The End of Drama


MUSIC: “It’s True” by Alexander Bell

Would you rather journey on an airplane experiencing great turbulence, or would you prefer a smoother, more peaceful ride?  Can you imagine a life without drama? Some people believe that life would be dull or uneventful if this were the case, but stop a moment and consider whether drama actually enriches you life in any way, or does it simply create more turbulence? 

The choice is ours, because any drama we experience in life is self-created. Even though we may point to an external event as dramatic, how we respond internally is what really matters. We always have the power to remain in our Peace, no matter what is happening externally.

And the best news is that our state of inner peace affects to a large degree what we experience externally. If we are feeling dramatic and turbulent within, we will usually have more dramatic and turbulent external experiences – more ‘food’ for our internal dramas. Yet if we choose to remain calm and unmoved from our sense of inner Peace, we will find that much less disturbance seems to occur ‘out there’. Why? Because our thoughts are influencing our reality, and when we experience an absence of interfering thoughts, we find that reality is actually deeply benevolent.

Can you comprehend that reality is alive, conscious, completely responsive to our state of consciousness? To some, this is rather daunting, because it brings a greater sense of responsibility and gravity regarding where we put our attention and what we think about. Once we realise how interwoven our mind is with reality, how can we possibly let our mind wander unguarded and unguided as we used to? The truth is, we cannot, but this is truly a wonderful thing. Why?

Because we are part of a whole, a conscious living-loving entity that is continually guiding, protecting and supporting us, and we can only become aware of this when we bring our consciousness out of the clouds of conceptual thought, back to an awareness of what is real – this present moment and the depth of loving consciousness it contains. Take a moment now to experience this for yourself…

Allow thought to subside and bring attention to your breathing… Feel the flow of energy that moves in and out with each breath… Feel the presence of your life-force within your body – your arms, hands, neck, face and so on… 

Now whilst still breathing consciously, become aware of your heart beat… Feel it pulsing in your chest, and place your hand there if you need to. Breathe gently in rhythm with your heart’s beating, and relax the muscles of your body as you do so. Keep relaxing and breathing gently, as you enjoy and appreciate the gentle, loving movement of life through your body… This is a simple way to move beyond the superficiality of thought and access the conscious, living, vibrant depth of this moment.


About Alexander Bell

Lover of God, man of Christ, father-of-four, writer, composer of healing music & expert on nutritional healing. •
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