harmony, because they hold on to strong spiritual belief systems, about God, the Universe, human nature, the meaning of life and so on…

But if we just let go of our belief systems, and come back to experiencing a state of inner harmony, we would realise that this is the most essential basic foundation of our being. Because if there is disharmony within us, how do we see and experience the world around us? How can we experience the deep beauty of life if we are experiencing inner disharmony? It is impossible. And from a place of disharmony, we simply share it with the world, even if we don’t mean to. 

Therefore, if we are to live as fully conscious beings, this is the most primary and essential aspect of life that we must be aware of. Are we in a state of inner harmony, or not? Ask yourself this question right now.

Because if we are in disharmony, we are lost, adrift in foreign seas that cannot bring us home. But if we are experiencing and feeling life’s natural energy of harmony within our being, we are in touch with Truth and cannot become lost. Harmony is our compass. It will guide us back to where we belong; to the realms of deep inner peace, beauty, love and freedom. 

Inner-harmony is like a simple golden thread that comes from a divine origin, down into this dualistic reality which we believe to be so real. It is the only true thread of Reality, and if it is absent, we are not in touch with what is real, no matter how convincing, deep and wise our mental perspectives may appear to be. 

As we become more deeply acquainted with the presence of harmony in our body and clarity in our mind, Reality reveals itself to us more and more, until we are so familiar with what is true, that we cannot get lost in illusion again. Fear becomes a thing of the past, doubt fades away and what is left is a deep inner knowing – within our being – of who we are and what is ultimately true. The light shines bright within our heart, and we see this light mirrored in the outside world. 

People argue worldwide about what is ultimately “true”, and therefore it is obvious that harmony is not at the heart of their communications! If it were, there would be no argument, no disagreement, no difference of opinion. Just a shared experience of inner harmony, mutually recognised and mutually enjoyed. This is where we all must meet. This is what unifies us all. 

So, on a very practical level, it is important to recognise how we create disharmony within ourselves. There are obvious causes – like watching the news, or listening to aggressive music for example – and then there are not such obvious causes – like eating foods that the body struggles to process. I often bring food into the picture because it simply cannot be avoided. Food is one of the most influential aspects of our day to day experience. It influences our energy levels, it influences the level of thoughts we find ourselves on, it influences our emotions, our degree of calmness or reactivity. It cannot be ignored, although many people try! You can read a whole separate article on how to eat for increased inner harmony here – but suffice to say that with simple, natural, easily digestible & unprocessed vegetarian food, rich in greens, low in sugars & free of stimulants, you cannot go far wrong. 

It is also important to consider what information you allow into your mind. If you read the newspapers and watch the news, you will undoubtedly be influenced to some degree by the negative messages which fill them. People who read & watch horror films and books, or listen to aggressive or depressive music and so on are not making it easier for themselves to enjoy prolonged states of inner harmony. We cannot escape the simple fact that every single thing influences us. Food, music, film, television, the way we talk, our living and work environment, the amount of technology we use, and so on. 

If we pay close attention we can observe what effect all these have upon us. We can then make changes, choose differently and bring in more harmonious elements (like filling our work place with beautiful plants, or spending lunch-breaks in the park instead of the cafeteria etc.) The more we bring in more natural energies, spend more of our free time in nature rather than indoors etc, the more we can influence the degree of harmony which we experience throughout the day. 

Meditation is practiced by millions of people worldwide for this very reason; it simply harmonises the body and mind, leaving us feeling balanced and positive. Most people worldwide get pulled into thought without consciously choosing to. Attention seems to get drawn into the mind automatically and before we know it, we are thinking about everything and anything, and dealing with the feelings this creates in our body, which are often not harmonious. 

But what would happen if we noticed when our mind tried to pull us into thinking, and we chose not to? What if we chose instead to give our attention to our body – to enjoy relaxing it, breathing more oxygen into it, stretching it, moving it if we need to…? 

Our body needs so much more attention than it usually gets, and the result of giving it more attention is – again – a greater sense of harmony, felt deeply throughout our body. Excercise oxygenates our body, gets our blood flowing, makes us feel stronger and more grounded. It is an essential aspect of living a harmonious and life. 

We have become used to a more sedentary life, and the result is that we simply lose our energy. For example, what do you do with your spare moments? Do you sit down, perhaps turn on the tv or radio, pick up a newspaper or magazine, browse social media sites, grab a coffee or a sandwich, smoke a cigarette? You could just as easily choose more active or more harmonising practices, like taking a quiet walk, listening to the birds, relaxing your body, meditating, putting on some inspiring music, making a healthy juice or smoothy and so on. Why not see what you can do? You have every single day of your life to practice, and the result is simply more and more harmony, felt throughout your entire being. And do you know how deeply harmonious you can feel? 

Alexander Bell

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