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When I write, I usually try to avoid using the word God, solely for the reason that I know many people have a negative response to it…

Perhaps this has something to do with organised religion and the picture of God it promotes, or perhaps it is because many people feel let down or angry with God. Of course, many people just simply believe that God is a figment of the imagination. So with all these potential reactions, it is safer to speak in terms which are universally agreeable. This world does not need even one more ounce of conflict, argument or division, and neither do we.

Everyone wants to experience more peace in their lives and to see more peace in the world. We all want to feel happy, to feel safe, and to feel that  we are loved and cared for. So do we really need a belief in God?

Well, let’s use different terminology to state the obvious. For example, we all need to know what is ultimately true, otherwise we are living in ignorance. And for the same reason, we all need to know who we really are, otherwise we become lost and disconnected  from ourselves. And it is also very beneficial for us to know what relationship we have to the rest of the universe, just like a child benefits from knowing his position within a family unit.

These things are not subject to opinion and belief. They are things that we can know with absolute certainty, because they are totally observable, just like we can observe that the sun shines in the sky, and that the stars shine at night. We don’t need a belief system. We just need to open our eyes to reality, which is not subject to opinion. It is factual.

It is the same with knowing spiritual Truth (which we should clearly distinguish from the truths presented by the thinking mind). Spiritual Truth is not dualistic like mental truths are. It is simply Reality, observed from the highest perspective, free of doubt, free of thought, seen with a clear mind. It is the transcendent truth; it is absolute and does not depend on anything.

As an example, we know that the sun shines. Nothing we think, nothing we say, nothing we do on earth will change the fact that the sun exists and it radiates light and heat. Now, imagine a person who has grown up in a land where there was only ever perpetually cloudy skies. They might find it hard to believe in stories of a giant ball of beautiful golden light which hangs in the sky. It might sound like quite a fantasy. But if they were to climb up a high mountain and see above the clouds for themselves, low and behold, there it is. A fact.

Now instead of climbing that mountain and seeing the facts with their own eyes, this person could have easily done one of two things. Firstly, they could have just believed that the Sun existed and trusted that it was true, choosing not to climb the mountain themselves. Yet if they did this, they would never have actually felt the beautiful feeling of the sun’s rays warming their skin, never seen the awesome beauty of that golden ball of light moving through the gloriously blue sky. It would remain a belief, perhaps even a firm conviction. But not an experience.

The second thing this person could have done was to completely deny the possibility of this being true, so unlikely and far-fetched did it sound to them. In this instance, they do not even get to experience the feeling in their heart of believing in something magnificent, something truly awesome. Life is just what it appears to be from where they stand beneath the clouds, and there is not even the willingness to climb the mountain, so sure are they that nothing different will be seen from up there.

Living from this mind-set, there is no mystery. Everything is known. Everything is as it appears to be from beneath the cloudy skies. Everything is explained away through logic and reason. If there is not a giant floating ball of radiant light beneath the clouds, why on earth should there be one above? How preposterous! It is pure fantasy and pure delusion to believe in such a thing.

So what if this person were to have a conversation with the person who had actually climbed the mountain, who had actually seen the reality of the glorious sun shining above the clouds? He might think that they were also deluded, he might believe they were at the mercy of their overactive imagination. He might even believe they were simply lying. No matter what that person told him they had seen, he would deny it. That is unless there was just a little drop of humility in his heart. In which case he might just say “Really? Is it actually true? Can you show me?”

Intelligence dictates that we must find out for ourselves, and remain open until we do so. Only when we have seen with our own eyes can we know what is true and speak with any degree of certainty. It is a sign of humility to remain open to possibilities until we know for sure. Sadly, humans can sometimes be very arrogant in asserting the righteousness of their perspective, and they seem to take great pride in denying things which they do not actually know with total certainty. This us called Nihilism. The practice of negating and denying. It seems to be very popular among seemingly intelligent people. Yet it is not always the intelligent people, but rather the humble, open-minded and open-hearted people to whom great mysteries are revealed in this wondrous life.
Alexander Bell

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