Above the clouds of thought

In our life, we open the door of our mind to all sorts of different thoughts. As a result we feel all sorts of different things in our body and in our emotions.
So, if we wish to feel only Peace, then we must distance ourself from all thoughts which are not peaceful. It is simple.

But we can even soar completely above all the clouds of thought, and experience the heavenly realm of light which exists there. As we leave all thoughts behind us, we are lifted by the winds of our breath into a place of total clarity.

Here you feel the sun shining, but not above you. It shines within you. Because in this heavenly state, you become the sky itself. You are transformed into spirit and you become aware of the vast space which exists within every cell of your body. This space is infinite, and thus connects you with infinity, which you can feel in a very tangible way.

And within that space is the energy of Life. We need not think about it, because thought only brings stagnation, conceptualisation, lifelessness. We must feel this energy. It is like a gentle fire burning within, fuelled entirely by each fully conscious breath we take.

And for each breath you take, there will be a thought that wants to take your attention away from this spacious awareness, this state of presence. And this never stops, because the thoughts do not run out. So we must be vigilant to keep the wind beneath our wings, and to allow each breath to lift us higher than any thought that may arise.

It is like the eagle, and the crows that pursue it. The eagle doesn’t not surrender to the crows when they chase it. Neither does it fight with them, or try and fly faster than them. It simply lets the air currents lift it higher, where the crows cannot fly.

So be like the eagle. Each deep breath is like a strong and steady flap of the wings that lifts you above the clouds of thought. As you remain in a state of calm relaxation, no matter what thoughts appear, let that flow of breath be consistent and steady.

Bring your attention to the feeling in your heart, and bring relaxation into the depth of the heart. The body may shiver of shake, and more thoughts may arise as you release deeply stored fears about letting go, but just let them evaporate in the fire of your focused awareness, fuelled by the free flow of oxygen you bring in with your breath. Simply remain above all thought, and let breath awareness keep you there.

It is a natural thing, because your heart has wings, it just requires that you breathe life into it, so that it may ascend into the heavenly realm, where it belongs.

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