As the heart opens, suffering vanishes

By its very nature, the ego can only have a limited perspective on existence, thus it is always anticipating the end in some shape or form. And in truth, the ego must come to an end because it is nothing more than a mental illness that keeps us locked in a prison of isolation, selfishness and darkness.

So when the ego comes close to its expiry date – as is happening now for the entire human population – we must make sure we are no longer attached to its thoughts, fears and beliefs in any way, or we will suffer greatly and we will feel like the world is ending.

But the very good news is that it is not, and there is beautiful future of peace, light and global harmony awaiting on our doorstep. But rather than be lazy and believe that we do not need to do anything – that we can just sit back and everything will be alright – we must be more alert and more vigilant than ever. We must look at ourselves clearly and honestly to see what is motivating our actions, what thoughts are we engaging with and allowing to influence us?

Because the ego is insidious, by which I mean that it can creep in to every part of our life if we do not monitor what is happening in our mind, as this is where the ego enters.

Essentially, there are two different types of thoughts that come into our mind, and we must choose which kind we engage with. There is selfish thought, and there is selfless thought. Selfish thought is the food of the ego. It makes our own individual self the centre of the universe, and encourages us to give our energy into satisfying the wants and needs of this illusory self, which is essentially made up of thoughts and beliefs. By feeding it, we experience it as more and more real, and its beliefs more clearly influence our actions.

Beliefs such as “I need to give to myself, before I can give to others.” or “I need to find my own happiness first, before I can contribute anything to the world.” are very common. But this is how the mind puts the ego first, and encourages us to focus on our self; to satisfy our own desires, to pursue our own ambitions.

Yet if you look at these beliefs, and you actually try doing the opposite – i .e. to give to another first, to make the happiness of another your priority – you will find that a deeper sense of happiness, fulfilment, purpose and love come into your being, as if from nowhere.

Why does this happen? Because it is our purpose, and our essential nature to give unconditionally and to care unconditionally. It is what we are built for; giving and caring. This can take the form of many different creative actions also, if they are done not solely for our own gratification.

For example, cooking a meal not only for ourselves, but to feed others, even if it is our children or our partner. The only difference is the motivating thought. “I will enjoy this” is replaced by “they will enjoy this”. It is a subtle difference in motivation, but it is a crucial one, because one thought comes from the desire for self-satisfaction, from the ego, and the other thought comes from the heart, from our desire to nourish and provide for another.

Imagine if the whole planet thought in this way?

But what if there is no one around you to give to? What if you live alone? There is only yourself to give to, is there not? There is only yourself to think about, is there not?

Well, we are all wise enough to be aware that the world is full of people of need help and care. Even members of our own family, or our friends. We do not have to go out and feed the hungry with our meal, but we are always able to give our time and energy to helping or caring for another in some way, even if it seems small.

When such thoughts are our motivation, it is okay to feed only ourself, to do the things which give us the energy and strength to be of service to others. We do not need to be saints and completely ignore the needs of our body. We only need to be aware of why we are doing what we are doing. Is it solely for ourselves – for our own pleasure and seeming “happiness” – or is it because we want to help others?

This is the only way to guarantee that you will be free of suffering, to be free of the grip of the ego and its self-centred thoughts. When we allow ourselves to be a vessel of care, kindness and compassion… when we allow our mind to be a space of selfless thoughts – even if it just for the few people around us – we find true peace and fulfilment, as well as a deep sense of purpose.

There is absolutely no experience that we can give ourselves, nothing we can consume or do that can bring us this sense of complete fulfilment. Our heart longs to fulfil its purpose of giving, giving, giving unconditionally.

But if there is even a shadow of doubt about this, there is only one thing you can do to prove it to yourself. Try it and see.

Watch the thoughts that pass through your mind as you perform any action, and see if you thinking about your own pleasure, your own happiness, or are you thinking of bringing care and happiness to others?

It is here, in your mind, where the change needs to occur. We simply need to upgrade our operating system from selfish thought, to selfless thought – thoughts of helping someone other than ourselves. It is not really a big thing, just a change of thinking. As we do this we find that we can take care of our own needs at the same time, but doing so does not dominate our thoughts.

The deepest need we have as humans is the need for love and fulfilment, and even though we don’t always realise this, this need is the motivating force behind pretty much everything we do. However, the ways which the ego tells us we can experience love and fulfilment are untrue. The ego gives us ways of self-satisfaction that ensure that the ego remains in its place, and in control of our life. It does not want to cease to exist, so it must keep itself alive by telling us to sustain it, and this occurs through egoic thought and egoic action. Yet all the time it is strangling our heart, which needs to be free of the ego’s grip so that it can give unconditionally to others.

Therefore the solution is not to grapple with the ego, or try and defeat it. Just do not listen to it’s voice in your mind. Instead, listen to the voice of the heart which tells you to give, to help, to listen, to care – without thought of payment or recompense.

As we do this, our deepest needs are met immediately, because we are allowing the transcendent divine beauty of love to flow through us in the direction of others. This can occur even if we are just sitting quietly, doing nothing. We just have devote ourselves to love, to being loving. Complete fulfilment is a natural consequence.

Alexander Bell

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“The Light that shines within our heart satisfies and fulfils us in every way imaginable.
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Read my life-changing new book for free :
How to Live in Love” –

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