The Power of Peace Consciousness


When you consider the degree to which millions of people worldwide are reliant on the news for their understanding of what is happening on the planet, is it surprising that there is a great deal of fear and concern for our collective future?

We are never, ever shown the positive change that is occurring on the planet. We are shown an endless stream of conflict, hostility, greed, corruption, war, and we are constantly being informed that things are unlikely to get better. Each new prominent politician promises positive change in exchange for votes, and then as soon as they have the position of power they wanted, the show roles on as usual, and disappointment and disillusionment follows.

It is just a theatre. We long for the time when the media will one day show us that things are getting better, but that is simply not the nature of the beast. As long as we look to the media for positive news we will be disappointed, because its function is to gather together all the global bad news, and tell us about it. That is why I refer to it as the “bad news media”.

The media machine could quite easily do the opposite, and gather all the positive global news together for us to see and to listen to. I wonder what would be the affect on society if that was to happen? If we all switched on the news program and heard about the positive global changes that were occurring. We might actually feel quite inspired. We might actually feel a sense of hope and belief in a brighter future for humankind. We might all be a lot happier.

Because this is what is greatly needed in society now. People are losing their sense of hope in a brighter future. This is happening because their minds are being led down dark alleyways by the widespread negative media machine, which spreads it messages not only through the news, but also through advertising, and through film and television also.

Negative messages abound in all of our so-called “entertainment”. Even films which are aimed at young children have common themes of evil, disaster or death, sometimes not-so-obvious, but other times plain to see. The media is simply saturated with negative messages, and people consume them as part of the entertainment package. Violence, war, cruelty, unkindness and so on are common themes on television screens. So why do people continue to watch? Is there not an alternative?

There is, and this is the purpose of this article. We are collectively hooked on consuming the media product, because – just like a food manufacturer who has figured out the combination of flavours needed to make his product moorish and addictive – the media and entertainment manufactures have figured out what keeps people watching and coming back to watch more. We are hooked.

If you believe this is not the case, then try this little experiment…

For 3 days, do not look at a newspaper or magazine. Do not watch television, YouTube, or listen to the radio. Do not visit a news website or look through your facebook news feed. Do not even ask your friends what is happening in the world. Just take a holiday from all forms of mainstream media. Perhaps read an inspiring book instead, or listen to your favourite inspiring music. Help your mind to be more inspired rather than caught up in drama, suffering and sensationalism. It is a very positive thing to do.

If you struggle to keep this discipline, then you can be sure that you are addicted to the media product.

People fear that if they unplug from the stream of media information, they will be ignorant; that they will be out of touch with important matters. But the opposite is true. Because the important matters are not happening out there in the world. The most vitally important matter in the universe is your state of consciousness.

If your state of consciousness is being influenced by the media and entertainment industry, how can you be peaceful? You cannot, because the media and entertainment industry is not transmitting peace. It is transmitting conflict, suffering and misery. Therefore, if you continue to to be plugged into such an industry, to some degree these energies will be present in your mind in your awareness. And the underlying message is one of fear; that we should be afraid in this world, rather than being happy and joyful. Can you see the insanity of such a message?

Therefore if we desire to have a state of consciousness which is pure, abundant with happiness, rich in peace, and inspired by joy, we must choose our influences much more wisely. It is not complicated.

For example, when we spend time in nature, it communicates its deep harmony to every cell of our being, without us needing to do a single thing. It re-balances us on a profound level, and feeds our heart with peace. This is the most important influence we can have in the entire world, because it aligns us with a higher truth than that presented by the media. It aligns us with the power of the natural world, which as we all know is infinitely greater than the power of mankind. It is deeply humbling, especially when we consider how this power has been presented to us in such a profoundly beautiful way, that makes our entire being resonate with awe and wonder.

Such experiences are what communicate the truth of life to us. It is not negative in any way, only deeply inspiring, uplifting and beautiful. And all we have to do is allow ourselves be influenced by more natural and inspiring energies. This can be applied to every area of our life; the environments we spend our time in, the food we eat, the people we spend our time with and so on. We have to put our wisdom into action by making intelligent choices – choices that nourish us, that help us to be strong and inspired. It is not complicated.

It is only our unhealthy habits and compulsions – in terms of where we put our attention, how we spend our time, and what we do to our body – that cause all of our struggles and difficulty. And because our choices are ours to make, our life is most certainly in our own hands. We are free to make healthier and more empowering choices. We are free to focus on all the truly inspiring and beautiful things in this world – especially the joy that longs to spring forth from our own heart.

We deny this joy, telling ourselves that is more realistic to be anxious, grave and thoughtful about the state of humanity, than to be joyful. And of course, we back up such beliefs with all the evidence we can find. Yet this is simply not intelligent, because it is our state of consciousness creates the reality we experience. If we are in a state of anxiety and stress, we perceive the entire world through this filter. It is impossible not to, until we change our state. When our state changes into a more positive, relaxed and harmonious one (and this can happen even if you are locked up in prison) we perceive a light that was previously hidden, because we were simply not receptive to it. It is the light that shines the way for us to a future of harmony and peace.

People say they cannot see a future like this, because they cannot see the harmony and peace that exist deep within themselves. And it is true. You will not see this until you acclimatise your mind to perceiving it within yourself first, because this is what aligns you to a brighter reality; a divine reality, that is entirely possible for every human being. We only need to pull our minds, our attention, out of the mud.

This is why meditation is important. This is why healthy living is important. This is why a generous heart is important. The ego will continue to demand and consume whatever it desires, creating separation and pain in the process, until we see its deeply insecure and destructive ways.

Once we witness the self-destructive nature of the ego, we cannot help but choose to nourish our heart. This happens through natural and healthful living, care and compassion for the wellbeing of others, and a gratitude for life itself, in its awe-inspiring richness, beauty, power and magnificence.

Alexander Bell


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  1. Nwabueze Mbamara says:

    Great is the have made it so much easier to understand.By chance I came across your write up but I know nothing happens by chance but by His will.

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