Attuning to the Goodness

By Alexander Bell

Just like we enjoy tuning in to a radio station that makes us feel good, we must also learn how to consciously attune our mind and body to the frequency, the vibration, the essential energy of positivity and goodness.

So many people nowadays have a tendency to tune in to the negativity of the critical mind. They may complain a lot, they may see difficulty and problems everywhere, they may be pessimistic in their outlook. But the essential problem is that they have attuned their mind, their essential awareness to a dis-harmonious perspective, one of negativity, therefore they simply experience a dis-harmonious reality. 

Our state of consciousness is our reality. It is how we experience the world. So if our consciousness is attuned to doom and gloom, then we will only be able to perceive doom and gloom, because our mechanism for perceiving the world – our consciousness – has been de-tuned. We will only perceive dis-harmony everywhere, because our consciousness is in dis-harmony. 

However, the opposite is also true…

It is impossible to perceive dis-harmony when our consciousness is in a harmonious state. We may see dysfunction, we may see challenges, we may see the deep need for solutions, but we see them from a perspective of harmony, which means that we see what is needed, rather than just seeing unsolvable problems everywhere. All problems are solvable, even the biggest ones that humankind is facing at the moment. If they were not solvable, we would certainly be in deep trouble! But we are not. 

It is important that we look at even the most challenging situation from a perspective of inner harmony, then we will see what action is required. If we look from a place of dis-harmony, we will most likely feel like giving up, and experience a sense of hopelessness. Hopelessness is just a symptom of inner dis-harmony, or “negativity”, which are essentially the same thing. Dis-harmony is felt in the body, negativity is a tendency of the mind. The tendency toward mental negativity causes dis-harmony in the cells of body, and thus contributes to illness in a significant way. Many people make themselves ill through their negative mindset.

Therefore, our sense of inner harmony needs to be strong, so that we may continue to hold a perspective that can see the solutions that are needed not only in our own life, but also in the world. Yes, some very big solutions are needed, but in truth the most important solutions only need to occur on the personal level.

For example, imagine if someone invented a gadget that you could just plug yourself into, and this gadget would instantly turn all inner dis-harmony into harmony. All inner negativity would vanish, and you would be left with a pure sense of positivity, hope and enthusiasm for transferring this positive energy into the world at large. 

So if this occurred within every single human being on the planet – if all negativity was turned into positivity, all dis-harmony was transformed into harmony – we would have world peace. No-one would choose to argue. No-one would choose to hurt another. There would only be the desire to help each other, because this is the natural consequence of feeling harmonious within ourselves. We want to act from this feeling and do good things. 

Is it impossible for this to occur within every person on the planet? Of course not. Why would it be impossible for any person experiencing dis-harmony to return to a state of harmony? Even if it is acute, they simply require the correct treatment that will restore them to a state of wellness. Because what is dis-harmony but a lack of wellness? If you are in dis-harmony, in negativity, are you truly well? Of course not.

Therefore, any human being in the grip of destructive or harmful desires is acutely unwell, and must be treated as such. We have a tendency in our society to label such people as “bad”, and believe they need to be punished. But can inner-harmony and wellness be restored through punishment? Because such people are deeply unwell, experiencing a deep dis-harmony within themselves which must be addressed and treated, because it is an illness. 

It is the primary illness. Dis-harmony is the primary dis-ease. If you understand what these words really mean, you will understand the truth of this statement. Inner harmony is a state of ease, felt deeply within. When we are in harmony, we feel “at ease”. When harmony is absent and we feel dis-harmonious within; we are in dis-ease. This is the primary illness, from which a myriad of other illnesses originate. 

When harmony is restored at the very root of a human being, everything else is influenced by this harmony. It spreads. Much like if you put poison in a water source, all water that flow from it will be poisoned, to further poison any other waters that it comes into contact with. All you need to do is treat the source, to remove the poison, which in human beings takes the form of dis-harmony. 

Now, imagine if a 100% effective way of treating and transforming all inner dis-harmony were to be discovered… and imagine if this treatment was used worldwide, on every single person who was experiencing any degree of dis-harmony, mild or acute, and that it was as simple as that person pushing a button. What would happen? The world would be healed of its primary illness. Harmony would be all encompassing. Peace in the world would be a natural consequence. 

Is this far-fetched? No, not remotely. You see, we must look at the primary cause which exists in each person, and then address the world not as a whole , but as a collection of individuals. If each individual is healed, the whole is healed. But if you try and find global solutions to problems which actually exist on the personal level, you will overlook the only place where change can occur – in the individual. When change occurs in many individuals, this is reflected in the collective, in society.

How do we restore harmony individually on such a big scale? Step by step. The most important thing is not to give up and become hopeless, because then we have simply become part of the problem, which is disharmony, negativity. We need to remain part of the solution, we need to maintain our personal state of harmony if we are to be of use in the global healing process, which I assure you is well underway. 

How many people do you know who are changing their lifestyle, making healthier choices, healing their hurts and traumas through various forms of therapy? It is becoming more and more widespread. People are recognising that they are in need of healing. Often this is prompted by the arising of illness from nowhere, and as a result a person is confronted with important choices about how to continue living their life. Is it just more of the same – stress, poor diet, negative thoughts, anxiety, emotional turbulence, unresolved conflicts etc (all coming under the umbrella of inner disharmony) – or is it time for a total repraisal of every area of our life, seeing how we can bring simple choices for greater harmony into every aspect of our life, without exception.

The more total we are in this process, the deeper becomes the sense of harmony we experience in our lives. It is no longer something we only feel when we walk in nature, relax, listen to some uplifting music, drink a healthy smoothie or exercise for an hour. It becomes the background to our life – a harmonious and vibrant buzz of wellness and positivity, felt in the heart, shining in our mind. Our natural state of effortless harmony and ease, and nothing less. You really deserve this. Your being thirsts for this. Are you ready to choose it?

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