The Greater Mind



QUESTION : If I am the only thinker in my world, and take responsibility for everything, where do other people and their actions fit in? … All thought produces form on some level, so is it really Just Me?

ANSWER (by Alex) : The answer lies in the collective consciousness, to which we are all contributing. It is not just you, because ‘you’ as you think yourself to be does not exist. In a way, our body is like a cell in the entire human organism, but there is just one consciousness that flows through this organism. The cell is given instructions by the body as to its function and it fulfils its purpose in total, joyful harmony. If that cell were to have different ideas which it believed to be superior to the instructions coming from the greater organism, it would cease to experience that joyful harmony, and essentially starve itself of the nourishing energy and consciousness which it receives by being part of that body.

It is not our thought that creates this world, but the greater mind of the whole organism. The smaller minds can either function in harmony with it, adding glorious detail to this beautiful tapestry, or they can go astray, looking for something superior to this, which is a fruitless search.

So all that really matters is that your mind is aligned and in harmony with what you feel life is asking you to do. You do not need to think it all up, as that has most magnificently been done for you by the greater mind. So the only real responsibility you have is to stay aligned with the greater mind and become aware of the beautiful purpose you have in its plans for humanity, which is nothing less that raising it back to its divine state of consciousness.


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