The deep value of friendship

By Alexander Bell
heart swans

We are in the midst of a very challenging time on planet earth. The energy on the planet, and within each one of us, is intensifying. What does this mean?

If your attention is in your thoughts, the reality they create will be more convincing than ever. And if your attention is in negative, critical or mistrustful thoughts, the feelings created in your body as a result will be very intense and uncomfortable. We will be convinced that what we are thinking is the truth, and feel that there is no way out of the feelings we are having, other than to vent them onto others, or ourself. The energy created by such thoughts only causes harm – in our relationships with others, in our own body and on even more subtle levels also.

But of course, it does not have to be like this…

Because with the intensification of energy, the call of our heart becomes stronger and stronger. It cries to us “choose peace, choose inner harmony, choose to see the beauty which is everywhere, in everyone…” Yes, this is a challenge, but one which makes us stronger in our humanity, in our humility.

The alternative is simply inner dis-harmony and suffering, as this is the mind’s speciality. The more time we spend thinking, the more we will see this is true. So it is not ‘wrong’ to be in thought, it just means we will not fully perceive the deep degree of beauty which is everywhere and in everyone.

Human beings are complicated. It is so easy to focus on their dysfunction, their negative aspects, their hypocrisy and unreliabilty… Yet the human species has become lost, to a large degree. They have forgotten their peace, forgotten the inherent harmony of being alive, and become lost in a world of thought, which eats away at their sense of wholeness and perfection. Because we are perfect – inside. But focussing on this aspect of ourselves and others is the greatest challenge, as we are so used to listening to our negative thoughts and focussing on what is ‘wrong’. When we focus on the reality that negative thoughts create in our mind, we subsequently project it outwards on to the people and the world around us, spreading our inner dis-harmony outwards, and influencing others to experience dis-harmony also. We must be very careful not to do this.

When we get back in touch with our heart – which is a very easy (and very essential) thing to do – we remember the harmony that is essential to life. We remember the feeling of peace and security that we often search for in every place (except our heart!)

We cannot avoid returning our attention to where it belongs, in our heart. When we try to avoid it (out of fear of pain or vulnerability) we suffer. It is as simple as that. Yet people choose this, and stubbornly refuse to recognise that they are responsible for their negative perspective. In the process, we blame others, create division between ourselves and our friends, miss valuable opportunities for expansion and greater inter-personal harmony. As I said, human beings are complicated!

Yet. Our heart is simple. It knows it’s connection to the universe. It feels it very clearly. It radiates warm, positive energy and cares only for giving, sharing, helping.

Yet even the mistrustful mind will judge this, see it as manipulation, just so it can keep us in a world of separation. And in truth, this is the bottoms line. Do we want to live life in a reality of separation, isolation and division, never truly opening ourselves to others and showing our innocense and beauty, or do we want to experience life as a never-ending opportunity for greater and greater states of harmony, joy, happiness and togetherness?

We are social creatures, and we enjoy to share ourselves with others. In fact, it is one of our primary human needs. Yet people can be so resistant to doing so, fearing social rejection, judgment and so on. When we gather together for positive reasons, something greater than our individual self can be perceived, and we become aware of a heightened sense of harmony and joy. This is why indigenous tribes world-wide place great importance on their group gatherings. It strengthens bonds of friendship, and helps increase joy and harmony, especially in those who may not be feeling them so easily.

We live in a world where every man and woman seems to be an island, in their own private space, with their own private thoughts, beliefs and opinions. This is a big part of why people suffer so much. Yet it just takes a little bit of humility to admit that we are struggling, that we need support, and it can found within the listening ear of a compassionate friend. Humans are naturally compassionate beings, who love to help others. And when we help another, our compassion and sense of care, joy and happiness simply grows stronger. And it is equally shared between the helper and the helped.

This is why I would go as far as to say that it is our primary purpose on Earth to help eachother, and to let ourselves be helped. We all need harmony, we all need support and we all need genuine friendship – so much more than we realise.

Wishing you peace and happiness,

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